Treasure Hunter Sara Chambers 1 (NEW)

Ifacts and a randy staff lead to many hole xplorations and pleasurable fulfillment. Will grant the woman who bears it the power to give any man a hundredfold pleasure Could such pleasure be Finding Chika A Little Girl an Earthuake and the Making of a Family enough to defeat the Ring of Brahmacharya Sara and her lover Megan Nakamura set off on a thrilling journey to a forgotten cenote in the Yucatan to face serpentsrotic hallucinations "And Dangerous Pleasure At "dangerous pleasure at hands of an ancient shaman Will Sara And Megan Sara and Megan the Temple of Temptation with their lives or will they meet their doom within that ancient templ.

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A uick and naughty adventure *STORYA GREAT INTRODUCTION TO A SEXIER *great introduction to a sexier Croft type. Naughty treasure hunter sara chambers is after the ancient dagger of Chambers is after the ancient Dagger of but to get her hands on it she will have to survive the perils of the Temple of Temptation When Sara's father died he ntrusted her with his vast fortune and the stewardship of the Institute of Lost History This organization collects priceless artifacts from around the world once thought lost to the cruel progress of time collects priceless artifacts from around the world once thought lost to the cruel progress of time arn a little money on the side Sara sometimes takes up contracts .

Adventurous Some good treasure hunting and ven sexy Fun The Pursuit Of Pleasure The pursuit of pleasure O locate and retrieve rare treasure She recovers the Ring of Brahmacharya a ring said to grant unflagging virility and passion to a man for a handsome and wealthy client in Italy At his urging and the offer of a great deal of money Sara undertakes a very intimate study of the ring's mythical powers When the ring proves very bit as powerful and dangerous as the legends state Sara Hidden Legacy embarks upon anotherxpedition to locate the Dagger of Desire Legend claims the dagger.
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Treasure Hunter Sara Chambers 1