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Ishingly described The language shifts With Each Change Of Perspective each change of perspective the characters accessible and intimate and characters as smart "and talented and simple and memorable as Train don t come along often I m "talented and simple and memorable as Train don t come along often I m much of a fan when it comes to golf but I was uite smitten with the sport when Train was swinging his 9 iron Loved how the caddies talked about their totes I liked this book because it has great characters and allows them to build little worlds for themselves In addition to the main character Train there is a hard boiled LA police Sergeant that reminds me of Don Draper It is a very dark book Pete Dexter must live in some kind of hell world if he can imagine people thinking and acting this way well nough to make it come alive like this in a novel Thank God he can work it out by sharing it with the world Like Paris Trout this book is about race and class in America There is slapstick violence in this book than in Paris Trout Some segments made me laugh until I was undone Dexter really knows how to capture American males their pecking order in any given group and their berserk anger Perhaps he said you need someone to share this with Packard had just described for the psychologist not his loveless life but his heavy cruiser the Indianapolis burning to the waterline in the night and the days and nights of floating around the Pacific Ocean with the sharks and burned and dying shipmates The sharks came morning and vening at mealtime and stayed about as long as it would take you to at dinner Packard to this day did not at at regular hours but aside from that on the occasions when he asked himself how he felt He Felt Approximately Like felt approximately like same person People he d known bef. S horizon as a distracted gambler bored with ordinary risks Train names him the “Mile Away Man” as they walk off the first tee and ven months later when they have become partners of a sort and are winning high stakes matches against golf hustlers all over the country the Mile Away Man is a puzzle to Train remote and intimate impulsive and thoughtful often all at the same timePackard is also a puzzle to Norah Still the beautiful lone survivor of a terrifying yacht hijacking who is both aroused and repulsed by .
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author s and Le jeu de la prceptrice (J'ai lu Aventures Passions t. 12584) enjoy it all Pete Dexter has a dark sense of humor and an insight into the small minded ways of modern America This novel like other Dexter workxplores many issues including racism sexuality and greed Pete is a master of dialogue particularly idiomatic English as it is spoken by small town Southerners African Americans and criminal types His characters are well drawn archetypes whose best intentions are generally foiled by tragic circumstances or trumped by poor decision making Told from multiple points of view the tone and voice of this novel is driven home through Dexter s colorful use of local syntax throughout the narrative I read my first book by Pete Dexter A FEW WEEKS AGO THE PAPERBOY few weeks ago The Paperboy I was hooked I m not sure why I never heard of Dexter before but I ll read anything he writes It is an Mes photos de classe, Le Petit Nicolas engaging character study of two people one a young black man who is an amazing golfer and the other is a man who survived the sinking of the Indianapolis and a few days in the water with sharks Dexter s writing is flawless OK I m officially a Pete Dexter fan This is the first book of his that I read and Injoyed it very much Man he s a great writer And what a sense of humor I laughed out loud several times for instance at thisPeople he d known before the war on the other hand said he d changed but he couldn t see it himself As his grandmother had pointed out a long time ago he wasn t a real sweetheart to begin withI will be buying of his books Simultaneously very dark and semi sweet This is a view of the deeply ingrained and bewildering racism of 1953 and a picture of how love and pain always go hand 1953 and a picture of how love and pain always go hand hand The violence is cold brutal and aston. Los Angeles 1953 Lionel Walk is a young black caddy at Brookline the oldest most Une Erreur Judiciaire exclusive country club in the city where he is known by the nickname “Train” A troubled keenly intelligent kid with no particular interest in his own prodigious talent for the game he keeps his head down and his mouth shut as he navigates his way between the careless hostility of his “totes” and thexplosive brutality of the other caddiesMiller Packard a sergeant with the San Diego police department first appears on the boy’. ,
Ore the war on the other hand said he S CHANGED BUT HE COULDN T SEE IT HIMSELF changed but he couldn t see it himself his grandmother pointed out a long time ago he wasn t a real sweetheart to begin with Another brilliant story highlighting prejudice and it s brutal conseuences in the American South in the 1950 s as seen through the Blood Heir eyes of a young intelligent black golf caddie Pete Dexter once again shows his virtuosity as a writer of historical fiction This book has the single best description I vever read in my life init A man s thighs likened to children hiding in a pair of curtainsThe writing is just out of this world Whenever you think you ve got a handle on the plot Dexter spins it in an unexpected direction Violent sometimes brutal sometimes darkly comic Train is an absorbing story with fascinating dangerous characters I don t think I ll Corniche Kennedy ever forget what happened on the boat I read those passages with my breath held Better and layered than Ixpected When I read the jacket I pictured what the book would be about and that would ve made a decent story too But Dexter took it places I never xpected Made me want to read Dexter Dexter is uickly becoming one of my favorite authors His spare and menacing Dexter Dexter is uickly becoming one of my favorite authors His spare and menacing uirky characters bizarre humor and capturing of place are all on display here This book involves racism golf a caddie named Train a police Sergeant obsessed with control failed land deals a rich widowand survivor of a terrifying boat hijacking an x boxer Plural a great Dexter creation some creepy criminals and psychopaths and lots of random violence in 1950 s LA This has been described as Dexter s take on a Walter Mosley book and this is correct but Dexter s style is very dissimilar to Mosley s warmer take. Is violent and detached manner at the crime scene Packard himself feels no such ambiguity He is uneuivocally drawn to Norah – and perhaps to what has happened to her – and an odd volatile triangle takes shape Packard pulling the other two relentlessly into deeper water away from what is safe With his trademark Uit de schaduw van de waan: over mijn psychose en het hervinden van de balans economy of style Dexter brings these characters to life in their most reckless vulnerable moments stripping away words and manners until all that is left is the basic human pulse From the Hardcoverditio.

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