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Gle and same Ocean for all the rops a single clamour of Being for all the beings Tournier s Friday and Deleuze s Difference and Repetition were both published in 1967 and it is charming to guess at who influenced whoDeleuze and Tournier s respective uses of the orchid wasp image of parallel evolution however wherein species adapt to each other in a mutually transformative manner find their source in Proust s Search In Friday there is an admirable attempt to epict this non human sexuality in a concrete manner through Crusoe

use of the island which across as either surreal or laughable epending on your temperament Perhaps Tournier s attempt to fuse the allegorical with the literal oesn t uite gell here nor can it be said to in the final section of the novel where the interplay between third person limited and Crusoe s first person journal becomes an uneasy alloy as the latter ends up explaining the ramifications of the former in case the reader might have missed them Yet there is no mention of such uibbles in Deleuze s glowing review of the novel A Theory of the Other 1967 Instead Deleuze will match Tournier s fictional supplanting of his Desert Islands essay through a philosophical intensification of the "novel s central components In his autobiography The Wind Spirit Tournier escribes his teenage philosophical engagements with a young Deleuze where "s central components In his autobiography The Wind Spirit Tournier Booth Memorials; Passages Incidents and Anecdotes in the Life of Junius Brutus Booth describes his teenage philosophical engagements with a young Deleuze where would fire off words like cotton or rubber balls and Deleuze shot them back hardened and heavy like lead and steel cannon balls to read Tournier s novel and then Deleuze s response back to back is to perceive something like this still in effect both works are a model for what can be achieved through literary reflections of the highest order Recommended reading for those of you whoon t want to leave the island This was a bit of a parody or re interpretation of Robinson Crusoe and interesting but bleak bleak bleak like most of Tournier s writing This is a fast read a retake on the famous Daniel Defoe Robinson Crusoe It gets a bit The Nance didactic at the end in making its points but it s mostly well written Theifference in this 1969 rendition is that contrast between Robinson and his man Friday Tournier s point is to show us that the often lazy always fun seeking Friday is the superior man to the A Life Everlasting dour and rule abiding European Robinson preiscovery of Friday even creates a water clock and writes laws for his island a rather hilarious exercise given that he is the only citizen of his island When the clock stops one The CLIA Guide to the Cruise Industry day Robinson finds he kind of likes the freedom he gains when freed from the tyranny of time but he manages to wag the finger at himself until he s back in line I was unfairly suspicious of this book the way I m unfairly suspicious of musicians who mostly sing other people s songs chalk it up to my adolescent and than just slightly Puritanical obsession with originality But of course that s all bullshit Friday gains a lot from being a story whose plot we already know to put this graphically we might say that its horizontal axis shrinks while its vertical one elongates We ve been to this island before we know therama of use that Defoe managed somehow to put together out of banana leaves and coconut shells but what we Masha don t oridn t know is what would happen if the entire The Biggest Bluff How I Learned to Pay Attention Take Control and Win drama took place within the playful and exorbitant mind of a contemporary French philosopher What s that you say You rather be stuck in a tank of pissed off cobras than trapped in the mind of a French philosopher for two hundred pages But before you The Nance dismiss this book out of hand as an exercise or circle of hell know that Tournier like his master Bachelard puts the philo back in philosophy Therama may be interior but it is rich and on almost every page incredibly beautiful Tournier has mystified many contemporary critics with the way he s managed to fill unwaveringly conventional narrative forms with intensely original experiences sorry to echo the old bottle new wine metaphor that at least three The Merciful Crow different reviewers used about this book I am VERY susceptible to back matter but reading a book like this you come to realize how incredibly effective an investigational tool narrative can be And to top it all off you get to return to that strange and mystically boring little island again if only for a few hundred pages I think that theseays Robinson Crusoe is as an intrinsic part of the modern mythology as Odysseus or Flying DutchmanAnd Michel Tournier s retelling of the myth is an ironic allegory of the conuering of the globe by civilization and progress and a philosophical parable on the nature of manFriday had learned to be a soldier when his master was the general a choir boy when his master praye. Suspendu entre ciel et enfers Robert Greenes Pandosto The Triumph of Time dans les limbes en somme Plus prèse la mort u'aucun autre homme je suis 日本文化私觀 du même coup plus prèses sources mêmes e la sexualité.
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Vendredi ou les Limbes u PacifiquePhenomenal read I have been longing for the entertaining meditation on the self in a rich artful even exotic way that Friday elivers Tournier s retelling of Robinson Crusoe kept me up at night reading 50 or pages late into the night High recommendation for fans of retellings and philosophically profound literature I read it in French while my husband read it in English and agree it is a faithful translation We were both riveted Despite the title this is actually a retelling of Robinson Crusoe as a whole not a story with Friday as the protagonist or main focus As in the original he oesn t appear until about two thirds into the book Tournier s theme is the psychology of solitude a imension completely ignored by Defoe whose Crusoe is an embodiment of English civilization than an actual human character Tournier s exploration of madness isolation sexuality and the To Kill a Mockingbird disintegration of self and egoraws heavily from Freud and Jung In the absence of social reinforcement Crusoe s sense of reality blurs into his Exit Berlin dreamlike perceptions of the island as a fecund maternal entity named Speranza who both seduces and succors him Really weird yet thought provoking stuffFriday himself thoughescribed as a mulatto in the GR escription is actually mixed black and Araucanian Mapuche Of all the Crusoe adaptations I ve read I found that this one actually comes closest to replicating the original S Happy Go Lucky happy go lucky It actually works better here as Tournier s Friday is only fifteen rather than a grown man approaching thirty and a combat veteran and escaped POW to boot I almost saw Tournier s version as another example of the vibrant person of color brings excitement to the life of the boring straitlaced white person trope basically a racialized Manic Pixie Dream Girl but then I realized that s a modern American perspective Tournier was French and writing in the 60s Tournier s point is that Crusoe himself becomes the Other rather a "British Guy With A Sidekick This Is "guy with a sidekick This is illustrated at the very end when view spoilerFriday leaves and is replaced by a white boy Crusoe who has elected to remain on Speranza is now the primitive man and offers an alternative to rigid European civilization hide spoiler Good analysis of the stage of nature Michel Tournier s novel Friday or The Other Island as known in English is a retelling of the famous novel by Daniel Dafoe Robinson Crusoe It is the classic tale of a man who is shipwrecked on a eserted island and must The Big Brain do whatever he can to survive Though as Dafoe s novel is an allegory of the Western ingenuity by conuering and submitting theeserted New World showing us the brilliant triumphs of the white European settler Tournier s novel is a much introspective novel focusing on Crusoe s mind and psychology especially his evolving relation with an indigenous inhabitant of the island who he Guia de supervivencia para papas / New Fathers Survival Guide dubs as Friday For instance Friday here is an actual human being While is considered as subhuman by Crusoe at first and is put into slavery we gradually how Fridayoes not only become an eual to Crusoe And Independent From Him But In A independent from him but in a twist by the end we 35 stars A Semblance of Company I am completely in the The Animus desert I have never seen people noro I imagine that another man is even possible At that very moment an analogous creature appears in my field of vision which while not being me is nevertheless the same principle in an alien body Someone identical but alien nevertheless And suddenly I experience at precisely the same moment a wondrous fulfillment and a painful A Reason to Breathe The Friessens division Yet one revelation stands out above all the rest I have become boundless unpredictable to myself multiple in possibilities through this alien fresh but identical power which approaches me as if I were approaching myself from the outside Witold Gombrowicz Diary 1953As a high school philosophy teacher still na ve enough toream of writing a great novel of ideas I am bound to be sympathetic towards a great novelist of ideas who Vinte Mil Léguas Submarinas dreamed of teaching philosophy Michel Tournier s first novel Friday written when he was aged forty two after his failure to pass the French philosophy teacher s exam is a testament to that post Freudian notion that no matter what obstacles block us from achieving ourreams they will find a way of actualising themselves in an encrypted form even if the reamer no longer recognises them as their own Friday is a re telling of the Robinson Crusoe narrative told from the perspective of the interior not simply the private rama of what would be Crusoe s imagined subjectivity but the unfolding of the virtual potential Defoe brought into being with the creation of the island situation back in 1719 As such Tournier s Friday fu. 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Nctions as a kind of triumphant return of the repressed or rather as an exploration of the philosophical implications bound up in the possible world of Robinson Crusoe Just as the island will ultimately allow Crusoe a life far spiritually enriched than those available for "the average enterprising european of efoe s ay "average enterprising European of Defoe s ay Tournier s philosophical learning is given a powerful expression in this novel form Tournier like his fictionalised Crusoe will be compelled to relinuish his hold on the rational order of things and the central tension of the novel ديوان الشيخ محمد بن علي ولد أرزين derives from the reader s fear that it will allescend into complete madnessDespite the richness of the philosophical ideas explored the novel itself is tremendously tight and lucid Ideas are eveloped through concrete image and action rather than vague allusion and elliptical pronouncement Thankfully then this is not another self reflexive novel about the instability of language so much as a thought experiment attempting to prise us free of what Foucault once termed regimes of truth Today it s impossible to read Friday apart from that pass genre of intertextual re writes along the lines of Jean Rhys s Wide Sargasso Sea Jane Eyre Margaret Atwood s Hagseed Tempest or closely J M Coetzee s alternative to Daniel Defoe s Robinson Crusoe Foe Yet while this genre often seems tailor made for literature egrees with their free included metatextual commentary and obligatory liberal handwringing exercises over colonial guilt as if this in itself wasn t another form of condescension Tournier s early example of the genre seems unencumbered by these conventions The figure of Friday is too mercurial to settle for any one stereotype or its opposite and the novel s full title not given in the English translation is Friday or the Pacific Limbo foreshadows Crusoe s final ecision on what counts as a truly primitive existence Crusoe s properly geological cultural appropriation will be rewarded through the surprise late appearance of an unlikely refugee from The White World Who white world who readers can surmise will serve as Crusoe s legacyTournier was a childhood friend of Gilles Deleuze and it is hard not to read this novel as a response to Deleuze s first acknowledged publication Desert Islands 1953 an essay showing how science makes mythology concrete and how mythology makes science vivid and in the process reworking Heidegger s fourfold understanding of the EarthSky MortalDivinities istinctions via the concept of continental and oceanic islands Continental Islands are those which have Miß Sara Sampson drifted off the mainland and may stand in for ouresire to break from current Western traditions while oceanic islands spring up from a volcanic Earth of their own accord and represent the forces "of natural creation A esert island process might be said to combine these two movements of scission and "natural creation A esert island process might be said to combine these two movements of scission and and Tournier s island life will go through many metamorphoses in the process of its interactions with characters ranging from a hyperbolic Protestant standing reserve for material resource uite literally impregnated with Western values to a surreal world of savage mythic Me, the Moon and Elvis Presley divinities brought to bear through Friday s Bartleby like subtle refusals and secret corruptions Even some of the most lyrical passages in the novel where for example Crusoe climbs a tall tree to experience the sunlightirectly on his face and flesh seem to articulate an idea A Rule for Children and Other Writings derived from Deleuze s essay the possibility of a perfect objective understanding of a space made possible through the complete erasure of our profoundly false consciousness Perhaps Deleuze s ideas are furthered through Crusoe s tree top reflection where a leaf is the lung of the tree which is itself a lung and the wind is its breathing 193 Here we have a figure for a machinic nature where the individuated Heideggerian entelechies of Earth tree Mortal Crusoe Sky wind and Divinities life giving sun each transform the other in an endless concatenating seuence Wind as the symbol of an immaterial conditioning force reaches its highest expression in Friday s savage construction of an Aeolian harp formed from the stretched innards of a fierce goat which in turn serves as a cipher for Crusoe Its music was not a melody to pluck at the heart with its form and rhythm but a single note infinite in its harmonies which took possession of the soul A chord composed of countless elements in whose sustained power there was something fateful and implacable that held the listener spellbound 198 As a memorable figure for the univocity of being this is only matched by a famous passage in Deleuze s Difference and Repetition where there is a single and same voice for the whole thousand voiced multiple a sin. 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