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T and the tales of the survivors of Tang s sinking were #fairly tough to read at times Their POW xperiences rivalled those in #tough to read at times Their POW Devil Creek Crossfire experiences rivalled those in concentration camps to some degree and provide a fairly heartbreakingnd to the bookFor the submarine In The Crossfire enthusiast this is a great book Much of the historical information can be found in other books but the personal accounts and stories make this one a cut above The War Below Will Have You on the Edge of Your Seat The War Below is a thrilling intimate andxtremely readable account of three American submarines during WWII While the subject is pure Fact James Scott Pulls The Book Together Like A Fast James Scott pulls the book together like a fast fiction thriller The men of the submarine crews come to life on the page through uotes anecdotes and Scott s skillful narrative The book focuses on the Pokmon 01 - Le problme de Pikachu exploits of three subs Tang Silversides and Drum all assigned to the Pacific The War Below had me calling people from other rooms with a You ve got to hear this or laughing out loud at some of the lighter sides of submarine life Mostly though it gave me a new appreciation of how America s submarine force contributed to the victory in the Pac A thrilling freuently incredible account of thexperiences of the crews of three of the most successful American submarines during WWII From an improvised appendectomy deep under the sea off the coast of Japan to Crossfire endless depth charging and unimaginable crueltyndured by sailors who became prisoners of war on the Japanese hell ships the author takes the reader on a journey that spans years and thousands of miles and yet never fails to feel personal and intimate You grow to know the several captains and some of their crew members and join them in their breathless Le rveur expectation of another torpedo hit another merciless beating in a POW camp another attempt at salvaging some of their humanity in the dark pits of brutality An unforgettablexperience The War Below The Story of Three Submarines That Battled Japan by James Scott does not provide much new on US submarine operations versus Japan in WW II He does take a deeper look at just three of the most successful boats USS SILVERSIDES USS DRUM and USS TANG Scott isn t uite the stickler for detail There are Hunger Games. La ballade du serpent et de l& errors of factg Nimitz took command of the Pacific Fleet in December 1941 not December 1942 and descriptions of sea actions or naval maneuvers in which the navigational details or specifics of geography don t add up Exposing Alix eg US aircraft attacking HIRYU during the Battle of Midway were hidden by the afternoon sun The attack came in the afternoon but from theast or Burning uestions A Novel east northeast The Japanese carrier would have been hidden by the sun The aircraft illuminated I urge interested readers to go to Dick O Kane s Clear the Bridge or Eugene Fluckey s Thunder Below Scott s book almost made the Three Star threshold Mel Enos and his party crowded inside the submarine sscape chamber just large Code Rousseau moto 2020 enough for four men The men suabbled over how to operate the chamber before successfully flooding it with water The sailors opened the side door but struggled to attach a rope to the buoy that would allow them to ascend hand over hand 180 feet to the surface Just below the chamber in the forward torpedo room anxious sailors waited for the signal Thirty minutes passed with no word Inside the chamber Enos grew frustrated He gave up waiting on the buoy and dove out alone into the cold water No one wouldver see him again James Scott The War Below The Story of Three Submarines that Battled JapanJames Scott understands something very fundamental about submarines their activities are inherently dramatic Whether it is the skillful skulking in the shadows as the sub angles for a shot the David versus Goliath catharsis as it unleashes its array of torpedoes at a much larger foe the sudden transition as the sub switches from hunter to prey or the tense silence as it waits out a depth charge attack a submarine at war is a fascinating subject If you don t believe me watch a submarine move Even the bad ones are pretty good With the possible Dodge Rose exception of Kelsey Grammar s Down Periscope In The War Below Scott demonstrates his understanding by zeroing in onxactly those aspects that make submarine warfare so palm sweating and heart pounding Instead of giving you a comprehensive top down overview of US sub operations in World War II which you might find in a standard history Scott focuses on three individual submarines the Silversides the Drum and most famous of all the Tang He uses these vessels almost as case studies a representative sample of the roughly Tes the camaraderie Mein Weg: Bilanz eines Grenzgngers exhilaration and fear of the brave volunteers who took the fight to thenemy’s coastline Scott recounts incredible feats of courage from an Naan Curries - Les meilleures recettes indiennes emergency appendectomy performed with kitchen utensils to the desperate struggle of sailors toscape from a flooded submarine trapped on the bottom as well as moments of unimaginable tragedy including an attack on an unmarked nemy freighter carrying 1800 American prisoners of war The casualty rate among submariners topped that of all other military branches The war claimed almost one out of very five subs and a submarine crewman was six times likely to die than a sailor onboard a surface ship But the submarine service accomplis. ,

Serving on a submarine had to be a very dangerous and frustrating line of duty This book is interesting but certain parts line of duty This book is interesting but certain parts the book the author could have done away with This book focuses on three WWII submarines used in warfare against Japan Written in a casual narrative style with Les Maladies chroniques: Vers la troisime mdecine each submarinesxploits were spread over a number of chapters This is not rehashing of material from Wikipedia This is based on talking to the last of the WWII su A good book on the submarine war in the Pacific during WWII It follows the Silverside Drum and Tang on its mission and gives a good overview of their missions and crew It also follows the surviving members of the Tang through and gives a good overview of their missions and crew It also follows the surviving members of the #Tang through horrible ordeal as POWs of the Japanese A book worth reading My only complaint would be at times # through horrible ordeal as POWs of the Japanese A book worth reading My only complaint would be at times author went on asides that had little or nothing to do with the submarine war I didn t need to hear the story of the Midway Guadalcanal or the airwar since there was little or no sub involvement besides this and the sometimes repetitive nature of some of the stories it was a good book Has some grammatical Sukuh Misteri Portal Kuno Di Gunung Lawu errors I m surprised Simon and Shuster sditors didn t catch the Trapped with the CEO 17 errors The story is about three subs I wish the author had written all three as independent sub stories Instead he intertwined the three going back and forth toach other which caused confusion He starts and Carl Bernstein ends his book with clear dates as to month and year In the chapters in between he mentions month and rarely mentions year that didn t help chronological flowI m anx sailor and I know many nautical terms This author referenced terms I don t know I wish he d taken the time to define what they all meant Although I was not a submariner I did Warriors Possession enjoy reading what theyxperienced aboard their boats Audiobook reader pretty good I picked this up after a recent Agatha Christie exchange about the fact my dad was on a submarinethe Ray on which he was the cook in WWIIAt times it was a bit difficult to tell which boat he was referring to including those outside of the main three Silversides Drum and Tang plus mentions of many othersThe book was focused a bit too much on the commanders how many ships sunk and the tonnage not much about lives lostxcept on the submarines I had hoped for detail about the day to day lives of the submariners There were some nail biting sections of sailors Horror on the Orient Express escaping from the sinking Tang capture and imprisonment I did come away with a bit better understanding of thexperience of being in a steel tube under waterThe sinking and Orient Express escape made me think of my dad who recounted how when on leave he and another cook buddy were approached for new ships They were offered to choose but when they couldn t decide the officer flipped a coin My dad got the Ray and his buddy the other boat I have forgotten the name if heven said it which was sunk and all crew lost I never uestioned the accuracy or details of his story and spent many many childhood hours contemplating it and whether I would have been born and if so would I have still been meMy dad died in 1970 but I think he would have Stadt und Vorstadt: Munchner Architekturen, Situationen und Szenen 1895-1935 : der Norden und Nordwesten (Stadt im Bild) (German Edition) enjoyed this book The story of defeating Japan in WWII usually covers naval victories MacArthur s island hopping campaign or dropping the bomb Rarely does it cover the submarine warfare that made defending a sea basedmpire untenable Colorado Kid essentially defeating the Japanese from the inside This book helps remedy that deficiencyThe author follows the stories of three submarines covering most of the campaign from thearly lone wolf stage when submarines hunted alone to the final wolfpack stage when the US had so many subs they could form a picket line across likely shipping lanes The lone wolf stage involved a lot of guessing where the Into the Crossfire Protectors enemy would be andxperimenting how best to use the problematic torpedoes By the Intgrale La Croisade Noire du Jedi Fou / Star Wars / 7-8-9 end of the war subs received regular communiues about convoy locations and had support from other subs But it was still a lonely business with scant chance of rescue if something went wrong This is demonstrated by the Tang which sank after its last torpedo tragica Having read Richard O Kane s Clear the Bridge as well as having met him personally I was very interested in reading about the Tang during World War II Combined with the stories of Drum and Silversides this book gives a great overview of submarine warfare in the Pacific At times the author s narrative gets a bit jumbled as he recounts the overall strategic picture on top of the submarine stories but this only happens a few times The personal accounts of life and action aboard all three submarines arexcellen. The riveting story of the submarine force that helped win World War II by ravaging Japan’s merchant fleet and destroying its Le Petit Prince economyTHE WAR BELOW is the riveting story of the submarine force that helped win World War II in the Pacific by ravaging Japan’s merchant fleet and destroying the nation’sconomyFocusing on the uniue stories of three of the war’s top submarines Silversides Drum and Tang James Scott takes readers beneath the waves to xperience the determination heroism and tragedy that defined the submarine service From the thrill of a torpedo hit on a loaded freighter to the terror of depth charge attacks that shattered gauges and sprang leaks The War Below vividly re crea. ,
60 subs that made war patrols Scott The War Below simply by progressing through World War II in alternating chapters on ach boat hasten to add that Scott does not completely ignore the larger course of Inconnu cette adresse de Kathrine Kressmann Taylor (Fiche de lecture): Rsum Complet Et Analyse Dtaille De L'oeuvre events He periodically cuts away from the three submarines to provide a bit of overarching context or to share the adventures of other boats This is helpful if you are not fully versed in thebb and flow of the Pacific Theater If you are these sections serve mainly as a way to modulate the narrative s rhythms Brief aside Scott mentions near the Le monstre des couleurs va l'cole end almost in passing that theffect of US submarines on Japanese shipping far surpassed THAT OF THE ARMY AIR FORCE ESPECIALLY IN TERMS of the Army Air Force Sylvia Day Crossfire Series 4 Volume Boxed Set especially in terms cutting off Japan s supply of oil It would have been interesting for him to have worked this into a thorough argument for the role impact andfficiency of submarines relative to the role impact and Peuplecratie: La mtamorphose de nos dmocraties efficiency of planesngaged in civilian slaughtering area bombing For the most part though we are aboard the Silversides Drum and Tang Though he does not come out and say it I assume Scott picked these vessels because they had the most documentary information from which to draw I say this because Scott writes in an immersive novelistic fashion that reuires a great deal of research in order to find the telling details Scott s sources include interviews with surviving sailors so he did his homework The hallmark of The War Below is Scott s ability to recreate scenes with vivid tactility There is for instance an On Reading emergency appendectomy on the Silversides that capturesvery movement of the scalpel Mistero sull'Orient Express every bead of perspiration Later in the book we follow sailors in a doomed submarine as they attempt toscape to the surface using Momsen lungs It is gripping storytelling propelled by the fact that such an Les pervers narcissiques escape combines just about all of mankind s most primal terrors There is the darkness of course and the claustrophobic confinement in a small space and the knowledge that the weight of the sea is just overhead andven as you dread the idea of plunging into the cold black sea in an attempt to reach the surface without having an Of Marriageable Age embolism the very oxygen you are breathing is turning to poison In moments like this The War Below is a fine study of character in the face of bladder loosening terror Unsurprisingly Scott does anxcellent job in recounting the La nuit obscure experiences ofach sub in battle This includes a discussion about the faulty American torpedoes Dragon Ball Super - Coffret tome 01-02 early in the war anmbarrassing black mark for a nation that prides itself on technological Lien se Lankstaanskoene excellence in the military arts Frankly I found that The War Below actually started to lag a bit when it got caught in a loop of fire dive repeat Even high levelxcitement becomes dull through repetition Interestingly there are relatively few of those iconic scenes where the crew of a submarine waits in bated silence as they are pinged by the active sonar of a vengeful destroyer This I suppose is a function of Japan s poor antisubmarine tactics For my money The War Below could have used a bit time spent on uotidian matters the humdrum day to day or uniue non martial incidents such as the Le jeu de la prceptrice (J'ai lu Aventures Passions t. 12584) emergency surgery performed by a pharmacist s mate I mentioned aboveEvery good story needs a solid center Here that role is performed by Richard O Kane America s top submarine ace While most sub officers and men rotated rather uickly through their tours of duty O Kane stuck with the Tang for nine months and destroyed twenty four ships O Kane was a pure predator fiercely driven ruthlessly relentless a Medal of Honor winner Scott makes the right choice in sticking close to O Kane whoffortlessly overshadows almost Mes photos de classe, Le Petit Nicolas every other character in the book regardless of those men s accomplishments Perhaps the one thing that The War Below lacks is an answer to the uestion of what drove men like O Kane Indeed it is a uestion that Scott doesn tven pose Submariners are an lite breed They hunted alone or in packs of two or three They were far from the chain of command They had a great deal of autonomy If a submariner were so inclined he could find a dozen ways to avoid lethal contact Yet the Silent Service attracted stone killers men who were obsessed with finding ships with sinking ships Those who lacked the fatal instinct were weeded out uickly and replaced It would have been thought provoking to get some psychological insight into this warrior type Alas while Scott is fantastic at taking us inside these submarines he is not nearly as able to penetrate the minds of the men who drove them. Hed its mission; Silversides Drum and Tang sank a combined sixty two freighters tankers and transports So ravaged from the loss of precious supplies due to the destruction of the nation’s merchant fleet were the Japanese that by the war’s nd hungry civilians ate sawdust while warships lay at anchor due to lack of fuel and pilots resorted to suicidal kamikaze missions In retaliation the Japanese often beat tortured and starved captured submariners in the atrocious prisoner of war campsBased on than 100 interviews with submarine veterans and thousands of pages of previously unpublished letters and diaries The War Below will let readers xperience the battle for the Pacific as never befor.


The War Below