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Oices among many other themes such as faith loyalty and love were the most relatable themes throughout the book for me Csorwe s journey and character development ignited and gave an impactful meaning to the themes in this book I wouldn t say that I clicked with Csorwe immediately but once the story reached a uarter mark and eventually she meets Shuthmili I became captivated thoroughly by Larkwood s storytelling The Unspoken Name doesn t have a large cast of characters relatively but the dynamic between the five dominating characters Csorwe Sethennai Oranna Tal and Shuthmili was very compelling Also I loved reading Csorwe and Shuthmili s endearing and gradual relationship development their relationship progression was believable and easy to root for Csorwe before I met you my idea of happiness was I don t no ARC received from the publisher Tor UK in exchange for an honest review35 starsThe Unspoken Name is a commendable fantasy debut with fascinating worldbuilding ideas With so many fantasy debuts cropping up every year it is not an easy task to differentiate oneself from the rest In this respect Larkwood has created an interesting setting that blended old world god worship that bestows magic and science fiction or technological elements such as skyships and a dimensional plane called the Maze of Echos through which these ships travel via portal gates Technology aside the setting still feel very much like most classic fantasy mainly because of the prevalence of gods and magic What I got out of The Unspoken Name is that it is a story about choices vs destiny The main protagonist Csorwe is the prime example as she renounced her destiny as the Bride of the Unspoken One by escaping from her sacrificial ceremony with Belthandros Sethannai a powerful wizard And henceforth became his personal aide and assassin The same theme came up again when Csorwe met Shuthmili a very powerful Adept who was believed to be able to channel a goddess thought long dead Magic in this world is bestowed by the gods and wielding it comes at a cost and a possible conseuence of losing oneself or burning out completely if not careful Shuthmili is both feared and valued for her powers And what usually happens to a young talent Trained and controlled for the good of her nation of course As much as I commend Larkwood for her worldbuilding and consistent use of character theme I didn t get much emotional resonance from the character work itself Being unable to bring myself to care much about the characters I felt detached from the story which affected my overall reading enjoyment There are also aspects of the writing style which didn t sit well with me For example the dialogue came across as being suited to a urban fantasy romp even comedic at times while other parts read very much like dark high fantasy I do think that this is a good book and a lot of the other reviews could attest to that my co bloggers loved it Larkwood has produced a contemporary fantasy that has great ideas and solid plotting The Unspoken Name is a debut that s worth checking out for modern fantasy readersYou can purchase the book from UK US Book Depository Free shipping You can find this and my other reviews at Novel Notions It Is Done me great relief floods my bodyI feel beyond accomplished having completed AK Larkwood s debut Adult Fantasty The Unspoken Name Honestly this was a challenging read for meCsorwe sounds like doorway is a teenage girl who has been raised to be the sacrificial wife of the Unspoken One an ancient god living within the earthEntombed on what is to be her death day a mysterious mage appears and offers to rescue her and provide her with a new lifeShe decides to accept his offer and flees with him Over time he trains Csorwe to be his assassin She feels she owes him everything He saved her from certain death She owes him her life and thus is extremely loyal to him and his goalsThe mage Belthandros Sethennai is a very powerful man who is on a mission His aim is to regain control of the lands from which he was exiledIn order to do so he wants Csorwe along with another young person in his employ Tal to seek and return to him a specific object the Reliuary of PentravasseThis Reliuary is said to hold immeasurable Persepolis : knowledge and the one who is in possession of it will increase their power to unreachable heightsor something like thatI will admit this was a little hard for me to grasp I never felt like I truly understood the world For example Csorwe is an Orc which I nevernew until I read a blurb of it in a bookish newsletterI Tentation knew there was something going on with her as she is described as having tusks but I thought maybe she was some sort of elephant human hybrid or somethingBut evennowing she was an Orc didn t really piece the rest of it together for me Were they all orcs Were there humans Were there all sorts of magical beings living together in harmony like in Middle EarthI genuinely don t The Fall of the Empire The Rise of the Aztecs know If younow comment down belowI am also of the opinion that this was entirely too long There were two distinct portions of the book or uests if you willThere is a uest for an Object Once That Point Once that point resolved you think it s overBut no it is not Characters are separated there s still a baddie out and about it would have been a great place to leave off prior to a second bookThen there is a completely new uest to find a particular person this time instead of an objectAgain I feel like that could have made a great second book If it had been broken up that way I think the world could have been built out and perhaps the author would have time "to focus on the world building instead of trying to cram "focus on the world building instead of trying to cram the action into a single volumeBecause of this it was a mixed bag for me I felt the pacing was off There were moments when I was really into it AND THEN A FEW PAGES LATER I WOULD BE then a few pages later I would be and back and forth it went until the endIt did have moments of greatness and I don t want anyone to think my minor critiues make this a bad book It s a good book I just feel the story could have been better served if formatted differentlyIt also isn t an easy read I did end up mentally exhausted after reading it for a half hour or so I could have made it through uickly if it didn t take me 85 minutes to pronounce each nameMy favorite part of this was the relationship between Csorwe and a religious adept Shuthmili Their friendship to was beautiful I waited a long time to get to it but it was worth itIn short although this wasn t perfect for me it did have some strengths If you can make it through the weaknesses it is a pleasant though entirely too long readThank you so much to the publisher Tor for providing me with a copy of this to read and review I appreciate the opportunity to provide my opinion UPDATE 299 Kindle US today 9252045 starsI m definitely getting the audio to go with my hardback This book took me by surprise I had no idea it was going to be like this and I uite enjoyed it I love Csorwe Me. E wizard's loyal sword Topple an empire and help him reclaim his seat of powerBut Csorwe will soon learn – gods remember and if you live long enough all debts come Dnf 50%this had all the elements that I love but something about it just wasn t working for me and it felt like a chore to read This Review Blog Twitter Instagram Actual Rating 25 stars You frightened of ghosts Whatever it is you re scared of in the dark that s what you become The cover the synopsis and early reviews all made me believe that I was going to read something very special Unfortunately I am not impressed by this debut I wish I did but It was just acceptable for meI had 2 problems with the book the writing which was too dense for me and affected all other things in the story and the characters who I could not care about and connect to The writing reminded me of Tamsyn Muir s style and my thoughts on this are similar to those on Gideon the NinthI was very confused as why do people have tusks and why are Orcs mentioned I did not realize that the characters were orcs because nothing gave me that feeling except that they had tusks they felt very humane and I was embarrassed when I realized the fact that they are not I think writing a whole race is than just physical description and tusks The beginning of the book was good but then I did not relate to Csorwe or any other character The pacing was weird too because we get so much at first and it was very fast but then it got slower I was even bored and then picks up toward the ending again The secret to greatness is to Adios Carlos Marx nos vemos en el cielo Biblioteca del sur know when you should risk the wrath of god Summary I don t have much to say about this book because I finished it but I can t really say that I could get into it The writing and characters were not for me and the world building was good but not enough to make me continue it I am woefully not going to continue the seriesYou can get books from Book Depository me screaming I will go down with this friend shipWhere has this ueer high fantasy book been all my life Kai is shookethI wish Inew where to start There are so many aspects of this book that filled me with pure joy frenemies world building characters twists diversity No hard feelings UghI m going to start with the one thing that could have been improved the pacing Overall this is a finely plotted story It spans over 8 to 9 years and I think it wouldn t have hurt to stretch the story give it a little to breathe for the characters to evolve grow I felt this especially in the beginning when we see Csorwe turn from a uiet nondescript girl into a warrior and spy I see how the time jumps were necessary to let the author tell the story she wanted to tell but another 50 pages or so might have given it depthNow that we got the unpleasant things out of the way hear me gush about all the great stuffI cannot believe how in a matter of chapters AK Larkwood created a fictional universe so rich and original A universe in which thriving and dying worlds lie side by side connected through a labyrinthine structure called the Maze The universe is populated by all Teratology kinds of different people who seems to live peacefully side by side for the most part They all have their own history traditions social and political systems and beliefs And while they clearly look different and come from various backgrounds their differences don t lead them to hate and fight each other This is not to say that they all run around holding hands and loving life but at least their outer appearance and faith don t serve as an excuse to disrespect and exploit each other Overall the attention to detail and the societies cities realms that the author built are utterly fascinating and I m so glad that this isn t a standalone I couldn t livenowing that there remains so much left to discoverThe characters were a joy Csorwe reminds me of Harry Potter in the way the she is or less an average person No shade She is balanced doesn t necessarily lean towards extremes and therein lies her strength it makes her relatable She is a character with fears dreams and hopes like anyone else She s also pretty ueer like most if not all characters in the book It s also great to see that no character experiences discrimination because of their sexual orientation It s never once uestioned Because in a perfect world why would anyone think of you as lesser just because you don t care about what gender you fall in love withSomething else that I found striking was how there is no main antagonist This is not to say that Csorwe doesn t have enemies She has lots of those But alliances change a lot based on whether people have similar goals and decide to work together even though they might have been on different sides before It s refreshing and creates unexpected turns and entertaining character dynamicsOne thing about the characters Usually I different sides before It s refreshing and creates unexpected turns and entertaining character dynamicsOne thing about the characters Usually I for ueer ships But what almost drove me nuts was the friendshiphateship between Csorwe and Tal They both work for the same guy and should combine forces work as a team But they simply despise each other too much At the same time they can t live without the other Tal is a bastard don t get me wrong but I love him And I want nothing than for these two idiots to annoy the fck out of each other until the very end of this series And I also want No hard feelings to be what History huh was for Red White Royal Blue If you don t Abhysadarin: know what I m talking about you better read RWRB uickly because you re missing outSuffice it to say that this was my high fantasy adventure of the yearFind of my books on Instagram find this review others on my blog The premise of ueer orc assassins and magical intrigue had me clamoring to read the Unspoken Name but the novel s offerings left me unmoved and about a uarter through the story that initial cheeriness fell from my face like a person slipping into sleep Once my mind started to meander and the boredom glazed my eyes and I had to suint the words into focus every page feeling like a heavy stone lifted with terrible effort and dropped again and again to the ground Inew I had to call it a DNF at 67%Structurally The Unspoken Name is not necessarily a total success The novel is packed to the brim with world building much of it is very chewy with a few random elements winding up being huge red herrings but little of it is actually convincing I struggled with the opening sections where much happens and little is explained but I resolved to wait patiently for the relief of having my uestions answeredThat relief never really came The novel pulls itself in too many directions at once The plot unfolds in fits and starts and we rocket from itself in too many directions at once The plot unfolds in fits and starts and we rocket from destination to the next with no time to breathe and fully contemplate a new facet of the world There s a substantial amount of logistical hand waving too and several time jumps configured so haphazardly throughout that it felt like half of the book s action took place out of sight This approach might be expedient for the plot but it feels too easy too convenient leaving gaps too wide to be darned and making all that has unfolded devoid of a clear rhyme and reasonThis inconsistency is. What if you new how and when you will dieCsorwe does she will climb the mountain enter the Shrine of the Unspoken and gain the most honored title sacrificeBut on th. .

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Made complicated by the introduction of new characters and a sense that the author has bitten off a little than the story can chew Though their inclusion eventually makes sense it feels somewhat holey in the storytelling department early onI struggle to remember any distinctive trait about the characters like meeting someone before and mutually agreeing to forget about it Csorwe clearly gasps for oxygen on the page often than not she comes off as silent and drab set apart from the violence of her emotions like the whole story could have happened without her There is a divide between a before and an after a line drawn through Csorwe s life The before the Unspoken Name hanging over her bright and sharp as a sword aimed at her tearing flesh and Csorwe readying herself to die in the shrine of her patron god with nothing of her own The after an exiled wizard named Sethennai and a purpose to help him find the Reliuary of Pentravesse Csorwe s life like a door closed and another opened elsewhere But this new door seemed to only lead her to a another world where she once again hung on by a single filament of purpose that wasn t her own And while I hold no particular fondness for Sethennai his motivations at least are not unexplainable They are aggravatingly practical driven by greed and magnified by a desire to impress his significance upon the world But Csorwe s actions never attain the same moral stakes and the novel s ethics ultimately feel confusedThe novel s biggest flaw however and what really icked me out of its pages is that the flow of the story is freighted with a distant impassive Le Crépuscule et l'Aube: Avant Les Piliers de la Terre kind of writing that I really did not care for Alone this would not have been a deal breaking uibble but it just added to the overall impression that The Unspoken Name was lacking Even the potential of a sapphic romance couldn teep the book in my good graces and if you Dea Loher know me you llnow there s not much I can t forgive for the promise of sapphic contentI rarely ever not finish a book Something about exiting stories while unfinished nags at me like an itch that needs to be scratched But I needn t worry about The Unspoken Name because the story uickly evaporated like dew from a morning leaf o fi blog twitter tumblr A good fantasy debut with a lot of cool magic and fascinating set piecesThere are evil scheming gods and dying worlds in between thriving cities There are also a lot of great allusions to fantasy classics here The opening chapter has a nice Tombs of Atuan but they re all orcs vibe Later there s a part with of a Robin Hobb setting full of assassins in training who get brutally heartbrokenly antagonized Through the interplay of magic cultures and drama I got a sense of how alive and doomed all these worlds are and how powerful it is to learn the skillset to move between themThere are unpredictable changes from chapter to chapter I did lose reading momentum about a third of the way in when the book turned into something like a seuel to itself That story was cool too just jarringly different at first in its changed focus 45 STARS Unspoken and Unspeakable One Knight of Abyss Overseer of the Eaten Worlds praise and reverence unto your Chosen Bride May she intercede for usWhat an exceptional debut The Unspoken Name is difficult to summarize the story is an ambitious blend of epic high fantasy and space operascience fiction which will tickle the fancy of fans of both tremendously From the very beginning I got the vibe that this book would be the lovechild of the writing styles and world building of Brandon Sanderson and Ken Follett How an author can take so many aspects of my favorite genres and include a storytelling format in league with the giants in the writing industry is beyond me but Larkwood has done just that There is a lot of story packed into just shy of 500 pages and it s very dark overall but there is action and gore galore while also including a steady balance of thought provoking thematic elements surrounding the choices we make and the outcomes that they produce If you enjoy a new thought provoking thematic elements surrounding the choices we make and the outcomes that they produce If you enjoy a new on a familiar tale please consider picking this one up I enjoyed it so much #That I Ll Be Purchasing #I ll be purchasing finished hardcover for my personal collection This is me in two weeks time Here I am walking up to the Shrine This is the end This is how it will feel at the end Thy name shall be forsaken and thou shalt be my bride Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy via NetGalley ARC provided by the publisher Tor UK in exchange for an honest review The Unspoken Name is a terrifically written debut that merged science fiction space opera and high fantasy into one inventive book that s incredibly suitable for SFF enthusiastOne look into the Striking Cover Art By cover art by and I already wanted to speak about this book My urge to read this book increased when both Nicholas Eames the author behind The Band series and Dyrk Ashton the author behind Paternus trilogy recommended the book to me Then I found out that Lindsey Hall the editor behind two books Kings of the Wyld and the upcoming The Bard s Blade by Brian D Anderson I truly loved edited this book too suffice to say that The Unspoken Name has attained all the package that made it a necessity for me to read I m glad I did Csorwe had spent a lifetime readying herself to die not to talk to strangers The Unspoken Name the first book in The Serpent s Gate series by A K Larkwood follows Csorwe an orc priestess destined to become a sacrifice to her god on her fourteenth birthday On the day of her prophesied death Belthandros Sethennai a powerful wizard offers her a new fate that compels her to escape death by leaving her home destiny god and become Sethennai s personal assassin instead The main plot of The Unspoken Name centers around Csorwe as she s tasked by Sethennai to retrieve the Reliuary of Pentravesse anyone who claims the Reliuary will gain the legacy and nowledge of Pentravesse someone who changed all worlds forever Jumping through multiple worlds with a strong echo of chaos and destruction accompanied by landscapes that are also beautiful Csorwe has to go through tons of dangers to achieve this task many events happened in less than 500 pages book However what I found to be very praise worthy about the story was that in the midst of all the mayhem The Unspoken Name is at its core a book about choices and its importance People were like locks All resistance until you discovered the precise information of teeth that would open them up You always have a choice have you ever heard this often repeated phrasesadvice straight to your face You probably have and you ll most likely now just how simple it sounds and yet how insanely difficult it can be to execute What if for a period of time short or long you re caught in a toxic situationenvironment that you didn t recognize at first By the time you do the actual task of breaking the invisible chains can be harder than it sounds Freedom and ch. E day of her foretold death a powerful mage offers her a new fate Leave with him and live Turn away from her destiny and her god to become a thief a spy an assassin th. ,
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