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PecialIt is very asy for me to drop into something like that and I love to read such kind of books from time to time Well maybe not LA VENTE EN VEFA everybody is made for this I guess thats why I was a passionate child care worker you must be capable to remove your adult soul or shut them up in a box andmbark in the world of the childrenWell the Willows at Christmas is set just after the Crossfire Crossfire events of Grahams Wind in the Willows but before of thevents of The Willows in Winter the first seual of Horwoods books And also in this book Horwood was successful to write a story without giving the main figures another character Reading the book was like I never was away from the Willows I just read the first lines and bloop I m into it againChristmas is knocking on the door and the Mole wants desperatly celebrate it with all his friends of course including Mr Toad But Mr Toad has a visitor as Crossfire (The Loner, every year during the holiday which is a very unpleasant one and makes the most beloved season of the year very horrible for the old chapSo before the friends can celebrate christmas and the holidays a very crumpy patronizing nanny has to beliminated and of course how can it be not the Mole and Mr Toad Les Souvenirs end up in jail and it is to their friends Mr Badger Ratty and Otter to invent a plan for there flightBut it all went out fine the friendsnjoying the time together and additionaly at the Crossfire Boxed Set end the Mole get some pleasant unexpected visit from his sister Ok time to leave the willows once and this time on a little of a disappointed note Ok i still cling to thexcuse that I got these to read to my son years ago he is now 12 and forever trying to send them to the charity shops but the previous books were DUN HOLOCAUSTE LAUTRE even though written in the style of the first most clearly were new additions new chapters to the adventures where this one reads and is indeed set just after thevents in Wind in the Willows And that i am not sure does not feel as comfortable or as asy flowing as the others This i think was the last of the new books to be written and i am not sure if it suffers for that The characters are all there and the feel of it just not the welcoming embrace of returning to something so familiar as of returning to something so familiar as it just not the welcoming mbrace of returning to something so familiar as was when i picked up the other volumes I wonder if time and re reading this like the other titles will soften I read this book aloud to my children over the Christmas period and they loved it Mole was their favourite character due to his kindness loyal friendship and his ability to keep Toad s spirits up while in gaol Drystan particularly liked how it all worked out in the Antología Historia de la Cultura de Guatemala, Tomo I end and the appearance of GroatMy children s ages are 6 8 and 10 and Injoyed reading it out loud this book which is placed in times between Kenneth Graham s The wind in the willows and The willows in winter shows Horwood again as the master storytellerHe adapts the style of the late Graham and Patrick Benson s illustrations are also worthy of the originalAnd the Dans l'ombre du brasier end moved me to wateryyes. Cle of seuels to Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows The new story is set just after the original but before Horwood’s critically acclaimed The Willows in Winter which so brilliantly brought the much loved River Bankers back to life It will give pleasure to countless readers around the world who have revelled in ach new work and capture the loyalty and imagination of many new reade. ,

It s Mole S FIRST CHRISTMAS ON THE RIVER first Christmas on the River after meeting his new friends the Water Rat Otter Badger and Toad Mole is concerned because no one seems to have any Christmas spirit and all his friends find xcuses not to attend his holiday festivities Can Mole unravel the mystery of why a mysterious house guest at Toad Hall is ruining the Christmas season for the Love Song (First Kiss, entire River Bank The River Bank friends are launched into a Christmas adventure when Toad is arrested AGAIN and an ancient law invoked by the Lord of the Manor could mean thend of the Willows I adore The Ten Thousand Doors of January every book in this series and this one is wonderful too Such a great plot with lots of action andxcitement interspersed with moments of sweet affection and simple home comforts The writing style is so close to the writing of Kenneth Grahame that I can barely tell the difference The old fashioned charm of the story swept me away immediately into the wholesome world of the Willows 45 stars Much better than the last attempt which felt bleak and disjointed This one did seem to follow the slightly formulaic Toad Les P'tites Poules - Nom d'une poule, on a vol le soleil ! (4) ends up on trial again approach but in terms of tone it was in keeping with the original and Horwood s first couple Review from BadelyngeBack in the 90s William Horwood wrote three pastiche books that featured the best loved characters from Kenneth Grahame s The Wind in the Willows I reallynjoyed them Each book saw these characters mature until by the third book I suspected that Horwood would reboot the series by introducing a next generation of River Bank characters This didn t happen Three years passed before he was to revisit Mr Toad Mr Mole and company When first published after such a lengthy hiatus The Willows at Christmas flew swiftly under my radar until now In the hope of having some pleasingly seasonal reading material over the festive period I ordered a copy Horwood has rolled back time to not long after KGrahame s classic and preuelling his own trilogyMr Mole is dismayed to discover that the spirit of Christmas has been lost by the riverbankers and the nearby village He sets out to try to rediscover it The Sensibel kompetent Zart besaitet und erfolgreich im Beruf early scenes with Mole investigating the causes of the lack of festivity are the best Miss Bugle s sad little Christmas witnessed by thever lovable Mole almost had me reaching for the handkerchief and for a mind boggling moment had me hoping for a little inter species romance The later sections of the book slide into the sorts of situations that Mr Toad s foolishness often resulted in the original The threat of incarceration and xecution should surely be familiar to Mr Toad Patrick Benson s rustic little line drawings and beautiful coloured plates complement the writing perfectly Very good but never really replaces the original little line drawings and beautiful coloured plates complement the writing perfectly Very good but never really replaces the original in your heart but for those wishing to spend time with such beloved characters for a little bit longer you really can t go far wrong with this book and the three that preceded it What to say about. Toad Mole Ratty and Badger return once in a special Christmas tale from the bestselling author of The Willows in Winter Toad Triumphant and The Willows and BeyondThe twelve days of Christmas are fast approaching and Mole is planning to njoy very one of them with his River Bank friends So when the normally cheerful Mr Toad despairs at the arrival of Mrs Ffleshe a uite impossibly rude house This fairly recent trend of writing seuels to classic novels of the arly 20th century Actually I uite Gorgon Child enjoy it Even if William Horwood is not the writer that Kenneth Grahame was and by definition he couldn t be and nor is he Grahame sual in ability although that is no disgrace yet it was a joy to spend time with Mole Rat Badger and Mr Toad Horwood does a good job of mimicking their speech patterns and the general writing matches well to Grahame s original at least in those sections were Grahame revelled in knockabout humour and narrative What the new novel lacks is The Wind in the Willows uniue blend of Les Justes episodes mixing the English landscape mysticism of The Piper at the Gates of Dawn chapter with the Dickensian romp of Toad sscape from prison Mind you the fact that The Wind in the Willows works at all is something of a miracle the lements shouldn t really fit together And yet they do It was a very njoyable really fast paced and very charming Christmas children s book It had really well written illustrations great characters great adventure good humor and a really charming story I haven t read this book in a very long time This is just as good as the original Fans of the original should (رسائل الحكمة (الدروز enjoy reading this book This is a goodntry into the world of the Wind and the Willows which has been continued by William Horwood He does a pretty good job at bring these classic characters back to life He continues the plotline of Toad doing something wrong going to jail and then getting rescued by his close friends that he often neglects In this story Mole wants to recreate the joy of Christmas he used to have but no one Manuel de Reiki III - Troisime degr else seems interested in it Toad has tontertain Mrs Fleshe a cantankerous old bat who makes his life miserable for a couple weeks Dsir ardent: Les Sducteurs, T2 (Historique) each year She gets him tossed into jail to be punished in the medieval style but of course he is rescued by his friends I ve got a lot of nostalgia for these characters so I reallynjoy reading further adventures with them With his book The wind in the willows Graham greated a book in which the animals are not really animals at all They are physically of course but they are dressed as humans living like humans despite the
badger lives in 
lives in Wild Wood Ratty on the river bank and mole at mole the River Bank and Mole at Mole and Toad at Toad Hall which is a very huge and Avoir raison avec Schopenhauer expensivestate and living with humans and speaking the same language as this would be normal Well this sounds weird at first and if anybody would have told me about such a book I doubt I would have ver read it But what can I say it definitely works hereMaybe it is because it is a child book written for childs and that makes it all working What would the literature be without the good child books where verything is possible no boundaries to the storywhere you can slip into another world and dreaming away Those who never have read some good child book never plunged into the world of the kids had definitely missed something very Uest Mole must do something about it But the plan he hatches with Ratty Badger and Otter to rescue Toad goes horribly wrong With the prospect of Christmas in gaol and a trial for capital offences soon to follow Mole will have to work hard if he is to salvage something of the Christmas spirit for his friendsThe Willows at Christmas is the crowning achievement of William Horwood’s masterly cy. ,

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The Willows at Christmas