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Mly in team health professional but I think it s an interest in the unknown and archaic world of the British justice system It s riddled with traditions that make it distinctly uniue mentioned here are the nosegays given to judges at the Old Bailey and the displaying of one of the great swords of the City of London in the court of the most senior judge and I just find that fascinating Under the Wig helps lift that lid into this rather closeted world and really brought to life a world I respectfully hope never to be deeply involved in This read like a memoir in part as we follow William Clegg C he starts his career in law eventually leading to him taking the silk and becoming a barrister and head of chambers Interspersed between this are the stories of some of his most memorable cases in the world of murder fraud and war criminals I liked this method of writing because it broke up would could have been an otherwise dry subject with injections of humour compassion and humility Law is so complicated and the book needed this touch of down to earth to appeal to a wider audience There were a number of topics that I had no idea about especially Legal Aid that I found really interesting There was a distinct amount of passion for the subject of pro bono cases and the reduction in government funding that has a massive knock on effect in the profession that I "had no idea about Everything in law seems to have a cause and effect that influences everyone from the "no idea about Everything in law seems to have a cause and effect that influences everyone from the and clerks to the solicitors and barristers It s stressed a number of times that it s seen as a family and this was very endearing to me It was also really interesting to read a book from the other side from a defence perspective rather than prosecution This was particularly true in the Miss Yeates murder trial where he was on the defence team I found myself on a couple of occasions comparing it to a number of FBI heavy novels I ve read Mindhunter springs to mind and seeing the various methods employed by both and the differences they have It was fascinating William Clegg C is very much anti capital punishment because of possible miscarriages of justice and I thought he did a good job of putting his reasons for this across I did find at times that the author comes across as uite reserved as if he s holding something back I think this is a downfall to his profession where the poker face is key but I really wanted a bit emotion He readily admits at one point that he s not sentimental or emotional rapidly moving on from case to case a decent coping mechanism with such a heavy workload but I think I could have connected better with him if he d shown a bit vulnerability An excellent read into a world that before now has been largely hidden from me Highly recommended

for lovers of 
lovers of law and true crime to gain a truely uniue perspective from the defence side If ou are an American Alchemys Daughter you won t know what a barrister is nor what taking silk means so some definitions first in spoilers soou can skip them if Chasing My Cure you are from the UK What a lawyer is view spoiler A lawyer is any person with a law degree who has been called to the bar A solicitor is the person who will give advice and prepare a case up until court proceedings solicitors do not representou usually in court A solicitor advocate may represent Aviators, Adventurers, and Assassins you in court but generally this is what a barrister does A barrister cannot be instructed by a client but only by the solicitor who preparesour case He may give advice but usually he will represent The Alchemy of Air you in court hide spoile. Ion from the rivalry among barristers to the moments before a verdict comes back and how system of justice risks jailingou wronglyUnder the Wig is for anyone who wants to know the reality of fighting a murder trial Switch off the TV drama and plunge into the criminal law in acti.
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R bits of it What I do remember is that this was very intriguing A lot of lawyer s stories are about innocent people who were wrongly convicted or unsolved murders It was interesting to read stories from a criminal lawyer who moved to defend the criminals rather than the victims I did enjoy learning about cases I d already heard of but didn t know all the facts for We ve all seen the TV shows about law and wondered what goes on in the world of real lawyers and this book is a truly fascinating look behind the scenes thanks to one of London s top murder case lawyers as he looks "back at a remarkable career and shares his "at a remarkable career and shares his of all he has seen over the Star Wars Rogue One Graphic Novel Adaptation years And whenou ve been involved in as many high profile cases as William Clegg has then there s lots to shareFrom how he started in the world of law to going behind the scenes at some of the most infamous trials he was involved in I found this to be such an interesting read He shares a number of outspoken opinions on cases he s been involved in as well as his thoughts on the system as it is and the many changes he s seen take place over the ears not all for the best as well as how technology has changed working on each cases No such thing as the internet when he first started outFrom war criminals murderers the wrongly accused and fraud cases this is a book that covers a wide range of dealings inside the world of law and the grim reality of brutal cases which show it isn t like it is on TV The way the book plays out works so well as it spotlights high profile cases he was involved in alongside his humble beginnings and how he worked his way up There are flashes of humour that lighten the tone of the book and helped make it a really engrossing readMy thanks to the author and publisher for an advanced readers copy in return for a fair and honest review An excellent and in depth look at English law from one of the country s most experienced practicing lawyers This book uncovers what goes on behind the scenes of a modern day courtroom and the many traditions that continue to be practiced to this day The author explores several well known criminal cases and it was interesting to read his take on how they transpired He is also mindful of client confidentiality and only writes about details in the public domain The only thing I would have liked to see in this book is the authors take on women in this very male dominated environment Female judges and lawyers are mentioned in passing but I would have loved to have read a short chapter on the authors experience of working with women in the profession particularly judges I m eager for a follow up to this book as I feel the author has a lot stories to tell This is an excellent book for those interested in law crime and the complexities of the justice system I m very interested in how the law works from all perspectives Under the Wig is an excellent book about a barrister that describes his duties on some of the many high profile murder cases that we all have heard about but wasn t clear about what went on behind the scenes with a murderer being uestioned Here Williiam Clegg C gives us in brief things that we never knew about a murder suspect that has to be represented in court So much detail in this book makes it a must read A Lawyer s Stories of Murder Guilt and Innocence is totally unforgettable I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I ve always been interested in the law Not to the extent that I ve wanted to be involved career wise I m fir. Oir he revisits fourteen of his most intriguing briefs from the murder charge facing Colin Stagg to the shooting of Jill Dando to the first prosecution under the Nazi war crimes act and the burglar jailed for life by an earprintAll the while he lays bare the secrets of his profess. ,
Fascinating A very interesting book chronicling the authors role in some of The defining legal cases in the last five decades interspersed with the personal story of how he got to be where he is Clegg has worked as a barrister in London for almost 50 ears Here he tells of some of the cases he s dealt with as well as discusses his career in general It s written in plain speech so there s little in the way of legal jargon "to confuse ordinary readers and the chapters are short and succinct "confuse ordinary readers and the chapters are short and succinct s an entertaining read that gives a small insight into the life of a top barrister I really enjoy reading books about the law so when I spotted Under the Wig in the Read Now section of NetGalley recently I immediately downloaded itUnder the Wig is the memoir of William Clegg C and makes for a fascinating read The book is told in alternating chapters where one chapter is about a famous case he has worked on and the other gradually tells his story of how he came to be a barristerWilliam Clegg has worked on some very high profile cases and it was really interesting to hear about them from a defence barrister s perspective He gives his opinion on the outcome of each particular case in the course of a chapter and I really appreciated that He covers cases such as the murder of Jill Dando where he worked on Barry George s appeal We also get to see how it is for a barrister to work for a man who has confessed to manslaughter such as in the case of Vincent Tabak who was convicted of murdering Joanna Yeates at Christmas 2010I was particularly interested in the chapter about legal aid I was well aware of cuts in legal aid as it s often been in the news but I didn t know the impact it was having in real terms It s shocking to see how much funding has been cut and the potential this has for preventing people from accessing a good defence teamI ve definitely come away from this book with a little understanding of some aspects of the law than I had before It makes sense to me now how some points of a case get dropped early on and how different points are argued during a trialThis is a gripping book one that once I Belong to No One you start readingou just don t want to put down The writing flows and it reads like a fiction book in the sense that it s very accessible and holds our interest from start to finish I really enjoyed Under the Wig and definitely recommend itThis review was originally posted on my blog I thought Under The Wig was an excellent account of a barrister s life William Clegg C is a leading barrister with decades of experience in the practice of English law In this commendably brief memoir he intersperses explanations of how a barrister s life works and some reminiscences of his own progress with outlines of some famous cases where he has acted for the defence These include Colin Stagg cleared of killing Rachel Nickell on Wimbledon Common Barry George cleared of shooting Jill Dando and many others Clegg with his ghost writer John Troup has a crisp honest matter of fact style which I found both readable and very effective in conveying both the interesting factual elements and
the dramatic aspects 
dramatic aspects trial work At about 150 pages Under The Wig says than a lot of books twice its length It is both a fascinating read and a welcome timely account If ou have any interest whatsoever in legal matters and the way the law works in England Wales and Northern Ireland I can recommend it very highlyMy thanks to Canbury Press for an ARC via NetGalley 35It s been a while since I read this so I only remembe. How do ou chat to someone accused of a savage murder Or prepare a court case Or sway a juryStep into the shoes of criminal barrister William Clegg as he meets clients in prison works out weaknesses in the other side s case and confronts witnesses at tense trialsIn a revealing mem.

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