(Urban Health) [PDF/EPUB] Å Galea

An essential collection that advances our understanding of how cities our health More than half the world's "Population Lives In Cities A Figure That "lives in cities a igure that grow to two thirds 2030 As global populations rapidly consolidate around urban centers the scientific understanding of what this means or human health aces a new and greater urgencyU. .

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O public health epidemiology and science are virtually unlimited case studies that consider the state of health in cities over the world this book capture the state a nascent ield; it holds a critical mirror to itself considering the next decade and arming a new generation with the tools or research and practic. Rban Health connects urban exposures the experiences and behaviors shaped by living in a to their on population health By using the ubiuitous urban experience as a lens to study these exposures across borders and demographics it offers a new scalable ramework or understanding health and disease Its applications Urban Health