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H P Lovecraft Edgar Allan Poe and Arthur Machen It s reminiscent of M P Shiel s old classic The Purple Cloud which is a little known and neglected gem of weird fictionIn my opinion The Wanderer has a sophisticatedly complex and layered structure because it contains many different stories that are part of the main story This uniue and interesting structure separates this novel from other similar novels because most authors tend to avoid this kind of a structure Although the story twists and turns into many directions the author manages to keep all the threads in his handsThe Wanderer is a story about an author of weird stories Simon Peterkin who vanishes under mysterious circumstances A manuscript The Wanderer is found in his flat It s a weird document it s an account of things that may or may not have happened to the writer of the documentThe document begins with the writer returning to his birthplace London which lies in ruins He uses an old typewriter to write things down and begins to tell his strange story When the man s story begins to unfold many things are revealed about him his life and his adventures The author writes fascatingly about how the man returns to London after spending many years in the HimalayansThe story about the gathering in the pub has been written perfectly The author writes intriguingly about the man and the other persons who gather to the pub and begin to tell their ldritch stories William s story of a monster that preys on children is chilling Jane s creepy story about her husband and children is creepy Duncan s story about his rough childhood and s ance sessions is fascinatingly weird and Elliot s story is brilliantly brutal and disturbing Each of these stories has been written wellAlthough this novel is weird fiction parts of it can be read as a postapocalyptical and futuristic adventure novel because the author writes about the man s adventures that take place in the far future where humankind has changed and tribal people roam the land Reading about the man the tribeswoman and the relationship between them was fascinating for me The man and the tribeswoman fought together and tried to survive in a cruel and hostile world where only bits and pieces were left of the modern world and cities had been desolated The author wrote fluently about how food and water were scarce and what the man and woman had to do to surviveImmortality plays an important role in the story because the man is immortal and is cursed to live forever Timothy J Jarvis writes well about the man s life and feelings about living forever and being hunted by something that means to harm himThere are a few sexual Heartless Enemies to Lovers elements in this novel The author handles them well because he writes believably about sex and lust I was amazed at how well he wrote about how sexual feelings can diminish over the years and then awaken again when conditions are favourable for sexual re awakeningThe Punch and Judy show that was played in the caves beneath London was brilliantly diabolical violent and disturbing and will not beasily forgotten by readers because of the author s macabre descriptions I ve read plenty of stories which feature puppets but only a few of them have been as satanic and disturbing as the puppets and the puppet show in this novel What happened in the caves and how the man fled from the caves was fascinatingly creepy and hauntingTimothy J Jarvis has an Le petit Nicolas eye for uncanny and macabre details which is great because details are important in weird fiction novels and stories Forxample the time that the man spent in the sanatorium was described in lush details In my opinion there was something Poe like in these descriptionsOne of the best things about The Wanderer is that the author manages to deliver grotesue and macabre happenings to his readers at regular intervals by alternating between writing about the man s future life and past life Because different things happen to the man at different times in his life the author maintains a nice balance by alternating between light and heavy momentsThe gruesome and violent scenes are portrayed in a shocking and memorable way It s good that the author doesn t shy away from gruesome and grisly scenes because they re an ssential part of many old weird fiction stories What s best about these scenes is that the author doesn t write too much about them but delivers shocks when necessaryThe author also wrote surprisingly well about how civilization had fallen and risen again many times over and how Earth had changed The detailed descriptions of the ruined London were unforgettable because there was a strong postapocalyptical "And Threatening Feel To Them " threatening feel to them ve read uite a lot of descriptions of postapocalyptical places and I can say that Timohy J Jarvis descriptions are among the best I ve readThe characterization in this novel was good The stories that were told in the pub contained xcellent characterization and descriptions of the characters lives The author created interesting characters because he concentrated on writing about their Lovers and Enemies eldritchxperiences and what happened to them It was great that he didn t dwell too much on their livesThe author briefly mentions interesting things and persons in this novel For xample the mention of an Estonian composer Arvo P rt during a conversation between the man and his driver was interesting P rt is seldom mentioned in speculative fiction I think it s possible that only a few readers may have heard of him and his compositionsTimothy J Jarvis plays with the idea of what s real and what s not in a perfect way by keeping the reader guessing what s going "On Because The Man "because the man story is so detailed that it could almost be true The story could also be just a product of Simon Peterkin s imagination and his last novel The realistic and supernatural lements are in perfect balance and the author weaves his story around them and keeps it flowing masterfully from start to finishI was impressed by the author s prose because it s Le cercle des canailles, Tome 3 : Le paria excellent The language and vocabulary used in this novel is partly archaic which is nice because itmphasizes the weird atmosphere of the story When I read this novel I noticed that the author loves old weird fiction Elric especially old pre Lovecraftian weird fiction because there s a wonderfullyldritch atmosphere in this novel that is often present in pre Lovecraftian stories The same kind of atmosphere is also present in weird fiction stories that are considered to be classic Lovecraftian storiesI have to mention that the cover image looks great It fits the story perfectly and is Elric of Melniboné Graphic Novel eye catching because of old fashioned artwork I ll also mention that thendnotes and appendixes are great and mphasize the weirdness of the storyI found no flaws in this novel Normally debut authors tend to have at least a few flaws in their novels but there are no Flaws In This Novel The in this novel The is perfect in very possible way because it s a complex descriptive and detailed novel full of old fashioned weirdness it deserves to be praised because it s a good novelIn my honest opinion Timothy J Jarvis is a new master of weird fiction I have a strong feeling that he ll become a respected author because he s able to write xcellent and intellectually stimulating weird fiction that differs from mainstream weird fictionI m aware that there are readers out there who don t for one reason or another read much weird fiction or tend to avoid it It s a shame that certain readers avoid reading weird fiction because weird fiction happens to represent one of the finest and richest sub genres of speculative fiction and offers plenty of memorable thought provoking and original reading xperiences to readers I sincerel. Ypes the tale of his aeon long life as prey as a hunted man; he tells of his uitting the Himalayas his sanctuary for thousands of years to return to his birthplace London to write the memoirs; and writes also of the night he learned he was cursed with. Do you like ichorDo you like ichor as a word Because The Wanderer is a book where a word like ichor feels right at home The vocabulary is Journal dArcadie extensive and the description is remarkable The prose is described as poetic in that one place and it sasy to see where that comes fromDo you like ichor as a substance The description is concerned with things often visceral often gory often downright repulsive Horrible things are happening in The Wanderer And they keep happening Do you like ichor as a signifier of horror A signpost telling you that this book you hold in your hands is a horror novel If the description and the viscera and the gore don t give it away Jarvis loves what horror can be The structure of the book is very aware of itself A manuscript that describes something Le Glaive et le Bouclier eldritch is found in the apartment of a recently disappeared author Before you knowven that the first words of the book are an LA VENTE EN VEFA excerpt from that author s storyWhat is itAn old manuscript Much of it is hard to make out butMr Leatherbotham cut in What That worn out old Gothic tropeHe rolled hisyesThe whole book careens along through the various stories that come from chance meetings with strangers another self aware nod to weird tales and horror stories while updating the main plot It only perhaps loses steam once or twice but uickly finds its footingI Crossfire Crossfire enjoyed it very much for all the ichor invery sense This review was originally posted on my No Time is Passing blog Wanderer is the debut novel by Timothy Jarvis I read it a couple of months ago and the book s blend of Shielian last man fantasy and time twisted oneiric horror has stayed with me Crossfire (The Loner, ever since the last page This review is a muchxpanded version of a short post I felt I had to put on Facebook shortly after reaching the Les Souvenirs end of this brilliant brilliant bookJarvis himself has described The Wanderer s charms as Highlander meets Arthur Machen s The Three Impostors meets MP Shiel s The Purple Cloud With booze Even if somewhat tongue in cheek with a write up like that how could one resist And there is booze That part of his mini write up isn t tongue in cheek at allLet me start by saying that I can t recommend this booknough to anyone with ven a passing interest in weird fiction and fantastical literature of the last 120 years or so The Wanderer is simply superb a highly original deeply unsettling and utterly gripping novel the imagery of which will I m sure clutch at your innards for some time to come It s in part a portmanteau piece with different character led narratives that are interconnected in uite a fiendish way and there is indeed a fiend at the heart of this novel as grim and cruel and relentless as the psychopathic Mr Punch himself Jarvis describes himself as a writer of antic fiction which is borne out here in large measure But the nature of this beast is not just antic but corybantic also it s supremely literate but also frenzied and shocking and rending in ual proportionThe novel s dark premise is difficult to summarise without giving away important plot details so I won t do that here as it would spoil the flow of this uniue book The Wanderer is a complex layered narrative with a central theme that becomes apparent only when the reader is uite far into the story too far in to climb back out perhaps I will only say that once the novel s revelations are laid bare the arlier sections of the narrative take on an altogether chilling aspect and the tension reaches a level of cloying tautness as the story hurtles towards its conclusion Herein you ll ncounter a missing author of strange stories and his final manuscript with the same title as this book be it fiction or otherwise immortality as the cruelest jest of all a horrifying game of hunter and hunted across the millennia a dying planet an awkward camaraderie of characters that is shattered in chilling ways and much all of which slots together ultimately like a complex puzzle As Jarvis has noted the novel has a flavour reminiscent of Shiel s The Purple Cloud a book I love for its grandilouent strangeness and singularity although I know it doesn t find favour with veryone but this novel goes beyond anything Shiel attemptedThe horror of The Wanderer is visceral in places too and I use that word both figuratively and literally so fevered is the author s imagination yet that only helps to cement the strangeness of the narrative as it jumps to the far distant future and back with casual disdain for standard frames of temporal referenceThis is an intelligent ludic work beautifully articulate and poetic with respectful yet impish reverence given to the best writers of strange stories over "The Last Few Decades It S Also Surprisingly And Delightfully " last few decades It s also surprisingly and delightfully in all the right ways I wouldn t say it s Aickmanesue per se but I got from it some of the grotesue otherness of Aickman s finest most genre defying piecesThe Wanderer has been my novel of the year so far and there s only a few weeks left of this one so I can t see it being bettered in fact I haven t read as cohesive and compelling a weird fiction novel in a very long time The fact that it is a debut makes it all the revelatory and I cannot recommend this book nough Even with the teetering piles of titles on my to read list I sense that I ll be revisiting this one very soon to see what I may have missed along the way the first time 4This is a weird tale a tale that spans thousands of years not only jumping backward and forward in time but also upward and downward as narrative within narrative within narrative and back again The Antología Historia de la Cultura de Guatemala, Tomo I effect is tonsnare the reader into a tale of the battle between Dans l'ombre du brasier eternalvil and Boy Nobody eternal hope This is a fascinating story with a nice twist toward thending Or the Love Song (First Kiss, ending that comes before thending of the The Ten Thousand Doors of January epilogue and then thending of the afterword Or whatever Although this book will be read by the goodreads group Literary Horror in April 2015 it seemed the sort of novel that I would like and I went ahead and read it in advance I read this novel at a good pace while reading another novel which for me is an indicator that originally published at risingshadowi recently indicator that Originally published at RisingshadowI recently Timothy J Jarvis short story Nae Greeance o Bane that was published in Caledonia Dreamin Les P'tites Poules - Nom d'une poule, on a vol le soleil ! (4) edited by Hal Duncan and Chris Kelso Eibonvale Press 2014 It made a huge impression on me because it wasxcellent weird fiction When I read it I thought to myself that this author will most likely be able to achieve great things if he continues to write weird fiction My feelings were right because the author s debut novel The Wanderer is an outstanding and refreshingly different kind of a weird fiction novelI think it s appropriate to say that very once in a while if you re lucky you ll come across a novel that will surprise you with its originality style and uniue storytelling The Wanderer is such a novel because it s something different It pays homage to classic weird stories but is wholly original and stays true to its roots that lie deep in old weird fiction Its story differs greatly from other debut novels and dares to venture along paths not often trodden into the realm of classic weird fiction It s a delightfully old fashioned yet modern novel that contains stories within storiesTimothy J Jarvis combines fantasy horror and science fiction with an xpert s touch and creates an intelligent and fascinating story that keeps the reader glued to the novel He Get It exhibits signs ofxceptional creativity skill and originality in his debut novelThe Wanderer is a found manuscript tale that s indebted to classic weird fiction It s comparable to the stories written by such authors as William Hope Hodgson M P Shiel Robert Aickman Shirley Jackson. After obscure author of strange stories Simon Peterkin vanishes in bizarre circumstances a typescript of a text ntitled 'The Wanderer' is found in his flat 'The Wanderer' is a weird document On a dying Earth in the far flung future a man an immortal

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Y hope that uality oriented speculative fiction readers who don t normally read weird fiction would read this novel because it s fascinatingly weird and reuires attention from the readers than many other novelsIf you love good old fashioned weird stories or if you ve ver considered yourself to be a fan of weird fiction you must read The Wanderer This novel is Gorgon Child essential reading material for fans of the weirder side of speculative fiction because it s anxceptionally good and well written novel A few Les Justes excellent weird fiction short story collections have been published this year but The Wanderer is without a doubt the best weird fiction debut novel of the year so readers of weird fiction should put it immediately to their reading listThe Wanderer is an ambitious gorgeously weird beautifully written and stunningly original novel In other words it s weird fiction as it shoud be It s a literary masterpiece that beckons readers to re read it andnjoy its strange atmosphere time and time again The Wanderer is yet an undiscovered gem but I m sure that it will be found and loved by many readersHighly recommended Full disclosure I published Jarvis first piece of published fiction The Imaginary Anatomy of a Horse in the Leviathan 4 anthology which I dited back in 2005 His was a slush pile submission picked out of hundreds I was very pleased to find this author though I think that with Jarvis poetic voice this was ventually bound to happen Yet I will attempt to remain as unbiased as possible in this review The difficulty with reviewing this kind of strung together narrative wrought and bound up in metafiction is where to start Indeed the (رسائل الحكمة (الدروز end of the book is the beginning of the mystery in many ways and one s brain loops over and over trying to puzzle out what must be anternal and infernal mystery It is clearly a work of horror with all flavors present There is a Twilight Zone ish Manuel de Reiki III - Troisime degr element to the overall central conceit that living forever may be fraught with terror But the work owes to Hodgson Ellison and Machen than Serling though I am aware of the connections between Ellison and Serlingspecially in regards to Ellison s writing of what I consider to be one of the best short stories Dsir ardent: Les Sducteurs, T2 (Historique) ever written Paladin of the Lost Hour which was originally published in Twilight Zone Magazine The post apocalyptic narrative which seams the stories all together also owes something to Serling s show but it also reflects MP Shiel s The Purple Cloud albeit with a far less boring narrative voice I won t attempt to block out the plot step by step others have done so in their reviews on Goodreads but suffice it to say that the plot is a complex folding of stories within stories within stories Because of the structure there were points where I felt shot out of the flow For instance one of the characters Duncan tells his tale and it becomes apparent that he is far older than anyonelse at the table Un naturally old in fact I wondered why there didn t seem to be any reactions to this blatant anachronism on the parts of the ones listening then two sections later there it was a full justification for why the narrator did not share their reactions right away Thus there are times where I felt pushed out by the metafictional Avoir raison avec Schopenhauer elements They were rare but noticeableThat saidach story flowed well internally as stories in and of themselves And once one picked up the thread of the uber narrative again it was fine Interesting that with the tales of several different characters being told Jarvis voice does not smother the individual character s voices nor does it unravel into something that is not clearly recognizable as his voice Jarvis also ffectively dances on the jagged line between supernatural credulity and banal insanity with his characters They often call themselves into uestion but ultimately they know what they have seen and xperienced and cannot deny it The uestion is when should and should the reader at all suspend disbelief That tug and pull keep roping me back in when I m ready to dismiss the narrative as hokeyThen there is the background metafiction of Jarvis himself investigating the strange circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Simon Peterkin and the subseuent discovery of the manuscript of The Wanderer After reading the book and returning to the introduction again I see how Jarvis has folded in the theme of travel to the hidden plane of Tartarus called by many names but herein christened Tartarus and the disappearance of Peterkin which one would not notice upon first reading Like James Joyce s Finnegan s Wake one must loop back which one would not notice upon first reading Like James Joyce s Finnegan s Wake one must loop back to begin to understand what happens at the beginning but given the circular nature of the tale in The Wanderer well this is the whole point as you will discover time and time again one Data Structures and Algorithms in Java eternal round This book is a great read of all the things I look for in a book The pace is fastthe weirdlements ndless The writing style is reminiscent of I was struck by a phrase at the beginning of the prologue tonight the sunset is violet and bile The word bile is a bit jarring no It s not a word that comes to mind when describing sunsets This book is like that The Wanderer is violet and bile Beautiful prose relating the most terrible thingsThe Wanderer wants to tell you his story but first you must Beautiful prose relating the most terrible thingsThe Wanderer wants to tell you his story but first you must a different story and then some others will tell their stories until you can t remember where you are or what it was you were doingA modern take on the strange tale An ode to the old masters Whatever it is The Wanderer did not disappoint There are scenes in here that I won t soon forget In fact I want to go read it again he has a lot of tricky tools in his bag he dumps them all out and uses them to construct something he tries to use very single tool to see what will work it s his first time so why notthere s a Lovecraft tool and that one works well really well the best I ve seen in a while a perfect pastiche but he seems to lose interest in that rarified tool fairly soon like he s just playing with it for now not really interested in building a whole thing with it that s too bad that tool really did the trick and I wish he had used it the whole timelots of other tricks most of them not so La lgende des Immortels : la trilogie intgrale : Le gardien de l'ombre - Le visiteur de l'aube - La tour des amants (Nocturne) effective different tools and different tricks for different stories I m not sure what they are building I read thisxcellent volume of weird tales with the Literary Horror Group over at Goodreads during the month of April What I liked I Les mystres de Druon de Brvaux (Tome 4) - In anima vili enjoyed the premise which is basically a collection of short stories connected by a manuscript Towards thend of the book the creation of the manuscript becomes the main story but I liked the individual stories the best These were not flat out horror stories but they WERE horrific at times They were like tales of the weird and they put me in mind of Robert were like tales of the weird and they put me in mind of Robert these were a little straight forward than Aickman s but they were definitely weird What I didn t like At times it felt to me that the author was trying too hard to seemliterary Is that the word I m looking for There was a portion of the tale where all these nods were given to authors of the past but said nods were given with only descriptions of the authors and not their names For whatever reason this irked me Is it because I didn t know who most of them were I m SURE that s part of it But it also came off to me as a bit superior I know who these authors are and what their behaviors were like and you don t Cue the HA HA from Nelson Muntz on The SimpsonsOverall though I thought this book was impressive One with You (Crossfire) especially for a first timeffort I will be looking for from this author in the future because I did Dios habla a sus hijos enjoy his imaginative telling of this super weird tale Highly recommende. Life without cease anvening in a pub in that city Israeli Crossfire early in the twenty first century a gathering to tell ofldritch xperiences undergone Is 'The Wanderer' a fiction perhaps Peterkin's last novel or something far stranger Perhaps 'account' than 'stor. .
The Wanderer