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Good handling of ostracisation and religion If ou have been in this situation ou can relate with Korsak The way he handles situation ou can relate with Korsak The way he handles I think change in Korsak s character could have been better handled but for the size of the book But then it starts from after the battle and Korsak doesn t come out to be bloodthirsty warrior ever When they shine brightest is uality I enjoyed reading each single page of the book and I had this mixed feeling of wanting to read and but feeling like I don t want the book to finishTo be honest I was surprised by t I give this novel 45 stars only because I am saving the five stars rating for Yordan Zhelyazkov s next book And judging by this one I believe he will deserve it When they shine brightest is a wonderful demonstration of skilled and intriguing writing The fantasy elements are indeed just a few lurking mysteriously and giving us something to wander about while we wait for the next portion Don t get me wrong the novel is complete and the finale wraps up everything nicely but still leaves lots of unanswered uestions worth exploring in further stories and novelsThe characters are full of life and individuality The author pulls off several plot twists and surprises without making everything too complicated and his wording and style at least in the original version in Bulgarian are pleasant with a certain classical Hunger Overcome?: Food and Resistance in Twentieth-Century African American Literature yet modern feel to themA book that deserves the attention of both Bulgarians and readers all over the world Since the book summary so well outlines the arc of the story I thought I d jump right into my reviewSometimes I find fantasy books so detailed and descriptive that characters are lost Thankfully that s not the case with this story Korsak is a multi dimensional character with plenty of flaws and strengths He loves his familyet he s often sidetracked by duty and his own journeyEven of his character is highlighted through his relationship with a Allies in Healing When the Person You Love Was Sexually Abused as a Child young girl She s brought into his life through an interesting turn of events and in the end she manages to bring him closer to self understanding and to his own family This is an epic saga about families duty and struggle There s a beautiful richness and depth to it both in world making and in character buildingIt s a captivating and fascinating read I m looking forward to future installments Note I proofread this book translated version A positive review was not reuested or guaranteed the opinions expressed are my own This book felt very different and in an overall good way I haven t gotten to read a book translated from another language in a long time and I could really feel the differences from culture and language Mostly in a positive manner Granted some of the sentences were a bit hard to grasp untilou reread them or the grammarword choice was awkward but nothing that really hurt the experience of reading this novel The hero is Korsak a veteran who s been through uite A LOT AND HAS LOST THE lot and has lost the of his wife and pretty much his entire home city you can tell he s than fed up can tell he s than fed up he keeps on going I really really REALLY liked him Arty is a little girl whom he brought with him and though they actually interact only sparingly when 28 Stories of Aids in Africa you consider the entire bookou can feel how close they are It s really sweet and its description was one of the main reasons I thought it d be a book I would enjoy Arty is adorable and deals with the crap that comes her way admirablyThe world building is smooth not just an info dump and uite rich There are things that I didn t understand fully but it wasn t so much as to be annoying Their culture feels historical though I would say it s fantasy which I really enjoyed The religious aspects are rich even if The Next American Revolution you may not have the full story of their beliefs It s a very original tale and I really relished how it didn t follow the patterns of similar themed novels There s a lot of interaction amongst the characters but they grow and change because of themselves not just predictable situations with each other I would like to read the next book in this series The end of the story surprised me in a way and I am not uite sure if I like it I mean I liked the story but I m not sure if I liked having my heart wrenched about Well maybe a little because it shows how attached I became to the way the characters were writtenIfou re looking for something new and different I really suggest ou give this novel a try Read reviews on my blog Beyond the Back Cover This book was sent to me by the author for a reviewThis is an interesting fantasy book However it isn t for any reader You need patience and time to sit down and uietly reading it This book wasn t originally written in English and any reader who s native or used to reading in English will notice it The sentences aren t fluid and there are some words that could be changed It is also easy to notice that this is the author s first book The writing needs to mature a bit but I do believe that his next work will be better About the story. A character driven fantasy novel exploring the theme of loss and how we try to deal with it even when there is no way to do soKorsak Dryshore a middle aged war veteran is being held directly responsible for the invasion of his home town of Seten Everyone in Seten including his family blames him for losing the last ditch defense against the aggressors Utterly defeated and mourning the loss of. When They Shine BrightestAs I said before it isn t for any reader If ou want something full of adventure and really exciting then this isn t for Anything We Love Can Be Saved you This is a slow paced story that allowsou to think about what Black Like Us A Century of Lesbian Gay and Bisexual African American Fiction you ve just read and also uestion many things aroundou This almost seems like something written for a class and instead of being for a normal reader The characters are well developed butthen the action just seems to happen I do hope his next book will show improvements so I ll wait to seeEste livro foi enviado pelo autorEste um livro de fantasia interessante Ainda assim n o para todos os leitores necess rio tempo e paci ncia para o ler com calma f cil perceber ue o livro n o foi escrito originalmente em ingl s ualuer leitor nativo ou habituado a ler em ingl s vai notar isso rapidamente As frases n o s o fluidas e algumas palavras podiam ter sido alteradas para outras melhores tamb m f cil de ver ue este o primeiro livro do autor A sua escrita ainda precisa de amadurecer mas acredito ue com a pr tica consiga melhorar bastanteSobre a hist ria tal como disse anteriormente esta n o para todos os leitoresSe procuram algo cheio de aventura e muito excitante ent o este livro n o para voc s uma hist ria lenta e ue nos leva a pensar sobre o ue acab mos de ler e a uestionar muitas coisas O livro mais parece ter sido escrito para uma aula em vez de ter sido pensado para um leitor normal As personagens est o bem desenvolvidas mas por outro lado a ac o parece apenas acontecer Espero ue o seu pr ximo trabalho seja melhor por isso ficarei espera para ver in Yordan Zhelyazkov asked me to read his novel When they Shine Brightest It is set in a stone age society that s vaguely Aztec in its culture and also has some minor fantasy elements I will examine plot character and polish and then assign a grade PLOTThe prologue is the last moments of a battle It has gone badly for our protagonist Korsak and now he s trying to escape with the corpse of his son The bulk of the rest of the book is the aftermath of this battle They are in two parts the immediate aftermath to six months and then a full ear afterward This is marked by a subtitle at the start of each chapter saying X days since the fall of Seten The focus of the story jumps back and forth between the two of them with the former shedding light on the circumstances of the latter as both progress This has the effect of creating a Foregone Conclusion because the existence of the later plotline precludes anything developing in the former plotline It also drags them both out because they are interrupted For these two reasons and because the two are only tangentially related then as a reader i would have preferred as a reader I would have preferred them as two separate stories I don t give opinions as a writer because that s not my placeBoth plotlines read like a family drama There is child raising trouble martial affairs strained relationships with adult children etc There is a another plot thread of a power struggle between the native religious leaders of Seten the Mothers and a foreign conueror who also has a religious standing as the vanguard This causes trouble for Korsak and his family but its main function is to Underscore And Amplify The Family and amplify the family This only shifts for the climax The world building is nice It is interesting It is a mix of real life stuff and some home grown practices Best of all Mr Zhelyazkov develops his world without using As You Know Instead he has his protagonist reflect and contemplate on this world and its culture which serves the double purpose of developing him as well The climax is also great It is a culmination of all the book s plot threads and has a number of nice twists The ending is satisfying both in that it closes the book s conflict and opens future conflict a seuel hookCHARACTERSArty is one of two main characters and she is my favorite character She s cute She s brave She s resourceful At once she is both child like and wiser than one would expect a pre teen to be I don t mean this in the sense that she is stoic but that she is plucky She gets scared and she cries at sad times but she keeps moving She also becomes a Fluffy Tamer which is coolKorsak is the second of two main characters and he is a conflicted and broken man The Fall of Seten and the results of its immediate aftermath have turned him into a mild death seeker When the story begins he beseeches the gods to reincarnate me already because he s given up on himself and his world and his society Watching his internal struggle between religious devotee and despairingangry apostate is uite interesting as well as the choices he makes to preserve at least one part of his familyIt s interesting on reflection that there is no Big Bad in this story It s not easy to create a true case of Grey and Grey morality that causes antagonists to look good from their true case of Grey and Grey morality that causes antagonists to look good from their angles Krul is the warlord who conuered Seten and now seeks to bend the Mothers to his will to increase his spiritualpolitical standing but he is witho. His eldest son in the conflict he has spent the last months following the battle away from home Upon his return he has to confront the animosity of the populace made even worse by his bringing a heathen girl back with himBeaten downcast and in despair he is resigned to merely spending the remainder of his days in meek uietude That would prove impossible however as he's soon implicated in an.

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Ut malice in the story Indeed he keeps saying about how much he wants to save everyone in Seten from something in the north east and is generally how much he wants to save everyone in Seten from something in the north east and is generally if smug The Mothers abuse Korsak as a scapegoat for the Fall of Seten and allegedly caused the trouble with Krul This makes them much less sympathetic but Krul is trying to obtain a dangerous item from them and has been conuering tribes for a long while It s understandable that they would resist him POLISHThere were one or two grammar problems but considering this story was translated from Bulgarian into English I d say it looks fantastic I wouldn t have suspected if I wasn t told Trickster Eric Novels gives When They Shine Brightest a B I was given the book for a fair review Korsak Dryshore has a had a bad run The Jackal as he used to be called is now a shunned veteran a had a bad run The Jackal as he used to be called is now a shunned veteran to an UnEnligthened temple guard he attempts to remain anonymous for the remainder of his sad daysThe setting of Seten is uniue it can only be accessed one way and the leaders of Seten had always thought that it was easy to defend the place and its inner sanctum But when a Vanguard Krul attacked Korsak made the decision that spared not many and ended up being labelled a traitorAbout a ear after the attack Korsak is a broken man trying to protect a girl Arty whom his wife freuently calls the Kuta I am not sure what that word means even Arty and Korsak could only guessI find the plot confusing the story moves between different days after the fall of Seten in different chapters which means that the story moves from directly after Korsak rang the retreat horn to the present moment where Korsak is trying to keep peace within himself and his communityAside from Korsak and Arty the other characters in the book are not as well defined in terms of personality except maybe the wife who I would love to hate for her demeaning behaviours towards people who are not like herThis is somewhat a mirror of the real world and war weary Korsak just wants to be out from it unfortunately he is always thick in the middle of it I like how the struggles felt real and I could understand his pain of losing lives of people he cared for unlike the coldness of the temple leaders Korsak is a man who knows how to loveIf Textbook of Food Science Technology you are a fantasy fan this book givesou a lot mystery action and a lot of running Being a fervent lifelong fantasy reader myself I had a few prejudices about this book Didn t really think it was going to be worth my time But oh the surprise It is good no it is very good The characters are well built believable lifelike with their little curiosities and habits You read through the book and eventually find The Mis Education of the Negro yourself strongly hoping that all will turn out well for this little girlou grew so fond of Personally I didn t really like Korsak at the beginning because he was a bit boring as a character too generic somehowat least until ou learn his complex backstory and all his actions suddenly start to make sense The action goes back to the past and again in the present jumping around in time making it a bit difficult to follow the story but a lot interesting to a bit difficult to follow the story but a lot interesting to the book This is one of these rare pieces of fiction that keeps ou up at night and does not release God Gave Wine: What the Bible Says About Alcohol you from its spell until the very end And the end is epic I can compare it will George RR Martin s way of aways managing to shock the reader and sweep them of their feet but this will not do Yordan Zhelyazkov justice because he does not copy he creates He fascinates and entwines in his own uniue way And that s what really makes this book worth the time the originality something a bit rare nowadays the complex world building and the end which makesou ask impatiently for the seuelI really recommend When they shine brightest to anyone who would like to read something refreshingly new for it is well worth it and will leave Alien vs. Predator you aching for 35 starsI was given this book from the author for an honest reviewThis book is a very interesting exploration of themes of loss and not fitting into the culture of everyone surroundingouI thought the characterization was done well I really cared for Korsak our main character I feel that Zhelyaskov writes emotion and struggle very masterfullyI also found the world and culture he creates to be intriguing The religion that is portrayed throughout the novel is thought out and takes influence from different systems throughout the worldUnfortunately I found the story itself to be dull for the first half of the book It is very much a character and theme study which in itself is not a bad thing but it took me a while before I could really get into the narrativeOne other thing I felt was awkward was the grammar used This book was translated from Bulgarian so I can t really fault the author for that For the most part it s not too jarring anywayOverall I thought this was a very interesting read but not without its problems I am still very much looking forward to reading of Zhelyaskov s future project. Escalating political and religious conflict within the city To make matters worse his Deliverance Mary Fields, First African American Woman Star Route Mail Carrier in the United States: A Montana History youngest son and the foreign girl are dragged deep into the whirlwind of the crisisAnd in the meantime They are about to set over SetenWhile a standalone “When They Shine Brightest” is also a first book in a new and vast fantasy world and gives the start of events that areet to reach all of its corne.