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Norah O Malley has finally returned to Chicago after being sent to live with her Aunt in Boston when she was 12 But Norah has not come alone Norah is pregnant And her brothers Jimmy Tommy Sean and Kevin all want the hit the guy that has gotten her pregnant But Norah is not telling them who it isuntil she tells the guy Avery that she is pregnant But being home has brought up a lot of resentment for Norah and she couldn t stand to spend long period around her father whom she feels abandoned her without a backwards though so while looking for a ob that will hire a nursing school dropout pregnant girl But Norah has a lot of decisions to make to start with telling her baby s father that she is pregnant dealing with her family and deciding if its keeping the baby or giving it up for adoption is the best option Needing a break from all of her thoughts she decides to take lunch to her brother Tommy she meets his ice cold boss Kai Ellis and boy Does he not seem happy to see her or help her find a Adomania 2 : Cahier d'activits CD audio Parcours digital: A1.2 / A2.1 job Kai Ellis is an ex con whom started his own tattoo shop and after a long road he has made it a success but the only way he has managed to do that is by compartmentalizing his life business friends and family and none of them may cross It has been the only way he has been able to function but that is all coming to an end when his mother has to move in with him after her knee replacement surgery Despite his best efforts to get her to go into rehab now she is driving him crazy But when Kai remembers that Tommy s pregnant sister is looking for aob it seems like the perfect fit Slowly Kai and Norah s relationship turns from strictly business to Kai helps Norah talk through her problems takes her to the hospital give birth and then their relationship truly turns on its head when they kiss But when Kai freaks out and breaks up with Norah it seems to be the end for these twoor is it I will be honest This book will rip out your heart and you will never be the same again I don t think I have ever fell empathy for the female lead as I do in this book First he mother dies abandoned by her family at least that s how she feels when she is 12 Then she is pregnant by a guy she is scared to tell Her brothers and Father are less than supportive and now she has to decide what is best for her child Add to that meeting a guy who lights her up and he has as much warmth as an iceberg I mean come on You have to love her Now when it comes to the other characters well you can t help but love them But I have to admit that I m struggling to like Norah s father and brother Kevin But maybe in the next book On to the basics the writing and the plot were smooth brilliant and gripping and I honestly could not get enough of the STORY

AUTHOR HAS TAKEN A WITH SUCH The author has taken a story with such and made it such a heartbreaking and heartwarming story all in one I give Under Your Skin 5 stars 2 Stars 3 FlamesNorah O Malley has finally come after being shipped off to her aunt s because her father and brothers did not know how to handle her Well surprise for them She s 7 months pregnant and completely lost She needs support and a place to figure out what she s going to do Kai is used to compartmentalizing his life so well that nothing overlapped His life was simple and ultimately lonely but he was fine with not letting anyone in Because once you did it was inevitable that there would drama and heartache he wan Under your skin Oh my gosh I loved thisNorah is pregnant with the father being MIA and she doesnt know if she even wants to keep it What Norah does know is that she needs a temporary ob a plan for the future and to get out of the house She lives with her stubborn dad who always forgets his medication and her brothers She knows that her family will take care of her and the baby but she wanted something for herself As I started to read this one it seemed a bit familar but it took me a bit to realize that this series is connected to the author s The O Learys series The connection was great one of the O Leary siblings dating a member of this new family the O Malley sNorah was a breath a fresh air She seemed to know herself despite feeling lost being sent away as a kid Coming home she needed time and space to figure things out Norah made a really tough choice with her baby one that seems to be the right one for her I loved that she didn t let being pregnant stop her from crushing on Kai or even pursing him I had to laugh at the way that Norah pursued Kai he wasn t sure what to do about her and the way that she was upfront and even blunt with him It took a while for Norah to break through the walls that Kai had but once she did they were great together Kai coming out of the self imposed shell Of course. Blood Is Thicker Than Ink Norah O'Malley has been alone for a long time It's been ten years since her father and four brothers shipped her off to be raised by her aunt Seven months since she's seen the guy who got her pregnant who still doesn't know And it's two weeks since she came home Kai screwed things up but he was able to fix it with A Little Help From little help from momAnd speaking of Kai s mom she was a hoot I loved how she treated Kai how she welcomed Norah and became great friends with her But the best was when she let both kids know that Mom s always know what is going on no matter how old they are Norah is seven months pregnant to a guy she had a summer romance with She has ust moved back home to live with her father and brothers They want to skin the guy who knock 45 StarsNorah O Malley has returned home to be with her family knowing she ll need them than ever with her
Being Pregnant However They Don 
pregnant However they don make her feel all that welcome especially when she won t reveal anything about the baby s father She s know they re ust being overprotective but if she doesn t do something Soon They Ll Drive Her Nuts Knowing She Needs To they ll drive her nuts Knowing she needs to the past to move forward with her life Norah is determined to tell the father about the pregnancy and find a ob Unfortunately finding a Critical Role: Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting job doesn t seem all that promising until the handsome Kai Ellis makes her an offer she can t refuse Kai Ellis can t handle living under the same roof as his mother but she has no where to go after having knee surgery Hiring someone to care for her seems a great idea but having Norah O Malley in his house could prove dangerous especially when he s so attracted to her Can he finally overcome his past to have a relationship with someone Or will his troubled past always haunt himI always like discovering new to me authors and this first book in a new series for Ms Schroeder has me looking forward to reading of her books and most especially of this series Right from the beginning this book was entertaining fast paced and captivated my undivided attention by what the heroine is going through She s so young to be having a baby and it isn t easy for her because her overprotective brothersThe dialogue was intense due to the main characters back stories the decision Norah has to make about her baby s future and what s holding Kai back from pursuing a long term relationship with Norah It isn t easy for him to overcom Under Your Skin is not my cup of tea Nothing stood out and called for my attention at all in fact the whole novel seemed rather bland It seemed like the author was trying to create a connection between both Norah and Kaibut itust all seemed too forced They didn t seem to click connect or have any type of real chemistry Kai was rude uncaring selfish self centred conceited and overall pain in the ass With all that being said I was supposed to believe that he was the heroine s love interest Um no Not only was he reluctant to love Norah but it seemed that he was reluctant to love any human being considering how he left his sister to take care of his mom He also seemed to emirate anger and resentment Seriously is he made out of it Then we have Norah Sigh I don t even know what to say about this hot mess It seemed that the infuriating Kai became the Norah wanted to dress to impress and catch his eye But it besides the fact that Kai was a total ass it was a bit strange because she was pregnant I understand that her hormones are going wacky but she literally Together just met him She seemed to be counting down until she gives birth and moves on with her life Itust seems like she wasn t invested in the baby or the outcome in the end view spoilerfinding caring and loving adoptive parents thinking about the wellbeing of the baby and wondering how it will feel like to hold the child in her arms hide spoiler Review also found at had received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review The book has since been released I will start with the elephant in the room This is a story that may not resonate with some as it deals with pregnancy and the decisions that need to be made when someone is not ready to be a mother While this can make a very deep and controversial storyline it is somewhat glossed over in the story in favor of the romance aspect This may be hard to digest for some as the story does not dig too far beneath the surface on this topic In my opinion this is a shame as it would have offered unlimited emotional directions to the story For the romance aspect it does deliver Two people who are drawn together by an instant attraction but a million reasons to stay apart This part of the story was good as the connection is instant and obvious There is also a little bit of humour mixed in with Kai s mother The physical chemistry is also evident Where I struggled is how Norah was so eager to explore this aspect so soon after going through what she did I felt like she did not learn anything from her previous mistakes and was all to. O Chicago and discovered none of her family wants to talk or listen She never expected to walk into a tattoo shop seven months pregnant and get her socks knocked off by instant attraction She can't even see her socks But Kai Ellis is big and gruff and sexy as hell and if he has a past well. Under Your Skin For Your Love #1