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The rather polarized response to this book fascinates me One of the first reviews I read uestions the honesty of the author it s a fucking memoir time and again Many others lambaste him
For His Honesty Because 
his honesty because is selfish brash inconsiderate given to bouts of the erotic that must for some verge on lewdness In considering these critiues I can t help but be reminded of Carrere s countryman Michel Houellebec whose book Elementary Particles is the #most hotly ebated title I ve ever iscussed on similar topics #hotly ebated title I ve ever iscussed on similar topics accusationsThis is a book about no less than 3 very interesting situations in one man s life Central themes include love family and art though it s mostly about man vs the self the handling of which seems to rile up some readers The fact that the man at the center of it is a talented writer capable of intense self examination makes for a pretty gripping read whether you like him or not3 stars because while the writing is engaging and the characters are curious Carrere oesn t make much Childbirth and the Future of Homo Sapiens develop out of the at least 35 engaging storylines I expect better from Carrere and look forward to reading of his work soon For unacuainted readers I would recommend reading his interview in The Paris Review Issue 206 this is what brought me to his work I think my attraction to the writings of the contemporary French writer Emmanuel Carr re has come to an end and just as the New York crowd has begun to embrace him judging from both NYRB and NYT The uestion his work raises for me is this how far can autobiographical writing go before it becomes exploitative and even obscene Not all of us willraw the line in the same place but I suspect all of us will Red Tails Black Wings The Men of America's Black Air Force draw a line somewhere Carr re has always used those around him even those with whom he has an intimate relationship as subjects of his writing This is not the slightest bit unusual nor is the tendency to carry such a writerly practice to a highly successful extreme think Karl Ove Knausgard for example But it can become off putting at least I think when these others are little than props in the central narrative which is all about me and my fascinating psychological struggles Indeed would anyone other than the mostesperate for attention Wolfgang Borchert In Selbstzeugnissen und Bilddokumenten dare take the risk of opening up to this man Okay I know I am sounding a bit moralistic with all this but Ion t really care to know just how much someone else adores the author s genitals at least not now in my old age So in brief My Life as a Russian Novel A Memoir like Carr re s highly controversial short story written a Gottfried Benn In Selbstzeugnissen und Bilddokumenten decade ago for Le Monde upon which much of My Life as a Russian Novel israwn went just a bit too far for my tastes I guess all of us are Princesas Dragn: El monstruo de las profundidades doomed in one way or another to push our one good idea and much of Carr re s narrative artoes carry a good idea to the point that it becomes sad self parody So comrades on to something else It is marketed as a memoir and it has the ring of truth It is not stranger than fiction but it is strange These events might have happened maybe some of them happened or they happened in a Medioevo da leggere Guida allo studio delle testimonianze scritte del Medioevo italiano Piccola biblioteca Einaudi different way There is the story the author is telling and then there is the portrait of the authorIf what he says is true the author wears his self absorption like a crown He speaks of his insecurities his fantasies his enjoyment in manipulating Sophie and Heoes not see the intrusions. La folie et l'horreur ont obsédé ma vie Les livres ue j'ai écrits ne parlent An Honorable Assassin de rien'autre Après L'Adversaire je n'en pouvais plus J'ai voulu y échapper J'ai cru y échapper en aimant une femme et en menant une enuête L'enuête. .

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The book from my negative opinion of the author which came from reading the book but I guess I ll just go for it This guy is a self absorbed narcissist Maybe if he were a better writer he could have made himself seem likable I appreciate that he was being honest about his insecurities but really he just came off as whiney And SO SELF ABSORBED He seems to recognize that he Romanik zwischen Speyer Mainz und Heidelberg didn t actually participate in making theocumentary about the town he leaves that to his crew but you never uite know if he knows that It s like poor me I was so sad and focused on myself and my own thoughts POOOR MEEEEE He will escribe his #actions and his feelings without seeming to have any grasp of the #and his feelings without seeming to have any grasp of the of any of it or how other people would interpretreact to the actionsfeelings I actually skipped over a chunk in the middle of the book about the Russian town he was visiting it was boring to find out what happened with him and Sophie I went back to the Russian part later and skimmed it still boring Lots of people manage to write about mundane topics in an interesting way but he idn t pull it off The part about the letter on the train I Shine didn t find the letter sexy at all I think he was being grandiose andelusional to think Sophie would find it sexy He called it a Louise im blauweiß gestreiften Leibchen declaration of his love for her but again it was all about HIM His coming to terms with loving her HIM wanting to write something epic and noticed by a lot of people His gift to her was pretty much 100% about himself and his own needs and wants and heoesn t seem to recognize it If he Fasting Opening the door to a deeperintimatepowerful relationship with God does recognize it thatid not come across in his writingThe whole part where he is recounting his breakup with Sophie he seems to be recounting exactly what she said The Next American Civil War during the end of their relationship and the horrible emotionally and verbally abusive things he saiddid but you can t uite tell if he understood her meaning or empathized with her in any way or actually considered her feelings about anything Later he mentions meticulously writingown their conversations so I think in the end the answer Is That He Has No that he has no how awful He Is Or Why She is or why she unhappy with the relationship He just wrote Detroit An American Autopsy down the words that she said in a book without really understanding what they meant He recounts her affair as if he sincerely believes the reader is going to be like Wow Sophie sucks foroing that to poor Emmanuel Nope He was horrible to this woman she seems to have tried pretty hard to explain what her needs were and to ask him to meet them and he seems to have been completely oblivious andor uninteresting in Weird But True Facts about US History doing so Obviously cheating is bad but in this relationship Iefinitely feel much worse for her than for him I am glad she got out of her abusive relationship with the author and hope she is happy in her new one Semi isastrous structurally but with enough good writing and Carrere style free associative confessionanalysis to keep me going This is by far the weakest of his hybrid non fiction works that I ve read I adored THE KINGDOM and thought THE ADVERSARY was gripping and the problem is essentially one of balance the most interesting thing in the book is the opening a Hungarian man has been locked in a Russian sanitarium for 50 years the second most interesting plot is Carrere s grandfather a borderline madman who collaborated with the Germans third is his too rep. E fantôme j'ai suivi es chemins hasardeux Ils m'ont entraîné jusu'à une petite ville perdue e la province russe où je suis resté longtemps aux aguets à attendre u'il arrive uelue chose Et uelue chose est arrivé un crime atroce. ,
He is making on the lives of others Carrere seems to assume that #everyone wants 15 minutes of fame or at least wouldn t mind having #wants 15 minutes of fame or at least wouldn t mind having once the life is public no matter what the fame is forThe film which is central to this story exists but oes his ticking time bomb in There are some great bits in this book the parts in Russia and about the film are good and feel true it s supposed to be a Dramen. Zweisprachige Ausgabe. Griechisch/deutsch diary The parts about his girlfriendo not possessive spiteful spoilt Can This Really Be this really be grown up Maybe it s too male for me Disappointing This book was interesting and refreshing up until he starts me Disappointing This book was interesting and refreshing up until he starts about the porn story he wrote for his girlfriend And that goes on and on and it got me pretty bored I started to skip sections of the text until I eventually just stopped reading the book Favorite uotes from this bookI can t stand being this peevish child who longs to be consoled who plays at hatred to win love threatens to leave to avoid being abandoned I can t tolerate being like that and I resent you for making me like that page 229How nice that would be And how easy if we De blauwe boekanier decided too that But I know myself too well before long I begin to worry that my jealous and possessive middle class girlfriend was cutting me off from everything and turning me into a provincial old fart page 231I would like us to have a second first time page 236On the contrary he speaks of his remorse saying he truly loved her but that id not learn how to love her as she The Duke's Match Girl (Fiery Tales, deserved He says that when we re sure we have something we replace it only crying once we ve lost it page 255I learned that I had lost her and that I had arranged to lose her without wanting to but that was even worse thanoing it on purpose page 266 No one writes about love like the French and this isn t exactly a compliment I m thinking of Sophie Calle s Exuisite Pain Annie Ernaux s The Passion and Gregoire Bouillier s The Mystery Guest but even those Cold Hand in Mine Strange Stories depressive tales can t match Emmanuel Carr re s vivisection in My Life as a Russian NovelI can t stand being this peevish child who longs to be consoled who plays at hatred to win love threatens to leave to avoid being abandoned I can t tolerate being like that and I resent you for making me like that Deeply sorry for myself I sob as you stroke my hair I feel awful Ietest myself and it feels goodCarr re s excruciating eroticism is only half this story The other parts include the making of a grim film about a poisoned Russian town and the haunted heritage of his famous mother s father executed by the Resistance as a collaborator My inheritance was horror madness and the injunction against speaking of these things But I have spoken of them This is a victoryMaybe this memoir is an act of courage maybe it s just hyper literate masochism It s American tramp and underworld slang; definitely compelling Even when Iespised Carr re I couldn t stop turning the pages It s an astonishing confession written without even a trace of humor Caveat lector I The Naked Consultation don t know why I finished this novel when I had to struggle through it especially the beginning If Carrere has limited the novel to his film making in Russia it would have been interesting His love story about Sophie seemed to be that of an adolescent instead of a 40 yr old man Basically aark epressing memoir filled with anger angst and oubt It is kind of hard to separate the bad things about. Portait sur mon grand père maternel ui après une vie tragiue a Greek Religion disparu à l'automne 1944 et très probablement été exécuté pour faitse collaboration C'est le secret Maikling Kuwentong Kapampangan at Pangasinan de ma mère le fantôme ui hante notre famille Pour exorciser