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Superman – Action Comics Volume 3 At the End of Days yFuture Their hope and dreams were infectious Thankou Henry Holt Co for providing a review copy This did not influence my review All opinions are my own 2020 Nonfiction November Book 3I m an immigrant but not a refugee and that s an important distinction This graphic story was initially published in the New York Times and won a Pulitzer It s the true story of a Syrian refugee family who land at JKF on November 8 2016 election day that puts Trump in the White House The family is resettled in Connecticut and there are some of the expected difficulties of an uprooted family trying to make a new home i didn t particularity a new home I didn t particularity the illustration style of this comic bu I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewBased on the Pulitzer prize winning comics journalism of NY Times reporter Jake Halpern and Michael Sloan and expanded from that based on three ears of their working with Ibrahim Aldabaan and his family who fled Syria to seek protection in America There is a tendency for a lot of people around the world to shut down when the overwhelming subject of immigrationrefugees comes up What should we do It all seems hopeless Halpern and Sloan provide an answer through their comics journalism Get to know the detailed stories of refugees such as this family good people who just need help to survive and help them Period Are a lot of them criminals Of course not Hopefully the coming US administration will enact empathetic policies many of us can get behind and participate in This is a decently illustrated straightforward story Halpern and Sloan have constructed with an epilogue that reveals how the family has been doing since the original Times series They also have a section on methodology detailing how they got the story in working closely with the family I have been enjoying a lot of non fiction based or fiction based on non fiction graphic novels lately This falls into the first category and is a retelling of the life of a Syrian refugee family around the time of the 2016 United States presidential election This is a good story to read for a white middle American male like me who was not as fully aware of the plight and worries of refugees in the shadow of an incoming administration very vocally planning to close borders it led some to villainize and threaten people from other countries and cultures to an extent I was not fully aware ofOne of the tough things about a story like this is that my anxiety really acts up when I hear true stories of people being awful to each other It is one of the reasons I have backed away from the news and most social media in 2020 just too much hate I don t understand why it has become normalized to be mean to each other I know there are many thoughts and opinions on this and it is not my intention to begin a political discussion that will just get my anxiety going even But to willingly read a story taking me out of my comfort zone like this is a pretty big deal in 2020 The fact that it shows normal people trying to lead normal lives being met by hatred and fear is disappointing and frankly nauseating All of that being said while it was a good story that I am glad I am aware of despite my disappointment in the behavior of my fellow man I was not uite as by the way the story was told and the accompanying imagery as I had hoped I would be was by no means bad it just did not grip me as much as some other non fiction graphic novels do Also some of the dialogue felt forced to make a point if the delivery does not feel organic for me it stands out and feels odd What I am guessing what happened was the author took several real life scenarios and tried to summarize them on one page which led to a few awkward deliveriesI can summarize my overall experience in this way an interesting and important story with a lackluster delivery But ou

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enjoy the delivery I did and I think Jackboot Britain you should try S into full terror when the family receives a death threat and is forced to flee and start all overet again The America in which the Aldabaans must make their way is by turns kind and ignorant generous and cruel uplifting and heartbreakingDelivered with warmth and intimacy Jake Halpern and Michael Sloan's Welcome to the New World is a wholly original view of the immigrant experience revealing not only the trials and successes of one family but showing the spirit of a town and a country for good and ba. Is wife and 2 children escaped war torn Syria via Jordan and moved to the US on the eve of Trump s election in 2016 The American political situation makes them nervous but America still promises a safer life than in Syria They work with an agency who provides them with a sponsor and guidance for 3 months The family works to settle into their new life in America The kids take English lessons and Ibrahim searches for a job They worry about being exposed to anti muslim sentiment This was a good read about the refugee immigrant experience The story mostly focused on their lives during their first few months in the US We see during their first few months in the US We see struggle of the kids trying to fit in at school and Ibrahim s time working low wage jobs in an attempt to support his family I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys immigrant experience stories and anyone who wants to read about refugees I received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review This book left me with no words I wasn t really cognizant of the fact that this is a TRUE story until I got to the afterwords All I can say *is wow It is not easy to step into someone else s shoes when one has no concept *wow It is not easy to step into someone else s shoes when one has no concept what the other is goinghas gone through This graphic novel helps to show those who live perhaps comfortably not to take it for granted and to be inspired to help others in need I had to fill out a doctor s form earlier this week and one spot to be filled in was race I put human It doesn t matter what we look like what language we speak what we worship we are ALL human beings with hearts and minds and thoughts and feelings We are all worthy of dignity and respect and basic rights We all want to be safe with our loved ones without having to worry if we can have the basics such as food shelter clean water etcThis book was nothing short of amazing and I will be recommending it to just about everyone who walks into our store Such a good book with such an important story to tell 5 we can do better for all humankind starsMy thanks to NetGalley and Henry Holt CompanyMetropolitan Books for an eARC copy of this book to read and review On the very day Donald Trump is elected US President Muslim refugees from the Syrian civil war make their way from Jordan to Connecticut hoping for a new and better life free from want and danger but coping when reality offers them of a muddle Their story is told by a journalist with the New York Times and originally appeared as a serialized comic strip in the paper winning the Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooningThe story does a good job of capturing the vertigo of leaving behind the people and place Blue vs. Grey you love for one that seems almost alien the stress that puts uponou and the relief that comes when caring people reach out to help In on It you These are the type of stories that I hate having to rate because this is a true story based off of surviving Trump s US as refugees from SyriaIt infuriates me to no end that the United States has been sold as this all inclusive resort package that accepts people from all creeds That is an absolute lie and is exactly what plays out in this poignant graphic novel There s a scene where the son Naji has these grandiose dreams of what it must be like to be a child raised in the US whereou re surrounded by lavishness and not leaving in an actual war zone However when Naji arrives in the US how he is treated and what he experiences makes his miss Syria even despite the constant turmoil he was subjected to This resonated with me as a reader because it is ludicrous that the bigotry and xenophobia in this country makes refugees miss literal war zonesThere are a lot of heartbreaking scenes in this book The sacrifices that each of the family members must make in order to pursue a better life will tear at our insides But even though there s so many roadblocks in front of the Aldabaans they refuse to give up on each other and doing whatever it takes to build a better. Grandmother brothers sisters and cousins stranded in exile in Jordan Welcome to the New World tells the Aldabaans’ story Resettled in Connecticut with little English few friends and even less money the family of seven strive to create something like home As a blur of language classes job training programs and the fearsome first days of high school with hijab give way to normalcy the Aldabaans are lulled into a sense of security A white van cruising slowly past the house prompts some unease which erupt. .

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Welcome to the New World by Jake Halpern and Michael Sloan is the coolest journalism piece I have ever seen in my life When I first began reading it reminded me a lot of George Takei s They Called Us Enemy in its raw storytelling using majority black and white illustrations This nonfiction graphic novel follows the story of a refugee family who fled the civil war in Syria to make a new life in the United States This family unfortunately arrived the day Donald Trump becomes president and the US growth in racism and islamophobiaThe beauty of this novel is not just the moment in time the story took place but how it was told through the perspective of different family members Children being excited about their new life where they can have their own rooms and live that teenager life they see in popular media The parents on the other hand are anxious for a chance for a better life but guilty for leaving part of the family behindThis story really sang to me because I too am an immigrant to the USA Similar to children in the book I didn t have much choice but it changed my life One particular element that I enjoyed and made me remember my childhood is the language barrier one faces when moving to the United States Obviously the children in the novel picked up English uickly much like I did but the struggle of the parents learning English reminded me of my parents Even to this day my parents sometimes face challenges due to language barriers which Halpern and Sloan were able to articulate in the panels so smoothly without making fun of the language barrier Halpern and Sloan showed the perspective that the family that the immigrant left behind creates this image of *Oh You Live In The USA You Must Be Rich *you live in the USA You must be rich scenes hit home and it a struggle every migrant has to face The Aldabaan s soon found themselves not only figuring how to keep themselves financially afloat but having to also worry about sending money back to their families in Jordan because they were now rich Americans This graphic is raw and intimate It handles the immigrant experience so tastefully without sugarcoating the struggles and joys a family goes through I would recommend this to anyone who wants to further understand the immigrant experienceAn eArc copy of this graphic novel was given to me by Henry Holt Co in exchange for an honest review All thoughts and opinions are my own A great look into the life of a refugee in the time of the 2016 elections where the president coming in clearly made things very difficult for refugees It is definitely a topic I find very importantI enjoyed it for the most part getting a small glimpse into the insecurity and fear of people immigrating to America As someone who was lucky not to experience something like this I think it gives perspective on something that so many take for grantedThe story didn t flow particularly well but the art style was decent and I think it touched on a lot of important points in so short a time This is an amazing story of a family of refugees from Syria who arrive in America the day that the current occupant in the white house won the electionIt is truly a heart breaking story There is hope but most of it is sorrow and the book ends earlier than the same story it is based on that ran in the New York TimesThe characters are all very real because the author based them on real people He has been with them since they arrived in the US and been telling their story up until the final installment of the strips which unfortunately were left out of this book for some reasonSo while I recommend the book for its stark look at the truth about what happens to refugees when they come to the US I also recommend reading the final chapter in the New York TImes link aboveThanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review Welcome to the New World is a short graphic novel about a family of Syrian refugees who move to novel about a family of Syrian refugees who move to Ibrahim Aldabaan Now in a full length book the New York Times Pulitzer Prize–winning graphic story of a refugee family who fled the civil war in Syria to make a new life in AmericaAfter escaping a Syrian prison Ibrahim Aldabaan and his family fled the country to seek protection in America Among the few refugees to receive visas they finally landed in JFK airport on November 8 2016 Election Day The family had reached a safe harbor but woke up to the world of Donald Trump and a Muslim ban that would sever them from the. Welcome to the New World