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Trash author Andy MulliganThis book was totally different from anything lse I have read so far this year It hit on a variety of topics which made me think and was generally a nice readThe story was told from the point of view of three boys along with ocassional commentary from other secondary characters who live and work in trash namely the city landfill site They make their living from wading through the rubbish thrown out by the people in the city they live in The first thing that really struck home for me whilst reading this was how this was infact normal life for a huge number of people which really hit home with me and possible the main reason why this shoul Brilliant wonderful great fun Not a large book just around 200 pages but like our diminutive central characters BIG on just the right amount of The Sinner enjoyment suspense adventure and a whole lot of heart Reminded me of my school days of blissful times with daring juvenile mystery adventures Our tiny heroes are dirty dumpsite boys the lowest of the low of a fictional poor third world country but they proved again and again invery page that it was the rich corrupt big people who were the true dirtiest lowest garbages of the society and these lowly invisible trash kids walk tall among them with heads held high and hearts full of bravery courage I Hate You: an enemies-to-lovers standalone & empathy and strong moral compass I had a hell of a delightful time devouring this book in mostly one single sitting yesterday which sometimes almost brought tears to myyes from heartbreaking realities of lonely little souls against this immense uncaring cruel world all the while also bringing a milewide grin on my face in their fist bumping clever heroics against all odds As Raphael so Rogues to Lovers elouently putven after almost dying So am I garbage the garbage boy had just lied his way out from under the noses of those clever men A little garbage boy had sat there shaking saying I don t have the bag when all the time I knew Le petit Nicolas exactly where it was and what had been in it The garbage boys were way ahead of the garbage police and I had said nothing to those men Yeah this poor dirty starved little garbage boys neither need nor want any of us big people s pity or help they can create and achieve their own destiny Hell YEAHNovel Trash Author Andy MulliganPages 240 kindleditionPublished 2010My rating 910 I know I am over Dora Bruder excited by any book I read and I know I always say I love a book and thatveryone should read it I know that But right now when I am going to say what I am going to say about this book you need to forget anything I have The Time Paradox ever said on any book Iver reviewed on this blogI may love werewolves fantasy dystopian universes funky writing styles and kick ass heroines but all of this is irrelevant and superfluous If you read one book this year just a single one make sure you read Trash The story takes place in a poor developing country in an unnamed South American country Raphael Fernandez lives in a slum and his only income comes from the trash where he might find something valuable slum and his only income comes from the trash where he might find something valuable not or just pile the plastic and get paid not a lot He is not the only one hundreds thousands of other people live this way in his country and in others One day he finds a bag with something inside that will change his world most completely With his friends Gardo and Rat his real name being Jun Jun he goes to find out The Sinner's Marriage Redemption exactly what it is he found in this bag And what he ll find will be something much much bigger than hever thought and which will ndanger his lifeThe story is told from the alternate point of view of Raphael Gardo Rat and other characters where ach writes a chapter after the Artemis Fowl Books events have taken place to recount what happened to them It was a fascinating way of discovering this story You will find serious conversations and heart breaking moments You will also read little bickerings between the boys to prove who is the most courageous or smartest and I found they were the sweetest things I have to admit that I fell for the character of Rat in the first pages where he appeared I wanted to just dropverything take a plane ticket and go to Behala to hold him in my arms Raphael and Gardo have both lost their parents but they still have uncles or aunts or someone they could claim as family Rat doesn t have anyone and lives by himself in the slum with rats for sole company hence the nickname He is Elric of Melniboné even bullied by the other kids in the slum for being different You also see how the slum is organised and how the local Mission to help kids get out of this situation works The story is amazing but the whole context of the book is done brilliantly giving you a panorama of what life is like thereAnd do you know what is beautiful and sad at the same time It s that it doesn tven feel like a fiction book This situation where kids are left to live in trash while their political leaders live in xtreme wealth has xisted still Elric In the Dream Realms exists and will undoubtedly continue toxist It is so Avant Pukhtu easy to close youryes and not look at the millions of images of poor children in developing countries So asy to look away from what is happening to the majority of the world population Andy Mulligan not only makes us look "at these kids but he makes see how "these kids but he makes see how we are to ignore them They have strictly nothing and yet they have verything courage wit strength faith loyalty and honesty not in the not telling lies kind of way These kids are made of awesomeThe book isn t only about poverty It is also about the disparity which Un vtrinaire en colre: Sur les chemins de la rdemption exists between the twoxtremes poorest and richest in the population The governments or some leaders get millions from international companies international organisations and from xploiting their fellow countrymen while thousands of people live in inhuma. Raphael is a dumpsite boy He spends his days wading through mountains of steaming trash sifting it sorting it breathing it sleeping next to itThen one unlucky lucky day Raphael's world turns upside dow. .

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Revisions he had made tc It reminded us of just how difficult it is to write It reminded us how important revision is to the process Anyway Salva from A Long Walk To Water lived during a certain time place and culture This book will introduce you to Rat Gardo and Raphael Three dumpsite boys living in a time place and culture uite different from ours What an amazing book Three dumpsite boys live by sifting rubbish and looking for things to sell One day they discover a deadly secret which they must decipher and try to fathom and which they must risk their lives to keep hidden from the policeMulligan s writing is crystal clear Une dernire preuve d'amour: Mon combat pour ma fille Brivan - Essais - documents (Tmoignage) each voice is uniue telling the story as it happens from a different of point of view which gives credibility and depth and sets an incredible paceIt is a confronting tale of the corruption of power and the implications of this on the poorest of the poor yet for all the gravity and unpleasantness of the content the relative refinement with which it is told makes it like a clear and realistic history lesson than the sickening shock of a slap in the face There is nothing gratuitous andven the infreuent strong word feels mild next to the difficulties the boys face with such courageThough it s packaged for children who would need to be well read and mature Devil Creek Crossfire enough for the serious themes it is a recommended read for adults and teens In my opinion it is well above Slumdog Millionaireven though it only takes a couple of hours to readThere is one discussion point to keep in mind on the importance of money It could be said that money is at the heart of the story and one of the most respected characters an aid worker reasons that there are values and virtues and morals there are relationships and trust and love and all of that is important Money however is important without money you shrivel and die There is also a uote from a university newspaper which urges What does the country need right now THREE THINGS A revolution Then a revolution Then when the dust has settled a revolutionYet in the context of the whole story these are not the loudest calls I would assert that what are really at the heart of the story are values and virtues and morals relationships and trust and love which are all tried and tested in an adventure that is set in motion by money And it is a thrilling read The senator was smart I was stupid In this country you pay for being stupid just as you pay for being poor Slumdog Millionaire meets Robert Langdon in the Philippines This book nearly killed me with suspense It was my very first book by Andy Mulligan but I m certain it won t be my last Actual rating 475 stars Trash by Andrew Andy Mulligan a British theatre director drama teacher and now novelist is set most likely in the Philippines Why He used the places that are familiar to us Filipinos Smoky Mountain for us it is spelled with an In The Crossfire e as in Smokey Green Hills Greenhills is a shopping center in San Juan where the former presidentvice presidentsenator Joseph Estrada lives McKinley Hill and the currency is in pesos and the country celebrates All Soul s Day on November 2nd when people flock to cemeteries to pay respect to their dead Oh the names of the characters are very Filipino Rafael Fernandez Gardo Jun jun The Rattc Of course Smokey Mountain was closed in the late 90 s by Then President Ramos But For My Foreigner Goodreads Friends And President Ramos But for my foreigner Goodreads friends and too young to know this was how it looked like The name is derived from the fact that the two million tonnes of waste when in the the fact that the two million tonnes of waste when in the of decomposition creates too high temperature that the mountain appears to be smoking or in fire I had no chance to be there but my Sociology professor in the 80 s told us in class that the houseflies were as big as dragonflies Anyway Trash is about three orphan young boys who are sorting garbage in this mountain One day in the heap of a garbage from a rich district of Green Hills they find a bag that contains a wallet a key a map In the wallet is P1100 a picture of a man "Whose Name Is Jose "name is Jose who is a houseboy of an influential politician The rest of the story revolves around the contents of that bag and how they change the lives of the 3 scavenging boysI almost did not sleep last night because of this book I was a bit surprised because this book was categorized for Teens by its publisher wwwrandomhousecom but I could not stop until I got to the last page One thing that I liked was the different alternating narrators used those of the 3 boys the priest the social worker and a couple of others It reminded me of William Faulker s As I Lay Dying Pokmon 01 - Le problme de Pikachu except that there is no mother to be buried but it is as dark andven suspenseful Crossfire ergontertaining The fact that it uses simple language and Filipino terms added to the Le rveur ease in reading This is a YA book but totally different from the YA books that are popular among teens and young people It neither insults your intelligence nor it makes youscape reality Those who have read this so far were mostly British young girls and a couple of them wrote that they felt sorry for the boys that they would like to go to Behana the place where Smoky Mountain used to operate look for Hunger Games. La ballade du serpent et de l& embrace and comfort the boys Well one of them is described as having a killer smile so it might just be a reason tooI did not have any highxpectation when I decided to pick this book I just heard that this is about the Philippines and I would like to see how this British author would depict our country Although Mulligan did not directly state that the setting is in Manila I think the references are obvious He has nothing to be worry about as his depiction of our country is balanced and truthful2 stars It s an okay read really. The police it takes all their uick thinking fast talking to stay ahead As the net tightens they uncover a dead man's mission to put right a terrible wrongAnd now it's three street boys against the worl. ,

N and inhumane conditions Some courageous persons try to speak and change the situation but they usually die young The violence is Exposing Alix extreme and the democracy is clearly just a name It is a pity nothing is done on our part really I liked the fact that this story could be universal because nomphasis was put on a precise country I can t tell you how fantastic this book is you really need to read it to see for yourself I won t disclose much of the plot ie tell you what is in the bag nor Burning uestions A Novel emphasize on all the ualities of the book because it is a book which you willnjoy reading where you will learn things and which will make you think We definitely need books like this If you want to know anything about the content plot or characters in this book look no further than the title Well I heard about this book and it seemed like an interesting concept Then my friend read it and he told me that I had to read it because he read a book I picked out last time I must say reading this book was torture for me I finished it over 2 days and that was w me skimming over the 2nd 12The characters weren t really developed Code Rousseau moto 2020 enough for me And the book is told through the different characters POV which I usually like But the writing wasn t that great therefore it didn t draw me inThe concept was neat It was a mystery which I don t usuallynjoy but I did want to find out what happened at the nd The BN thing says that it is a breath holding heart pounding novel I don t agree at all It could have been but the author really didn t get it up to that levelI can see where this could have been a great book but the author really fell short of making it oneFor me it was a waste of time reading it Would I put it in my class library Maybe if I didn t have to pay for the actual book I say maybe because I could see low level boys njoying itNow my friend he said he really liked it and his wife Mein Weg: Bilanz eines Grenzgngers enjoyed it too So if the book sounds interesting based on the BN blurb check it out Go to a store and start reading it You ll know right away if you ll want to continueI personally just didn tnjoy it It was a task to finish it Wonderful This book is just wonderful Despite the connotation of the word Trash is far from being well trash It s of a gem actually if I may say So what made me want to read this book Curiosity Who wouldn t be curious about a novel that is about his own country With these I ll tell you in three parts the reasons why I like this book the setting the characters the plotThe settingAlthough there is no mention about it in the book Trash is most probably set in the Philippines This is not surprising considering that the author Andy Mulligan who is British had worked as a teacher in the Philippines And then there is the dumpsite described as the main setting for the story which is very much similar to Payatas and Smokey Mountain Third there is a Greenhills in the story where the wealthy and the famous reside and there is also a Greenhills in San Juan Manila Fourth the book mentions about using po to show respect to lders just like how Filipinos use po and opo when talking to older people Fifth Sampalo the place where one of the characters came from reminds me of Sampaloc a place in ManilaWith these alone reminds me of Sampaloc a place in ManilaWith these alone already feels close to my heart Not that I like very book I read that resembles or ven mentions PhilippinesFilipinos in it Then again I haven t read any book yet about the Philippines that I did not like D But with this book I feel very comfortable as if I am watching a teleserye soap opera or Tagalog movie only that the language is in EnglishThe charactersThe book is told in the voices of various narrators but the main told in the voices of various narrators but the main are the dumpsite boys themselves Gardo Raphael and Rat I love these boys their fears their courage their wit I love how Andy Mulligan described these dumpsite boys not pathetic or overrated simply that they are your ordinary dumpsite boys who rummage through the garbage and among the stupp to look for something of value to keep or to sell In short the dumpsite boys in the story are real Just as how real the corrupt politicians and policemen are in the storyThe plotThe idea of some dumpsite boys finding something of great value in the garbage may not be very uniue but Andy Mulligan managed to keep Trash interesting with how the unschooled boys worked on tracing the location of the treasure The pace is steady not too dragging not too hurried and the storytelling is very ngaging Somehow I had the feeling that the after the cat and mouse chase between the boys and the policemen who were looking for them the boys will still be able to get away But then the Les Maladies chroniques: Vers la troisime mdecine ending amazed me I like thending best but because I do not want to be branded a spoiler I will instead urge you to read this book It is a surprise really having to discover that Trash is a wonderful story Sukuh Misteri Portal Kuno Di Gunung Lawu especially that I had no highxpectations whatsoever Reading Trash is like rummaging through garbage and being surprised by the treasure you findSpecial thanks to KD a fellow member in The Filipino Group in Goodreads for my copyAlso posted in It s A Wonderful Bookworld I readtaught this book two years ago It has a fast paced plot about dumpsite boys who wade through mountains of garbage Trapped with the CEO 17 each day in order to make a living Then they accidentally discover something that changesverything Many of the details are harsh and based on actual people and places One of my former students had an older sister who had Andy Mulligan the author as an English teacher when they lived in the Philippines So as a gift Mulligan gave the older sister an arly manuscript of the book as a gift My student shared it with our class one day It was cool to see all the. N A small leather bag falls into his hands It's a bag of clues It's a bag of hope It's a bag that will change verythingSoon Raphael and his friends Gardo and Rat are running for their lives Wanted by.