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Primer on Skepticism of religion and the paranormal kurtz covers the basic philosophical issues regarding true covers the basic philosophical issues regarding true belief the various religious traditions in the history of humanity the classic arguments for the existence of a supernatural god the paranormal parallels that are based on similar thinking and the causes for the enduring uality and uantity of religious thought throughout the ages This book is a complete deconstruction of the religious phenomenon Kurtz is hopeful that mankind can employ critical thinking and courage in moving to a existential stance reflective of actual reality I think he is cautiously optimistic and the years since this books publication 1986 may give him some reason to be so But he recognizes that secularists must come up with a good life that engages the human imagination and creative capacity in a way that religion so successfully has done throughout our history This is a 483 page work but it is reuired reading for that person who is beginning the process of doubt and needs a comprehensive handbook An excellent primer in rational thought and the application of critical thinking toward religious objects Good presentation on a skeptical view on many western religious myths Jesus Mohammad Moses and a good presentation on of the application of said critical thought on modern religiopathologies such as Paranormal research spiritualism UFOs prophecy in Adventism Mormonism Armstrongs group and psychic claims It obviously cannot cover every uestionable sect but it gets the ball rolling Make no mistake this is a college textbook I borrowed a copy from the Furman University library Having said that it is one of the most well written texts I have read in uite a while The author is a writer of the highest caliber Yet while the subject matter is prof. Al parallels between these religions the spiritualism of the 19th century and the paranormal belief systems of today There are sections on mysticism belief in the afterlife the existence of God reincarnation astrology and ufology Kurtz also explains the nature of skepticism as an antidote to belief in the transcendental. .

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The Transcendental Temptation: A Critique of Religion and the ParanormalReligion Is there some underlying to believe in myths to accept illusions as truth and defend them despite reason believe in myths to accept illusions as and defend them despite reason believe in myths to accept illusions as and defend them despite reason are the origins of this need this temptation for the irrational and unproven even patently false Paul Kurtz examines the great religions in the Abrahamic traditions sects formed in the 19th and 20th centuries that last to this day in framing the uestions and offering hypotheses that may with further knowledge answer them Also dealt with are the secular alternatives to systems that feed on this temptation and possible suggestions and solutions to the problems of religiosity secular or ecumenical in a modern world of rapid change as he put it as inevitable as death Excellent scholarly look at belief with chapters explaining many of the world faiths their incarnation and the danger wrought on the world by those who subscribe to the transcendental temptation Paul Kurtz was largely responsible for the secularization of humanism Indeed Pat Robertson s and other fundamentalist s ravings about the evils of secular humanism have been largely directed toward the movement started by Paul Kurtz Kurtz in addition to being a widely recognized professor of philosophy and author of 50 books and 800 articles founded the publishing house Prometheus Books the Committee for Skeptical Inuiry the Council for Secular Humanism the Center for InuiryHe also served as editor for Free Inuiry Magazine a publication of the Council for Secular Humanism Paul Kurtz was essentially the father of the modern secular humanist movement in the United States The Center for Inuiry now has over 40 Centers and Communities worldwide For some years PEW research has indicated that the fastest growing demographic in the American religious community are the unaffiliated or un churched The humanist A landmark work Mandatory reading for anyone who wants to learn to be a good skepticIn this widely acclaimed and highly controversial book Paul Kurtz examines the reasons why people accept supernatural and paranormal belief systems in spite of substantial evidence to the contrary According to the author it is because th. Nd skeptical community in the US owes a great debt to the intellectual foundations laid by Paul Kurt Martin Garnder and James Randy THE great debt to the intellectual foundations laid by Paul Kurt Martin Garnder and James Randy *THE TEMPTATION Published In 1986 Predated The * TEMPTATION published in 1986 predated the Atheists books by almost 20 years but Dawkins Hitchens Harris Dennett Carrier and Loftus explored no new territory not already covered by Kurtz in THE TRANSCENTENTIAL TEMPTATION TTT TTT subtitled A Critiue of Religion and the Paranormal is a clearly written and easily read treatment of the ancient religions the modern religions various aspect of the paranormal spiritualism ESP UFOlogy A dozen pages or so early in the text place the work within the framework of philosophy but once past this rough spot the book remains interesting and very informative It is longer and comprehensive than any of the new atheist books but in ways far inclusive i especially enjoyed kurt s far inclusive I especially enjoyed Kurt s in answering the uestion Given the historical inaccuracies factual errors and outrageous claims why is revealed religion so persistent in modern technological society For the answers read the book Kurtz died in October 2012 but he lived to see much progress in American and worldwide movements of secular humanism and skeptical inuiry since the publication of this book in 1986 With the exception of John Loftus book Kurtz s The Transcendental Temptation is the best of the bunch Highly recommend The book provided the reasons for being skeptical as well as providing arguments against irrational belief It made a fairly comprehensive case against religious belief spiritualism the paranormal astrology and UFOology I found the book endorsed a good way of looking at the world I thoroughly enjoyed reading it And belief Kurtz is a very good writer and would consider reading other books from him This formidable work is a basic. Ere is within the human species a deeply rooted tendency toward magical thinking the transcendental temptation which undermines critical udgment and paves the way for willful beliefs He explores in detail the three major monotheistic religions Judaism Christianity and Islam finding striking psychological and sociologic. .