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TeningI received this book from the publisher and netgalley in return for an honest review a in return for An Honest Review A honest review a great ou feal as ou are with them in the story War BabyA wonderful fast moving story Very believable Enjoyed it no end Very easy reading Certainly a ladies story great Book two for me the same as book onesome parts of story was goodbut it does talk about baking alot Fantastic instalment to the 3 sweet sisters trilogy Would recommend all the books in the series A great book with a lovely transition from the first book Love all the characters and the storylines A proper british ww2 fiction now onto the 3rd Aa real page turner Another hit from Lizzie Lane The Sweet sisters are coping With the war in their own way whilst waiting for news of loved ones held by the Japanese The Americans have arrived to add spice to life and bring a whole new perspective to the village I love reading this book it is the first book of Lizzie Lane I read this book in one day I could not put this book down I love reading about Mary and Ruby and I am glad that baby Charlie came into their lives and gave Stan a reason to be happy again I love reading about the 1914 came into their lives and gave Stan a reason to be happy again I love reading about the 1914 and the war that was happening then. From his grief But in London a baby has been found in a bombed out house sheltered in the arms of his dead mother A child to make life worth living again. .

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Ns the sad timesMichael and Mary have many issues to resolve before They Can Find Happy can find happy after Mary is very sexually inexperienced and afraid Michael will have to call on all his understanding and patience when dealing with a oung inexperienced wife that also doesn t want to leave her family hearth and home Mary will grow to understand the meaning of home is not her father s home but where her husband lives Watching Mary grow up and become a mature woman was a joyRuby will have to learn a life lesson when dealing with men as some are not what they seem while others are much She will grow up and become a mature The Adventures Of Super Diaper Baby Captain Underpants young womanThis is story of a family that goes through the fires of war and comes out stronger It is also the story of country and community coming together to survive and doing it well The author also addressed the subject of abuse as oneoung member of the community Miriam was abuse by her religiously fanatical mother who saw nothing but sin in everything and everyone I wanted to cry for this oung womanThe recipes were a bonus and I loved reading about the things the English had to do to bake a cake and cook And How They Procured how they procured for baking This was very enligh. E is a glimmer of hope on the horizon in the form of Mary Sweet’s upcoming wedding to her Canadian beau But even that has failed to rouse their father. A good read interesting to see the two sides of being an unwed mother during the war ears An uplifting story of a London sides of being an unwed mother during the war Jonas Fink L'adolescenza years An uplifting story of a London and the baby that was found in a bombed out house during the time of the blitzI was given a digital copy by the publisher via Netgalley in return for an honest unbiased review This is a story of war family pooling community resources and loveIn 1941 in England twins Mary and Ruby Sweet with their father Stan run a bakery in a small English town Mary and Ruby also work for the Ministry teaching housewives how to make do with the rations they have Mary is introverted the safe sister always doing what is needed she is engaged to a Canadian Pilot Michael Dangerfield Ruby is out goingou could say boy crazy and always ready to party Stan is also raising his niece Frances after her mother ran off Mary and Ruby s brother Charlie was lost at sea when his ship was attacked and their father has never recovered He has given up on life However even in war life goes on and the discovery that Charlie has a son out of wedlock renews Stan s vigor for life The entire family is renewed with the advent of little Charlie into their home Life goes on and entire family is renewed with the advent of little Charlie into their home Life goes on and brighte. The war has had a devastating effect on the Sweet Family with oung Charlie Sweet lost at sea presumed dead and bombs falling on nearby BristolStill ther. ,

War Baby Sweet Sisters #2