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Un arduo caminoARC kindly An ABC of Equality provided for honest review When I read a Stephie Walls book I know for sure that I am going somelace read a Stephie Walls book I know for sure that I am going some Hawks from Every Angle How to Identify Raptors In Flight place have never been before Gravel Road was very good I enjoyed this story of high school sweethearts and their second chance at romancewhat I didn t expect was the storyline that tore them apart in the firstlace In the beginning I will admit I was angry with Miranda Randi for up and leaving her small Texas town but Rocker (Chateau Babylon Book 1) patience grasshopper you will get the full story and you will understandand that I did The story is told in dual POV with someast and How I Became a Spy present but that doesn t bother me one bit I was able to feel the real connection between Austin and Randi It s also a story of forgiveness which happened tout a lump in my throat and draw a tear fr As far as I understood from the reviews there is a frustrating separation of 6 years all because the heroine causes an accident unintentionally Sometimes we have to endure the worst Déjate llevar (Spanish Edition) pain of our lives to find the greatest happiness Do you remember that time when I read my first Stephie Walls book and told you that as cliche as it sounds it wouldn t be my last Well guess what It was true because I just finished re reading my second book by her and I freaking adored it I m a Stephie Walls fan for life nowOne bad decision one mistake and everything changed for Austin and Miranda From the very beginning the emotions ran high and held me there the farther I got into the story And then when everything was said and done I was a total mess a mess of tears that didn t ask forermission but trailed down my cheeks anyway But all the ache was so worth it that I found myself longing for a love like theirs To hate Miranda was not an easy task Stephie Walls made difficult for me not to hate her with all the broken hearts she left behind But as much as I wanted to keep Austin for myself I knew he belonged to Miranda because a love like theirs is the kind of love that s hard to findGravel Road had it all beautiful The Southern Woman New and Selected Fiction prose unforgettable characters and emotions that remind me why I read to feel If you want flawless writing if you want a book that will make you believe in love forgiveness second chances and happy endings read this book I stayed upast my bedtime just to see them get their happily ever afterDefinitely one of my favorite reads of 2018 Hope the author decides to write Sarah Charlie s story because I need MORE You can find me here INSTAGRAM Sometimes you come across a book that seems to take you forever to read Sometimes it is because the book is bad and you just Perundang Undangan Madjapahit push through to get through it However there are books like this one that take you on an emotional roller coaster ride that it will just take you time torocess what you are experiencing Austin and Miranda s story is one of those journeys an everlasting love story that began at the age of ten only to have tragic events tear them apart for six years Miscommunications lies betrayal and guilt can make Tumors of the Uterine Corpus and Trophoblastic Diseases people do crazy things I cried laughed swooned and felt throughout this entire Me enamoré de Austin incluso antes de saber lo ue significaba laalabra amorMiranda fue la única chica ue tuvo la oportunidad de ser la dueña de mi corazónAmbos crecimos juntos en Mason Belle .
Tory I knew even in those moments of frustration in not knowing that Stephie Walls would Not Disappoint Me In Giving Me Just disappoint me in giving me just I needed This specific video review will be included in the October 2018 wrap up For other video book reviews check out my YouTube Channel Steph s Rom Book Talk Gravel Road has it allsmall town feel second chances redemption sexy man on a horse named Nugget and family secrets One of my favorite things about Stephie s books is how lost in the story I get I could literally feel Randi s ain through the Conscious Mind, Sleeping Brain pages and Austin s love for her was as real to me as the air I breathe I laughed throughout the entire book but I also gasped clutched my chest teared up cheered for the characters and swooned over and over again One of my favorite reads of 2018 475 second chance starsThis was a beautiful heart breaking second chance romance book about two brokeneople trying to overcome their Tourism [OP] past hurts these weren t easy hurdles to jump either but rather uiteainful Six years hadn t eliminated the The English Nation: The Great Myth pain and neit 3 STARS Sometimes we have to endure the worstain of our lives to find the greatest happiness Growing up Miranda aka Randi and Austin were inseparable everyone thought that if one air would make it through the thick and the thin and end up married it would be those two Life however can throw curveballs that we never expect as after a tragedy Miranda ended up running to the city where she has lived ever since Six years later fire and tragic circumstances rip running to the city where she has lived ever since Six years later fire and tragic circumstances rip the small town of Mason Belle Texas and Miranda finds herself reluctantly heading back home It s back home that she gets uite a frosty welcome as nobody bothered to ask the reason she left and the rest of the town especially Austin saw her as abandoning those she supposedly loved Austin hasn t stopped loving Randi but she stomped on his heart hard and he can t uite forgive her just yet Miranda is not the same fiery girl she was six years ago and seems to have lost her way Can being home h Contentious That s how I would describe the first ages of Gravel Road It tightens your chest and La frontire invisible prepares you for battle It s not exactly how you would think a romance should start but it s exactly the set up you need to begin this story of childhood sweethearts and second chances A devastating moment has changed the course of lives in an unexpected way Through dualerspectives and floating through Innover en classe : Cinma, Histoire et reprsentations (Enseigner autrement, sous la direction de Nicole Lucas et Vincent Marie (IUFM de Bretagne)) past andresent Austin Burin and Miranda Adams have a soul deep connection Bit by bit layer by layer the emotional Ramayana - Part 6 pain and loss they both suffered and the unresolved issues that havelagued them not only tear them apart it tore me apart too Their hurt was my hurt But the coming together the love that is still there outshines all the bad and had me turning the Spanish Dictionary DK Pockets pages as uickly as I could Woven into their journey is also the importance support and love of family and friends and with that comes acceptance and forgiveness I love getting wrapped up in a story turning theages following the characters and their journey I lo. Exas sabiendo ue siempre Domina Tus Emociones (Colección Domina Tu(s)... nº 1) permaneceríamos unidos Y luego todo acaboEl destino nos separóor seis largos años Mansfield Park pero ahora ella ha regresadoMiranda uiere volver a escapar de mí Pero esta vez me nie. Ve reading a simply beautiful love story that comes across easily through theages It s exactly what I got with Gravel Road 55 STARS Nostalgia started with a smile and ended in heartache WOW WOW WOW Where has Stephie Walls been all my reading life I m so impressedI hope I can do her work justice with this reviewGENRE second chance contemporary romance Sweetheart there is nothing in the world that Will Ever Hurt You As Long As I M Alive ever hurt you as long as I m alive and Miranda have ALWAYS loved each other they were rarely seen apart growing up have ALWAYS loved each other they were rarely seen apart growing up became high school sweethearts Their devotion to each other was so obvious that not one erson in their small rural hometown would have doubted they d marry have children and grow old together Austin carried the key to the vault that housed all my secrets But the summer after high school sees tragedy strike Miranda s family From one day to the next Miranda disappears leaving her family when they seemingly need her the most No one is devastated than Austin who s left behind without a word of explanation Slowly as the years ass he turns against the memory of Miranda along with the rest of the townSix years ass before they set eyes on each other again Good grief just writing a uick synopsis of this book has me crying again Good grief just writing a uick synopsis of this book has me crying not just a little sniffling but big fat rolling tears Not because the book itself was a sobfest but because Miranda and Austin s journey was just so heartfeltThat was robably the best 언더프린 part the way the author s writing rolled so much emotion into every scene Rage joy grief relief indignation I felt them all right along with the characters And of course laced throughout the narrative was the heartbreak sharp andoignant It was clear she no longer belonged in Texas and I would never belong anywhere else That Austin and Miranda should be with each other was clear but what wasn t was why Miranda left I loved how the author doled out bits and ieces of information and used the alternating oints of view to shield the reader from spoiling the impact of revelations as they came The story was structured so masterfully and it kept me glued to the Black Tupelo pagesIf you decide toick this one up don t expect any sensationalism or cheap gimmicks As I was reading I was struck by how the characters reactions and motivations came across as genuine North Country Hero probably because there was this amazing sense of time andlace in the story The backdrop of Mason Belle Texas The Outlaws LadyLove Thine Enemy population 1809 with its expansive cattle ranches oppressive heat and tradition of community only served to validate the events He d move heaven and earth tolease me unless it meant crossing my father I truly loved everything about this story Miranda was strong Austin was swoon worthy the writing was solid and there wasn t a dull moment I devoured it If I had to complain about something it would be that for me all that suffering needed a bit reckoning in the end But again I respect that the author stayed true to the time and Light In Darkness place in which the story tooklaceDefinitely one of my favorites of the year READ THIS BOOK. 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