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Sexual Secrets The Alchemy of Ecstasy yAin for trying to stop that person Plenty of humans were monstrous and plenty of monsters knew how to play at being human I love books that subvert and explore tropesVicious sets itself apart from Schwab s other adult releases with a far faster pace My main complaint about Darker Shade of Magic was the lack of character driven plot events happened to the characters rather than because of them That s not true here Every single plot twist is due to an action by a main characterIn terms of characters this book absolutely rocks Schwab s characters have such clear motivation for everything they do Not a single character here is particularly good everyone is a solid chaotic neutral except for Eli who s one of the best lawful evil antagonists I ve ever read Interlude Me Ranting About How Much I Love These Characters they re evilou shouldn t love them we all have problematic favesVictor is the technical villain but he s far easier to root for and empathize with Eli is a believable well developed character but his cruel fanaticism isn t a well sold brand Maybe Eli has a moral code and Victor doesn t but Eli is lying to himself about his motives Victor is evil but he s absolutely aware of his place in the narrative which made him easy to root for Schwab s development of these characters makes the book s main conflict even high stakes She also shows off her talent for relationship building here the conflict between Victor and Eli is so dynamic and interesting The difference between Victor and Eli he suspected wasn t their opinion on EOs It was their reaction to them Eli seemed intent to slaughter them but Victor didn t see why a useful skill should be destroyed just because of its origin I m always ready to read about friends to enemies relationships and Victor and Eli s is especially cool Even so because they have genuinely touching moments Tell When A Savage Loves A Woman you what said Victor You remember me and I ll rememberou and that way we won t be forgotten But they re not the only interesting 3 D characters here Serena and Sydney are two incredibly compelling characters and their sisterly conflict makes them ever interesting Sydney is a 13 Curatorial Activism year old girl who can raise the dead Serena can make everyone around her follow her suggestions Despite being on evil sides these two girls are so believable and their motivations so clear that it s hard not to root for their respective sides I hated Eliet I rooted for Serena despite her being on his side The other side characters are eually as developed I especially loved Mitch he s a criminal down on his luck Possibly my favorite thing was the odd familial dynamic between Mitch Victor Sydney and Dol the dog The dynamic between Victor and Sydney is totally awesome Safe had ceased to be a place for Sydney It had become a person Specifically safe had become Victor Tell me Cheating Lessons you didn t cry reading that You re LYINGMitch and Sydney and Mitch and Victor s relationships both stand out as well I don t need a bodyguard said Victor I noticed that said MitchVictor let out a cough of a laugh Yes well I don t want everyone else to notice too So what doou want he askedVictor s lips curled into that same dangerous smile A friend I don t know if I can pick a favorite character here They re all so interesting and memorable Definitely recommended for any fans of morally ambiguous antiheroes and thanks to everyone who wouldn t stop recommending this Blog Goodreads Twitter Youtube Plenty of humans were monstrous and plenty of monsters knew how to play at being humanI actually received an 100 page preview of Vicious a few months prior to reading the full version and picked it up with absolutely zero expectations Then suddenly I was catapulted into a world that did than keep the promises of the blurb A masterful twisted tale of ambition jealousy betrayal and superpowers set in a near future world but also introduced me to a memorable cast of cha *I know ou re never supposed to humanize characters that evidently are not human in *know ou re never supposed to humanize characters that evidently are not human in non physical way but I would die for my asexual fashionista morally fraudulent father Victor Vale WHAT THE HELL EVERYONE IS SO MESSED UP BUT THATS WHAT MADE IT SO AMAZING EDITI re read Vicious for another book club 4 ears on and I still really enjoyed it This time it was closer to a 4 star read I wanted a little development with some of the charctersFirst read rating 5Wow I absolutely loved Vicious it kept me hooked right from the get go and as things got and intense I could not put it downI plan on filming a full review soon alongside the LittleBookClub liveshow so I will be back with detailed thoughtsVerdict READ IT YO Vicious adj1 Having the nature or uality of vice or immorality2 Dangerously aggressive marked by violence or ferocity3 Victor Vale Victor was out Victor was freeAnd Victor was coming for Eli just as he d promised he would Eli and Victor used to be best friends Smarter than the rest of the students of Lockland University they tried to play God Fascinated by the rumors about EOs ExtraOrdinary people with supernatural abilities they studied them at first but later they decided to create them But the sacrifices they hade to make in order to achieve this transformation took something away Their fear Their conscience Victor went to jail because of Eli but he escaped with one goal in mind Destroy his nemesis His best friend While Eli dedicated his life to the eradication of EOs since he considered them as something unholy Victor dedicated his life to revenge The ultimate fight is inevitable The uestion is who will survive But it s A Trade Professor With God Or The Devil Wow Vicious trade Professor with God or the devil Wow Vicious a delicious surprise the Perfect Way To Start way to start While I did not enjoy A Darker Shade of Magic as much as I expected after some coaxing and a mix of curiosity and hope I decided to give VE Schwab another try and I am so glad I did I dived into a gripping and wicked tale of revenge and superpowers with characters who were well psychopaths but extremely fascinating and while the concept reminded me of X Men and the rivalry between Magneto and Professor X VE Schwab followed a different path Eli wanted the extermination of his kind He fancied himself as a hero a crusader blessed by God to rid the world of these unnatural beings and protect the innocents who were endangered by this lack of balance Victor on the other hand could not care less He was fixated on his desire to make Eli pay using his cunning and devious mind and a oung girl with an ability that rattled Eli A girl also hunted and betrayed There are no good men in this game In A Darker Shade of Magic what bothered me was the lack of connection with the characters In Vicious I relished this detachment Victor and Eli were morally grey borderline black so I could not actually empathize with them They were victims of their ambitions and the circumstances villainous masterminds who instead of being repulsed they embraced all the ugly things that had to be done Even Sydney the Alchemy A Story of Perfect Murder young EO girl lost her innocence And so I savored every time they outmaneuvered each other every plan and move that led to the final confrontation mesmerized by the twists and turns the action the suspense And I have to admit that Victor intrigued me in an I knowou are a bad person but still I root for ou way Plenty of humans were monstrous and plenty of monsters knew how to play at being human Vicious is an ingenious story I absolutely recommend to all those readers who crave paranormal with a dash of twiste. Tic woman with an unbreakable will Armed with terrible power on both sides driven by the memory of betrayal and loss the archnemeses have set a course for revenge but who will be left alive at the endIn Vicious V E Schwab brings to life a gritty comic book style world in vivid prose a world where gaining superpowers doesn't automatically lead to heroism and a time when allegiances are called into uestio. Rself Who was she to judge or decide or grant or deny Simply because she could did that mean she should Poor little Sydney I felt so sorry for her She didn t choose to have a power like that but she was hunted for it nevertheless I found it interesting that she was so oung but already asked herself the right uestions In some way that made her a good counterweight to Victor and Eli I mean there is this powerful girl and she has no idea what she can do with her abilities or what she s capable of She was a very strong character though and I loved her for her defiance 3 It takes guts to live with a man like Victor and she might have uestioned his actions but she was never afraid of him XDSerena She looked at Victor s profile one last time and tried to picture the man who had once been Eli s friend who had brought him back made him what he was saved her sister and for a moment as she finished dialing Eli s number she almost wished he stood a fighting chance Now Serena was a character that caused me to think long and hard as well On the one hand I liked her for standing up to Eli by charming him to do her will and on the other hand I disliked her for helping him to find and eliminate his targets If she was so good at compelling people why didn t she try to stop Eli for good She played him Dark Emu yet at the same time she did what he wanted her to do Why Did she really think that this was the only way to save her own skin Did she truly believe that EO s are dangerous and that they deserve to die Her character posed so many uestions and to my chagrin none of them were answered She definitely had one of the best scenes in this book though The moment Victor killed her and uoted Ulysses was priceless 3 The relationships shipsVictor Eli You asked me if I ever wanted to believe in something I do I want to believe in this I want to believe that there s Victor sloshed a touch of whiskey over the edge of his glass That we could be Hell we could be heroes We could be dead said Eli That s a risk everyone takes by living Ohh those two gave me a lot to wonder about I m convinced Victor was in love with Eli and that this was the reason why he wanted his revenge so badly I mean he was betrayed by the person he loved and to make it even worse Eli didn t even bother to hear him out He didn t give him the benefit of the doubt no he ratted him out to the police the moment he knew his girlfriend had died It was like Eli always expected Victor to go off the rails and only waited for an opportunity to turn on him Funnily enough it turned out that Eli was the one that actually went off the rails in the end After all Eli s girlfriend was the only person Victor killed and this was by accident and not intentional The same certainly couldn t be said for Eli though He killed his victims on purpose and went after them with a vengeance Sure once Victor got out of prison his death tally went up as well he never killed without a purpose or reason though Which is the main difference between those two Victor always considered the pros and cons while Eli acted as judge and executioner and didn t even give his victims a chance to defend themselves let alone to speak Now that Eli is in prison I can t help but wonder what s going to happen next I guess I ll find out once I get my hands on a copy of Vengeful P He and Eli were bonded by blood and death and science They were alike so now than ever And he had missed Eli He wanted to see him And he wanted to see him suffer He wanted to see the look in Eli s eyes when he lit them up with pain He wanted his attention Eli was like a thorn beneath Victor s skin and it hurt He could turn off every nerve in his body but Victor couldn t do a damned thing about the twinge he felt when he thought of Cardale I don t want to see Serena said Sydney I know said Victor But I want to see Eli Why she asked You can t kill him That may be His fingers curled around the shovel But half the fun is trying Sydney Victor I m cold she said I m Victor he said and she offered him a small exhausted flicker of a smileTheir relationship was so precious 3 Victor became some sort of father figure for Sydney and even though she knew that he had a bad moral compass she still trusted him and felt safe with Victor I loved that he was always so honest with her and didn t even try to sugar coat things He gave her room to come to her own conclusions and he provided a safe environment to live in In some way that made him an amazing father even though he certainly wasn t the best choice to raise a kid like her lol Still those two worked because Sydney acted as some sort of conscience for him and that ultimately made him a better person XD I wonder if their relationship is going to change after she brought him back from the dead and ifes in which direction it s going to head Oh and I just realized that Vic joined Eli in not being able to age Sydney look at me He rested his hands on the car roof and leaned in No one is going to hurt Get IELTS Band 9 in Academic Writing Book 2 Essay Planning you Doou know why She shook her head and Victor smiled Because I ll hurt them first Serena hadn t told Sydney to go home She hadn t told her to run away She d told her to go somewhere safe And over the course of the last week safe had ceased to be a place for Sydney and had become a person Specifically safe had become Victor Serena Eli She pulled away enough to hold him with her cold blue eyes He could see the devil in them silver tongued and cunning and Eli thought not for the first time that he should have killed her when he had the chance Serena and Eli had one of the most abusive relationships I ever witnessed They both abused each other in eual measure and this was weirdly fascinating Their dynamic was crazy and they both didn t hesitate to use their powers in order to get what they wanted I think in some way they even loved each other et they both couldn t change the way they were Eli craved to kill Serena but was fascinated by her and Serena wanted to stay alive but couldn t seem to be able to turn away from Eli What a stalemate XD Wicked faerie tongues like mine would say Victor relieved them from the trouble of killing each other and they might be right lolConclusionI loved this and I could kick myself for not reading it sooner Vicious was the amazing start of a compelling story and I can t wait to read its seuel Vengeful Morally grey characters a captivating storyline and t wait to read its seuel Vengeful Morally grey characters a captivating storyline and omnipresent uestion of what is right and what is wrong made this a truly thrilling journey I don t know about ou but I want Last but not least I want to thank Mr Babygreys for another great buddy read It s always a pleasure to read books with ou and I m glad our reading habits and preferences are so similar lol We seem to be on a roll let s keep those books coming P A Tale of Two Sociopaths One is just ever so slightly lovable *Than The OtherThis Was Right *the otherThis was right my alley with all the Create A Superhero stuffThe reality of course is that neither of these guys are heroes Victor and Eli were college roommates who experimented with a theory that Eli had about how Extra Ordinary people were created Turns out he was r Vicious is the story of a villain and a hero Or that s what it disguises itself as It s really the story of five different morally grey characters all out for themselves battling it out This is a book that explores the hero villain dichotomy and promptly shatters it to pieces Someone could call themselves a hero and still walk around killing dozens Someone could be labeled a vill. Extraordinary abilities But when their thesis moves from the academic to the experimental things go horribly wrongTen ears later Victor breaks out of prison determined to catch up to his old friend now foe aided by a Luftwaffe Victorious young girl whose reserved nature obscures a stunning ability Meanwhile Eli is on a mission to eradicate every other super powered person that he can find aside from his sidekick an enigma. You know that feeling of nostalgiaou get when Ten Days and Nine Nights you re reading one ofour favorite books That s how I felt the whole time I was reading this It was like I already knew this world and these characters And that s not to say that they were bland or stereotypical because they were extremely complex and compelling but it was as if they were already somehow part of my life I don t even have the words to describe how much I loved this It was perfect absolutely perfect The easiest 5 stars I ve ever given Full review to come I just need to gather my thoughts Someone could call themselves a hero and still walk around killing dozens Someone else could be labelled a villain for trying to stop them Plenty of humans were monstrous and plenty of monsters knew how to play at being human Just in case Masterpieces of African American Literature you actually want to read my full review lol You can read it hereThis is easily one of the best books I ve read in 2019 and that s uite something because I already read so many other awesome books thisear To give Vicious 5 stars was a no brainer though and I m very glad that my reading buddy saw it the same way As it seems we were both hooked right from the beginning and the longer we read the we immersed ourselves in the storyI thought long and hard about the many reasons I liked this so much and I think it s mostly due to the way it was written VE Schwab made her story some sort of puzzle and the longer Adolescence: What's a Parent to Do? you read the is revealed and every piece eventually falls into place It wasn t until I started to write down a few of the uotes that I finally realized why I could relate to her writing style so much XD It felt like reading one of my forum role play games lolLet me explain a little bit There are people that will write short posts that cover the basics and then there are people that will write an entire character with its background story and play it out in 900 1000 word posts that stretch over the course ofears sometimes even decades Yes Its Trevor Noah you already guessed right I m the latter one P And so it s no surprise I was intrigued by VE Schwab s handiwork There s a certain depth to her charactersou never actually see on the pages but it s all there in their actions the way they behave In the way they talk and interact with each other There s an entire background story and we get it piece by piece little by little but never all of it and to say I was captivated by this would be the understatement of the century XD I lived and breathed for it I tasted blood and I crave for 3Next time I m at the library I m going to pre order Vengeful and if it s only half as good as Vicious I shall be than just fine This said I ll go right into my character s section because damn there s a lot to discuss XDThe characters Welcome to my spoilery spoiler section Take a seat make The Alchemy of Nine Dimensions yourself comfortable and enjoy the show Be warned though I m at least as fierce as Victor when it comes to book characters and just like him I won t sugar coat things and spoilou not only thoroughly but also relentlessly P Eli Cardale Ever Well when The Dry Challenge: How to Lose the Booze for Dry January, Sober October, and Any Other Alcohol-Free Month you wonder something said Eli doesn t that mean part ofou wants to believe in it I think we want to prove things in life than we want to disprove them We want to believe I didn t like Eli which actually made him the perfect villain lol The funny thing is that I m pretty certain he s human and compassionate than Victor Activism, Inc.: How the Outsourcing of Grassroots Campaigns Is Strangling Progressive Politics in America yet this also seems to be the main reason why he s worse than him Am I already confusingou XD Okay let me put it this way whilst Victor s analytical mind controls his actions the same can t be said about Eli When the shit hits the fan Eli is following his gut feeling and because he believes he s doing the right thing he goes through with it and never second guesses his decisions I d even go as far as to say that Eli is some sort of religious fanatic and that he sanctions his actions by his belief And what is human and powerful than people s beliefs There are centuries of history that prove how many bad things have been done in the name of religion and Eli s character is some kind of embodiment of it He lives by his principles and this doesn t only make him a very dangerous man it also makes him very human Eli is on a mission and everyone who interferes with it will be the next victim on his Ever growing list see what I did there lol On the surface Eli seemed perfectly normal but now and then Victor would catch a crack a sideways glance a moment when his roommate s face and his words his look and his meaning would not line up Those fleeting slices fascinated Victor It was like watching two people one hiding in the other s skin And their skin was always too dry on the verge of cracking and showing the color of the thing beneath A hero Wasn t he Heroes saved the world from villains from evil Heroes sacrificed themselves to do it Was he not bloodying his hands and his soul to set the world right Did he not sacrifice himself every time he stripped away an EO s stolen life I died begging for the strength to survive and it was granted But it s a trade Professor with God or the devil and I ve paid for my gift with the lives of my friends Every EO has sold a part of themselves they can never have back Don t He Said She Said you see He knelt beside Lyne whose fingers twitched I can t let anyone else sin so heinously against nature Victor Vale She watched him as he worked his touch impossibly light as if he was afraid of breaking her Everything about him was light his skin his hair his eyes his hands as they danced through the air above her skin touching her only when absolutely necessary I absolutely ADORED AND LOVED Victor Vale 333 What an intriguing and morally grey character I just loved the way he thought His analytical and cunning mind was everything I ever craved for and even and I just couldn t get enough of his character I loved that he was so unapologetic and that he knew exactly who he was Yes he tried to blend in with the others but he never claimed to be something that he wasn t Ifou ask me I d say Victor is a psychopath at least if ou consider all the typical signs of it Then again Eli certainly was one too He might have been empathic than Victor but whilst Vic knew what was expected of him Eli ultimately seemed inclined to ignore human morals than to follow them I loved how Victor uestioned his actions how he paused to think if what he did was right or wrong how he weighted both sides against each other and then eventually decided to do what his logic told him He was vicious and brutal but he could also be gentle and caring and boy did I live for that moral ambiguity lol The paper called Eli a heroThe word made Victor laugh Not just because it was absurd but because it posed a uestion If Eli really was a hero and Victor meant to stop him did that make him a villainHe took a sip was a hero and Victor meant to stop him did that make him a villainHe took a sip his drink tipped his head back against the couch and decided he could live with that Victor watched his friend mesmerized by the transformation He himself could mimic most emotions and pass *Them Off As His But *off as his but only went so far and he knew he could never match this fervor You can t kill me Victor said Eli You know that Victor s smile widened as he buried his knife between Eli s ribs I know he said loudly He had to speak up over the screams But ou ll have to ribs I know he said loudly He had to speak up over the screams But The Sober Survival Guide you ll have to me I ve waited so long to try Sydney That s what Sydney was giving these people A second chance Her fingers hovered over the dead man s chest for a moment as she wondered if he deserved a second chance then chided he. A masterful tale of ambition jealousy desire and superpowersVictor and Eli started out as college roommates brilliant arrogant lonely boys who recognized the same sharpness and ambition in each other In their seniorear a shared research interest in adrenaline near death experiences and seemingly supernatural events reveals an intriguing possibility that under the right conditions someone could develop. ,

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