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Everyone who nows me nows I love Nancy Drew But this book was crazy Nancy Drew giving spiritual advice Nancy Drew causing a couple of people to have heart attacks Nancy Drew not having impeccable judgment This book was bananas And not in a good way I like my formula to stay the way it is when I read a book like this And this one #Seemed Totally Off The #totally off The was taken completely by surprise It was *easy for the three girls to hold him As he became *for the three girls to hold him As he became George used a judo trick which buckled the man s nees and he fellWhen the girls arrived at the yacht club it was near lunchtime and Bess declared she was starving I could go for a big steak and French fries and a chocolate fudge sundae she saidGeorge looked at her cousin sternly Eat all the steak you want but no French fries or sundaes How about substituting a big bowl of spinach and a grapefruit Her cousin did not reply She merely made a face at George I hate to brag Nance replied but we really have some fabulous clues In an interview American actress Keri Russell was discussing her love for reading when she said I must have ready every Nancy Drew book on the planet And after reading The Whispering Statue Nancy Drew 14 I can definitely relate to Russel s enthusiasm The story is well written the plot engaging and the characters both primary and supporting were diverse and compelling enough to eep me absorbed Simply put this book was a delight to readFor those who haven t read this one yet here s a basic overviewMrs Horace Merriam is wealthy dignified statuesue slender and pretty but despite everything she has going for her she s stuck with a problem she s unable solve on her own This eventually prompts her to call on River Height s most respected experienced and adept attorney Mr Carson Drew As for Drew when Mrs Merriam informs him of the nature of her predicament he realizes that he has a problem of his own He s unable to dedicate the time to Mrs Merriam s case that he nows is reuired I Gavurun Dölü know Mrs Merriam is in a hurry to have this mystery solved Unfortunately I am busy on another case which will take me out of town for a while Suddenly an idea comes to him and henows he has the answer He ll bring his work home Rather than making an appointment at the office He invites Mrs Merriam to his home for dinner with his family where he introduces her to the Drew s longtime housekeeper Mrs Hannah Gruen his daughter s best friend George Fayne George s cousin Bess Marvin and lastly his daughter the superstar amateur sleuth Nancy Drew After the introductions Carson asks Mrs Merriam to share the nature of her dilemma with the group Her uncle she explains had left her a fine library of rare books and apparently the collection was so large she was unable to shelve them at her residence She then hired a certain Mr Willis Basswood the owner of a high class art gallery and bookshop to act as a commissioned seller of the books At first everything seemed to be going well and Basswood was able to fetch a few fairly favorable sums for the first couple of volumes Then suddenly the money stopped coming It was about that time that Mr Basswood began to comport himself in a cagey fashion The books are not selling he d declared rather defensively Mrs Merriam gave it a bit time and when no additional funds were coming her way she began to suspect that Mr Basswood was actually selling the books and not turning the money over to her That she told the group was when she contacted Carson Drew to look into the case After Mrs Merriam told her story Carson Drew noticed how engaged and Nancy is asked to solve a puzzling mystery then encounters a second case The first concerns a valuable collection of rare books Wealthy Mrs Merriam has commissioned a supposedly reputable art dealer to sell it but soon believes the man. The Whispering StatueMissing statue Nancy goes undercover as a shopgirl to catch a ring that threatened her father and even when she notices that they ve skipped out she continues making sales She I read all the Nancy Drew books and the Hardy Boys when I was a child but I will admit that I have read them all again as an adult a few years ago The stories are old fashioned but that s why I "like them so much I enjoyed this Nancy Drew very much "them so much I enjoyed this Nancy Drew very much because it had to do with art and statuary The story was pretty well constructed and was easy to follow *and enjoy the whispering statue by carolyn eeneanother *enjoy THE WHISPERING STATUE by Carolyn KeeneAnother book that was actually written by Mildred Wirt my favorite Nancy Drew writer but then the outline came from a person who has no sense of adventure Still Mildred Wirt pulled it off as best she could Another season and the house surely will topple into the sea Toward the right lay what remained of a garden There were a few scraggly rose bushes entangled among a jungle of weeds Yet when the visitors came within view of the Whispoering Girl statue they halted and stared in awe for the figure tended to dignify its unkempt surroundings Not much of this book centers around this statue or this house as in the way of exploring it or having heard of ghosts that haunt it and this is what would have given the book five stars for me It center on its owners The elderly man s wife is gone and he had beueathed his house to his long lost daughter but because she had not shown up to accept her inheritance the house goes to waste and the ocean eeps taking of the cliff that the house sets on away When I read reviews of this book I realize that the edited edition is way different than what I had read in my first edition bookIn this book Nancy is followed by a dog that she just can t get rid of and so she names him Togo and brings him home with her I have done that with dogs Togo then becomes part of the Drew familyShe also ends up with a monkey for awhile but finds its owner a foreigner who desires to steal the statueWhat could go wrong in this story Well for me it is that although I had just read the book I can t tell you much about it

"I Recall The Happy Hollister "
recall The Happy Hollister with detail and so am confusing the two mysteries Ah ha I recall her meeting a woman on a train that is wearing a cape and when the cape gets ruffled up it exposes her money so a man who sees her money comes over to sit with her Nancy tries to warn her but the woman won t listen She spends her time trying to warn her to the very end of the book So we have two mysteries one the monkey man desiring to steal a statue and another man desiring to steal money from a woman And that is it for me Note This was a reread of the 1937 edition Suddenly I skipped ahead of the series Nancy now has 2 friends who go everywhere with her And she also has a special friend named Ned who plays football and goes to college I guess I ll have to fill in the gaps at some point to see how Nancy acuired these folksThis plot has some laughable moments where Nancy goes in disguise wearing a wig and sunglasses And I m seeing a pattern where her esteemed attorney father Carson Drew ALWAYS goes out of town when his daughter embarks on sleuthing missions It s like See you later honey Have fun endangering yourself in the company of criminals If you need me I ll be 300 miles away and unreachable except by long distance telephone or telegramHowever Nancy has a great support group And she gets to hang around in a yacht club in this book She has some fun times whenever the criminals aren t trying to injure or idnap he. Lve both mysteries Nancy adopts an alias and a disguise becomes an employee of the suspicious dealer gathering evidence against a clever ring of art thieves This book is the revised text The plot of the original story ©1937 is differen. ,

Ntrigued his daughter Nancy was He was already thinking that his daughter *Was Ready To Take *ready to take a case of her own especially after she d recently solved the Mystery of the Ivory Charm She was showing greater and greater promise as a detective and Carson also new that George and would be a wonderful help to her on top of giving him a "Greater Sense Of Confidence She Would Be Safe While "sense of confidence that she would be safe while of town Soon it was decided that Nancy George and Bess would travel to Waterford the coastal town where Mrs Merriam lived Once there they would begin to investigate the case It was at that point that Nancy George and Bess learned that there would be yet another mystery awaiting them in Waterford It was about a whispering statue no less It concerns the yacht club Mrs Merriam began Maybe you three girls would like to solve that mystery too She saw that she had a fascinated audience before herShe then told the girls of the life size statue made of fine marble It had been imported from Italy many years before by a man of Italian descent He lived on the mansion which is now the Waterford Yacht Club The statue stood on the front lawn Then Mrs Merriam seemed to be studying Nancy s face her expression was curious You now as I recall the face of the sculpture the young woman looked very much like you Actually she was supposed to resemble the wife of its owner The couple had come from Italy but she never got over the feeling of homesickness She passed away in her twenties She then told the girls how the husband died shortly after and how it took a long time to settle the estate In the meantime the Waterford Yacht Club purchased the estate It was sometime between the signing of the contract and the day the yacht club took title of the property that the statue was stolen The police had made a careful investigation but no clues were ever found Did you ever hear the statue whisper Mrs Merriam was asked Indeed I did It was ind of weird Sometimes you could almost distinguish words There were warnings and then affectionate little murmurings Her story left everyone speechless A couple days later Nancy George and Bess all met at the airport Their destination was Waterford the case of the missing book collection and most amazing the mystery of the legendary whispering statue That is where the story really began and what followed was an amazing saga complete with clever disguises sailboat attacks fine art forgeries and attempted idnappings In addition to this The Whispering Statue was brimming with many of the Nancy Drew Features that I love so much These include cut telephone lines great character names ie Trunk Rasson hidden passageways to secreted rooms and letter fragment clues And this review would not be complete without my favorite moment in this book Fear not it does not spoil anything I won t tell you exactly what happened but suffice it to say if you suddenly realize that you are about to be discovered by a goon and you happen to be in a room containing empty picture framesthen I suggest to stand inside that frameand remain very very stillNancy Drew in The Whispering Statue is an outstanding story My only complaint was that it all ended far too soon Pretty good mystery about a missing or was it statue at a yacht club shady dealings in a bookstatue shop with sneakyscary people and unknown persons trying to scare Nancy away from any discoveries And at one point Nancy view spoilerended up entrapped inside a statue cast with only a few air holes hide spoiler A very spooky Nancy Drew novel Based in a seaside town Nancy tries to find Is a swindler The second mystery involves the theft of a beautiful marble statue rud to whisper has an uncanny resemblance to Nancy As suddenly as it disappeared the marble statue is returned and is discovered to be a reproduction To so. ,

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