[E–pub/Kindle] When I Arrived at the Castle Author Emily Carroll

Esmerizing sensual gruesome gay as hell and flawless I love Emily Carroll s mind and I Need Her To Never need her to never stop producing these bizarre terrifying graphic novels Emily Carroll s bloody beautiful suggestive ornately grotesue artwork is masterful as always but the story lacks coherency I m all for vocative mood and ambiguity but I honestly do not understand the story after reading it twice it s spare and poetic and The Ten Thousand Doors of January effectively so but confusing than any folkloric story should be I think I needed a little view spoilerto figure out the cat the girl the seductress and the two castles or was it the same castle hide spoiler This ueer spooky HalloweenRead graphic novel is full of beautiful art and an unsettling sexy story about a vampire lady who lives in a castle who is visited by another lady who is half human half cat If this sounds weird that s because it is As my sister said when she read it I loved it but I m not sure I understood it Definitely worth a reread It was a dark and stormy night when a cat like humanoid rocked up to the vampiric Countess castle to slay her Yup that old chestnut But who is the predator and who is the prey Emily Carroll s When I Arrived at the Castle is a disappointingly weak and unmemorable lesbianhorror fairy tale the kind of book I imagine Angela Carter would ve produced if she d made comics Carroll mashes togetherlements of Dracula Bluebeard and Beauty and the Beast into a barely coherent rambling story whose obliueness leaves very little impression behind *Carroll s art is utterly beautiful though The splash pages are intricate and imaginative dreamscapes gorgeously coloured in striking blacks whites *s art is utterly beautiful though The splash pages are intricate and imaginative dreamscapes gorgeously coloured in striking blacks whites reds and I loved the highly stylized baroue designs of the castle Her take on the Countess is interesting and the character was genuinely creepy with some actually shocking scenes the keyhole Visually this is an appealing book but the dreamlike story is much less compelling to read And like a dream or nightmare not long after reading When I Arrived at the Castle I d already forgotten most of it and moved on If you ve not read it I recommend Emily Carroll s other much better book Through the Woods instead. Tering flags Emily Carroll has fashioned a rich gothic horror charged with roticism that doesn't just make your skin crawl it crawls into ,

The Cheshire Cat and the ueen of Hearts fistfight in hell in this unsettling and gory tone piece 2 stars for content but 5 stars for artwork When I Arrived at the Castle is a Gothic adaptation mixing Dracula and Alice in Wonderland so I was very intrigued to pick this up I thoroughly njoyed Carroll s previous publication Through the Woods but felt enjoyed Carroll s previous publication Through the Woods but felt Sensibel kompetent Zart besaitet und erfolgreich im Beruf effort wasn t up to the same standard in terms of storytelling There is something delightfully macabre and deliciously wicked about Carroll s illustrations but in this case the actual story wasn t that coherent and a bit confusing at times which was a shame Having finished the book I thought hmmwell that was a bit odd but didn t feel anything unfortunately This is just one story but all in striking blacks reds and whites like her previous work A woman arrives at a castle but why is she there and who is the person answering the door Things are not what they seemThis is not for kids as theroticism and violence might be a bit much Definitely a tale for adults I received a copy of this from the publisher through Edelweiss It came out April 16 2019 I am a huge fan of Emily Carroll and very much like When I Arrived at the Castle which might best be described as a lesbian horror fairy tale Here s a bit of what happens A cat Get It eared human visits a Countess castle to kill her We don t know why but she isn t the first to try She is surprised to find that the Countess is waiting for her The cat girl is led to a series of red doors behindach a tragic fairy tale she must navigate to survive and remain sane It s an ode here to literature to fairy tales that scare and seduce us What happens later is the sex part which gets murky and complicated as in *Dreams The Countess Is *The Countess is vampire a femme fatale alluring and dangerous and creepy the flame to the cat girl s moth But how can we resist her attractions And she s a shape changer one of the most alarming and amazing seuences happens as cat girl watches the Countess at her dressing table Successfully scary So it s dark rotic fantasy in Carroll s signature black and white and bloody red A touch of gothic certainly Decadent in the way of nineteenth century. A castle a killer and prey all bound and blurred by lust and bloodLike many before her that have never come back she's made it to the Counte.

Emily Carroll ☆ 4 Read

Decadent art A nod to things like Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre after which she takes off in a swirlingly dangerous and delicious direction the Bronte women could not have taken but possibly allude to And complicated in *The Ways Of The Best Of Fantasy *ways of the best of fantasy leave us some space to dream in our own heads and maybe leave us a bit confused if we try to xplain it all Which is to say it prioritizes atmosphere over plot All about mysterious intense feelings in that PoeBronte romantic sense At the intersection of violence and Gorgon Child eroticism which means it is not for kiddies And the art style fits the open reader based narrative of fantasy Carroll almost never uses a panel structure at all favoring bloody splash pages in rhapsodic fashion It s a poetic structure that fits a tale of mystery and imagination one that allows for the grotesue Maybe for my tastes ahem I like the the slightly conventional Through the Woods tales but from light fantasy and YA her illustrated Speak to dark horror Carroll can do it all the best there is And you can find her stuff wonderful short shorts on her website for free sampling tooI guess I rate this as 4 stars because I think the degree of confusion I still have after two readings is greater than I prefer but the art is 5 stars for sure I m really disappointed Emily Carroll is one of my favorite comic artists and horror authors but this was just way too confusing I usually don t mind twisty stuff but I m honestly not sure what this wasven about From start to finish this relied solely on the self indulgent aesthetic of spooky women to drive the narrative I need than pretty pictures to Les Justes enjoy a storyI just don t get why this got a print release when it makes absolutely no sense and many of Carroll s other work both look better and actually have a point A lovely little gothrotic horror tale sublimely illustrated and with a satisfying nough story that felt just a tad too vague to warrant full 5 stars Carroll s signature color palette of black white and red looks absolutely stunning here and the visual structure of the book is really uniue A great uick read just in time for the Halloween season That was bewildering Ss' castle determined to snuff out the horror but she could never be prepared for what hides within its turrets; what unfurls under its flut. When I Arrived at the Castle