[We Were Liars] E–pub Î E. Lockhart

Or how others totally saw that twist coming All the while I was "Sitting On The Sidelines "on the sidelines my shades on posted up with my arms folded saying Yeah yeah yeah Hot potato That s not to say i didn t want not to say I didn t want ead this book because I did I even had an ARC sitting on my shelf For The Longest Time But Due To A Lot Of the longest time but due to a lot of hype I kept putting it off Plus I m one of those people who usually can easily figure out a plot twist and I didn t want to dive into something where a lot of people already mentioned figuring it outBut one thing did nag me a little in the back of my mind was that my Bookish Twin Blythe from Finding Bliss in Books LOVED it I highly value her opinion when it comes to books because we almost always agree So when I happened to get my hands on the audiobook I thought What the hell I was supposed to Vixen Midnight Liaisons read andeview this anyway Huis clos right Let me tell you WHOAFirst off I just wanna say that I don t know how the print compares to the audio and that it s possible I loved the book than others because of the excellent job of the narrator I can see how the fragmented sentences could be a pain toead but this might be one of those cases where it sounds better out loud That being said I if you haven t Puppy Love: An Alpha Man, Curvy Woman Romance (Vincent Street Valentines Book 3) read this book possibly check out the audio version firstAnyway I was feeling very blas about the first half It felt like aeally Crochet Dress Up random story about aich white girl and her white girl problems crying her white girl tears and I felt myself unsure about what the point of it all wasAnd maybe that makes me sound extremely heartless but I couldn t Caught in the Act relate to the main character no I m not even going to tell you her name because I want you to go in blind But somewhere along the lines I started to become intrigued with the story because it became this strange wild thing that I couldn t piece togetherLockhart uses a very odd narration with fragmented sentences and strange descriptions but I thought it was beautiful and uniue It added a very creepy layer on top the the existing oddness It makes you uestion the main character her account of the incident and the entire book She s not veryeliable and has the habit to cut off mid sentence I m not sure if that was used as a way to distract the Nation Self and Citizenship reader or if it was to used to make us uestion her sanity Maybe a little bit of both Either way it worked on meAs things started to heat up and Ieached the cusp of the climax the narrator s voice increased in intensity She began talking faster became very emotional then suddenly on the verge of tearsAnd I started thinking to myself OH GOD NO WHAT IS HAPPENINGAnd then IT was evealed and I was all WHAT IS THIS LIFE I REJECT EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS ENDING NOOOOOOOSo naturally I had a good cry and needed someone to hold meBy the end I was all know this eview might not be the most helpful in the world but it s true what everyone says about We Were Liars You should absolutely go in blind with no expectations and let this book take your feels as it sees 'échec Ils passent leurs étés sur une île privée au large du cap Cod Cadence est l'aînée des. It If you are a fan of psychological thrillers like Stephanie Kuehn s Charm and Strange or Complicit than this one may be "up your alley I ll #BE HERE TO HOLD YOU WHEN #here to hold you when e finishARC was "your alley I ll be here to hold you when you e finishARC was by the publisher via YA Books CentralMore Someday Matters of the Heart Book 3 reviews and other fantastical things at Cuddlebugery Tragic yet hauntingly beautiful story sobbing sobbing sobbing so much love for this book and its perfect perfect ending i can t even capitalizeight now i don t even want to capitalize Mood Indigo Decorating with Rich Dark Colors right now in fetal positionsob my souuuuul This is the kind of book that when I finisheading it I m like FINALLY and then throw the book out of the window in this case not applicable because Of Digital Copy So I M Doing digital copy so I m doing through a gif But Roman Britain really what a weird story and an uncomfortable and pretentious atmosphere this We Were Liars book has It wasn t long thank God but damn it was painful toead This is my 3rd negative eviewread this week and I m seriously pissed but will try to keep it coolI didn t getthe purpose of this bookWhy were they calledLiars anyway Okaythey lied but who doesn tWhy are they supposed tobe so special Becausesome of them are ich So whatMany people are as well and it doesn t make theminterestingspecialDid it annoy you How I just wrote what I wrote If it did this is not the book for youIt s like the author wanted to make this story phenomenal and so damn poignant and thought that by adding some metaphorical sentences a different writing style and a heavy Le yoga mental recycled subject she would succeed But she didn t At least not for me I personally thought it felt very pretentious and TOO MUCH The pacing is uneven and the story veryepetitive The characters except maybe for Cady the MC are one dimensional and I couldn t connect with any one of themAgain with the subject is it mainly aboutrich wants to date poor guy aka love of her life but can t because family So confusing but I guess that s it since THAT started a lot of stuff The love story by the way is so so so dull This is all because of the hypeOh the hype was there ItISThere But we all know hype lies and loves doing it This is not the type of book I usually How to Master CCNA read because it feels just byeading the synopsis Der SS Staat – Das System der deutschen Konzentrationslager really couldn t this book have at least a normal synopsis too saddarkeerie for me but HEY we all need to step out of our comfort zone from time to time PLUS John Green praised this book He Thrilling beautiful and blisteringly smart We Were Liars is utterly unforgettableJohn Green 1 New York Times bestselling author of The Fault in Our Stars praised this book And since I finishedeading The Fault in Our Stars not so long ago and loved it I thought I d trust Green s judgement Except it was boring Boring Boring Boring The only parts I felt myself enjoying Andai Prejudis Itu reading are the little stories with the king and his 3 daughters Ieally don t ecommend this book It s a waste of time because it s confusing as hell and doesn t even have a nicenormally written endingI wish I could burn it. Petits enfants Voici son histoire et celle des Menteurs uatre adolescents à l'amitié indéfectible. We Were Liars