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Ters twists and turns The characters in this book are realistic and very easy to have sympathy for I think that Mr Hunt does such a good ob at writing characters especially for a horror where characters are often overshadowed by plot and monster I love that the book begins in the middle of a total shitstorm and only manages to make things chaotic and terrifying It manages to implement a slow burner and an action packed thriller in one punchThe twists and turns in this book are absolutely fantastic Like any good horror does there are small clues left to have you hitting your head and Saying How Didn T I See This how didn t I see this But when it comes you wish it hadn t The dialogue has the natural and pessimistic bite of a good murder mystery but the clipped coarse dialogue of horror when neededI won t spoil any other aspects of the book All I d like to say is that the set up ends up in such a satisfying pay off that chilled me bone deep The way Taylor s past the man in the fedora as well as the killings interplay and come together was a Dancing on the Ceiling Stanley Donen and his Movies jaw dropping moment for meConclusionThis is a machine gun shot paced page zipping thriller It s not particularly long or complex but it will haunt your head for days if not weeks on end John Hunt will forever be on my list of the best horror authors out there I have been called the Tracker from time to time And a devil A vampire A demon The boogeyman I prefer the Tracker It is most apt considering what I do I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewEdit spelling Ok so first things first Mr Hunt you and I have to have a conversation Mostly about location I mean come on you are gettingust a little too close for comfort Guelph Ontario is a short half hours drive from my city in fact I worked there for many years My god man you are driving down the Hanlon Enough saidWould I classify this as horror You betchaTaylor is a fat man Tall with generous proportions certainly but still fat His mother makes him look small They have repurposed the garage to house her But when his mother dies Taylor sees a shadow of a menacing man wearing a fedora More like a shadow really if shadows had teeth He hears creeping and feels threatened by a possible intruder in his basement The fear is persistent and invasive it takes up residence Then one day he wakes from a long slumber and finds he has lost days And then there it is the shadow from before I remember reading Doll House and thinking this guy s got something going on Trust me he does That said John Hunt is decidedly honing his art courting his muse if you will His prose may be a little too rough around the edges but pay heed this too shall passI gave Doll House 35 stars but only lit up 3 This time another 35 but I am letting 4 burn bright You are on my radar Mr Hunt and I am seeking good things I ll let you define thatMy thanks to Black Rose Writing John Hunt and NetGalley for an opportunity to read this novel 45 starsAfter the death of his Mother Taylor begins hearing strange noises and realizes that the noises are coming from the basement Could someone be in the house When the basement door begins to open and strange looking hands and fingers appear well it is obvious that he is not alone As a matter of fact he is invited to play a game A game he has no choice but to play grown up Hide and Seek with a horrible twist Soon Taylor is being hunted by a mandemonshadowentitydevil Πέρσαι just what the heck is it and he must obey the rules If he does not obey the rules then horrible things will happen to people close to him He will be hunted for forty eight hours if he survives then he lives If he is caught a terrible death awaits himI thoroughly enjoyed this book I read it over the course of one day This book grabbed me from the get go I was hooked and there was no looking back Seriously I was captivated The Author blended horror suspense and mystery beautifully in this book I loved that Taylor knew that no one would believe him but he desperately wanted to be believed no he needed to be believed I loved that there were twists and turns that I did not see coming and for me they enhanced my enjoyment of this bookThis book was also an incredibly fast read I felt as if I hadust sat down to read it and then it was over I was so captivated by the story that time flew and before I knew it I had finished the book I have been itching to read a good horror book for a while now and I can consider this itch scratched with this bookThank you to Black Rose Writing and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewSee all my reviews at wwwopenbookpostco. Ire conseuences for Taylor and anyone close to him Taylor must outwit and outlast the fiend for forty eight hours. ,

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The TrackerI ve read this author s dolls house which I really enjoyedthis one not so muchtaylor mum died and he starts to hear things in the basement the tracker is after him he s got to stay away from him to survive and there s rules to this gamefor me abit far fetchedwas okay read but didn t fully engage This review is very late Uh I ve been a wee bit ill lately Um shit happens Still for all the time that passed between me reading and reviewing this book not a damn thing has changed If you like weird arsed stuff That Has No Plausible Explanation has no plausible explanation whole darn story was weird and had me on the edge of my seat This story was kinda maybe lottsa scary Honestly This scared the crap outta me Sometimes it happens that way This did That ending DudeNo way Jose That end scared the farcks outta me Soyep I tell ya what For some good old fashioned scare the cronk out of y all Is there such a thing as farcks John Hunt is someone who I bought the first book after reading this My thanks to the publishers and Netgelley Well that was some crazy fucked up shit excuse my French I had no idea I had Die Natuurlewe Van Suider Afrika just started a horror novel because you see I don t read horror It s a long story and I won t bore you with it So it took some time to sink in and by then alas it was too late I was on the express train with no hope of getting off And I have a bone to pick with whoever writes the official synopses THERE WAS NO CLUE TO BE HAD I had even read Hunt s book Doll House easy no horror And then you throw me in at the deep end ShameAnd now I don t really know how to review this but here goes After his behemoth of a mother dies fat and unfit Taylor everybody s favorite loser doesn t uite know what to do with himself now that he doesn t have to care for her any So he pretty much does nothing until some creepy basement scenes scare the living shit out of him And then the Tracker finally fully shows himself to Taylor I m not going to tell you what he looks lik Copy furnished by Net Galley for the price of a reviewDo you want to play a game Come on it s a simple variation on the theme of hide and seek but with higher stakes It doesn t really matter if you want to play or not the game has already begun Can you catch a glimpse of the shadow man You ll know him by his fedora and his long spidery fingers Still not sure Come closer maybe that rictus like grin he sports will convince you Keep an eye on the timeThe fine line that resides between sanity and madness comes into play with this fine tale of horror 4 Stars HeheheheheBeware THE TRACKER I REALLY like a work of horror that surprises me and turns out to be much of a thriller than anticipatedand John Hunt s THE TRACKER doesust thatPOOR TAYLOR what a life When we first meet the lonely 25 year old clearly a BIG man at 300 pounds he is on the run accused of multiple homicides but what he witnessed at the cemeterywhat is watching himand what is in the basement could explain it allso he decides to turn himself inAND as he tells his long bizarre story about the creepy shadowed man in a fedora to Police Investigator Owen the truth begins to show itself thusTHE GAME is onand do not break the rulesGREAT READ with my kind of wicked ending and so much here folks in less than 200 pages If you love horror wouldn t miss it Many thanks to Black Rose Writing and NetGalley for the complimentary ebook in trade for review Wow this book sure packed a punch with less then 200 pages I started this morning and finished this afternoon Man poor Taylor haha yikes The book first introduces Taylor to us as a 300 plus pound 25 year old being accused of four homicides But Taylor swears that he is innocent Taylor turns himself in and tells the police officer of a bizarre story of a shadowed man in a fedora hmmmm Could Taylor be innocent after all And who is this shadowed man tracking down Taylor This definitely was an interesting piece of work to say the least I love my thrillers and this in my opinion wasn t too bad It wasn t the best but I was entertained Overall 35 stars for this oneThank you to Netgalley and Black Rose Writing for the opportunity to read this in exchange for my honest reviewPublication date 3818Published to GR 61818 OMGthis book is soooo good I read it in one dayonce I started reading it I couldn t put it downIn the early hours of a Monday morning Taylor walks into a Police stationhe s covered in blooddirty and stinks of sweatAfter he has been cleaned up and taken to a interview roomhe begins to tell Detective Owen his unbelievable storyHe says he didn t commit the crimes they suspect him of committingIt was the fiend who did itthe fiend wh. Horror Talk Top 10 Horror Novels of 2018 Taylor is being hunted A sinister shadow trails him playing a game of hi. O has been tracking himthe sinister monster who forced Taylor into playing a gameIf he was caught he would suffer a horrible deathIf he broke any of the rules of the game there would be dire deathIf he broke any of the rules of the game there would be dire for Taylor and the people around himAll he had to do was avoid being caught and stay alive for forty eight hoursAs Taylor s incredible story unfolds neither Owen or the reader are sure what to believeHe can t be telling the truththere s no such thing as monstersright He s Malakai Wicked Games just setting up his plea of innocent due to diminished responsibilityisn t heTaylor and Owen are the main protagonists in this fast pacedtwist packed roller coaster rideThis is a gripping part horrorpart thriller story that contained some intense chase scenessome spine chilling gory scenesvivid characters and a added dash of humourI would have given this far than five stars if I could and would love to watch a film adaptation of this bookMany thanks to Black Rose Writing for a arc of this book via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review Attention to lovers of all these dark suspense driven and gruesome I ve found a new gem that will have your heart beating in your throat the whole read throughI hate being chased When our group of friends play a horror game together I m the first one to give up screaming and pressing the pause button and passing the game onto the next person as I whimper in defeat So imagine my sheer delight at finding a book with a good chase I was still terrified despite not being in control of the storyWhat a gut wrenching stomach churning and head thumping read He couldn t remember being this tired ever in his life He wiped a hand across his mouth and tasted blood He must look a sight He could feel the blood all over his body sticky and hardening on his skin and in his hair He knew the police were looking for him They had been since the first body had been foundThis book does a fantasticob setting up an adeuate balance Of Suspense Mystery And Atmosphere The Plot Set Up And suspense mystery and atmosphere The plot set up and offTaylor has been hunted by the police for the murder of four people However the police are nothing compared to what has been chasing him for the past 48 hours The police thought Taylor had killed those people Since he had been present for all of them they had every reason to believe thatTaylor gives himself in at the police station and begins to tell his story to the detective Owen Taylor is a mild mannered and kind if overweight twenty five year old man Taylor lived an uneventful life with his mother until one day she was struck dead by a heart attack and Taylor was left alone to fend for himself When Taylor s mother died it made the news Not in the obituary way where a loved one puts it in the paperThat would be almost nice Taylor s mom was huge And when she die it made the front pageEvery day Taylor misses his mother but begins to accept it as a part of living that people come and people dieEvery day Taylor despises himself and his weightEvery day Taylor becomes and lethargic Every other day Taylor experiences lapses in memory that he can t explainAnd that is when the terror beginsI love how Mr Hunt introduces characters He sets up a character in one chapter and already has you either rooting for them or hating their guts Stephen became a police officer because he thought the uniform looked sharp and would confer respect on him without actually having to do anythingit never occurred to him that a mass murderer would walk in the door Weren t those guys supposed to be running away from copsThings that go bump in the night If you didn t do IT WHO DID I DON T KNOW A MONSTER who did I don t know A monster monster in the basement Owen leaned back a line between his eyebrows and said A monster in the basement huhTaylor begins to explain that he had been seeing a man in a fedora in his house The man in the fedora stood on the other side of the glass staring at himThe man begins to appear and freuently His eyes popped wide and he turned his head The basement door was wide open Hanging on the basement side doorknob was a black fedorahe heard a creak on the stairs from deep in the basementAnd one day Taylor wakes up strapped down on his bed And the man in the fedora stands over him If you don t look at me I m going to bite off your pinky The man said it casually as though he said French fry rather than pinkytriangular serated fangs utted from his gums and pointed in every direction When he spoke lines od drool escaped from the corners and were swiftly absorbed by his skinAnd so the man in the fedora the Tracker lets him loose and gives him two days to run And so the delightful terror beginsComments writing charac. De and seek If Taylor is caught a cruel death awaits him There are rules for this game To break them would mean .