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Ry Alberta Canada Dr Mensah is the founder of GaDangme Heritage Cultural Foundation Born and raised in Accra Ganyobi Ghana the author pursued studies in applied biology in London England with specialization in pharmacology He also holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in "psychology and in education I had always wanted to know why my "and in education I Had Always Wanted To Know Why had always wanted to know why call themselves 'Gamei ' meaning 'Ga people' I learned they Are Of Hebrew Israelite Origins Possibly From The Tribes Of of Hebrew Israelite origins possibly from the tribes of and Dan Publisher's website http sbpracomJosephNiiAbekarMensah. He child after birth These traditions customs of GaDangmes "Are Of Hebraic Origins GaDangmes Names Are Like Genetic Markers "of Hebraic GaDangmes names are like genetic markers are scattered throughout The Old Testament Some of the names of their towns and villages bear Hebrew names Tamar Kemp describes the GaDangmes of Ghana as descendants of authentic biblical HEBREWISRAELITES WHOSE ANCESTORS ONCE REIGNED SUPREME IN THE MOTHERLAND whose ancestors once reigned supreme in the motherland Nii Abekar Mensah PhD is currently a clinicaleducational consultant with Progressive Learning Institute Counselling Services in Calga. ,
GaDangmes of Ghana claim through oral history that they are descendants of ancient Hebrew Israelites They refer to themselves as Yudafoi meaning they are Jews This book traces the origins of GaDangmes and their migration from ancient Israel following the attack of Israel by the "Assyrians to their present abode in Ghana The ancestors of the GaDangmes ruled by "to their present abode in Ghana The ancestors of the GaDangmes were ruled by High Priesthood The book discusses GaDangme custom and traditions including the Homowo Festival OtufoDipo circumcision and outdooring sanctification of Traditions and Customs of Gadangmes of Ghana