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When We Ruled The Ancient and Medieval History of Black Civilisations

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That surveys the long fascinating history of ancient African Egypto Sudanese Nile Valley cultures from the birth of humanity and of ancient African Egypto Sudanese Nile Valley cultures from the birth of humanity and ntil the spread of humanity and civilizations from its African cradle to the rest of the world A monumental task indeedIf one has ever longed to read a book about Ancient Egypt a series of ancient African Nilotic cultures from a perspective free of Euro centric distortions and speculations this is itRobin Walker has placed the history of Africa at the beginning of human history Where It Belongs For it belongs For long the world has been flooded with the racist dogmas coming out of "europe especially germany these dogmas and ideologies masuerading "especially Germany These dogmas and ideologies masuerading scholarship declared with absolutely no evidence that Africa had no historyIn order to falsify human history European scholars had to attack slander ridicule or ignore their own classical writersOn page 105 Mr Walker gives a beautiful example when he offers this famous passage from Diodurus of Sicily Now the Ethiopians as historians relate were the first of all men and the proofs of this statement they say are manifestThey say also that the Egyptians are a colony sent out by the Ethiopians Osiris having been the leader of the colony For generally speaking what is now Egypt they maintain was not land but sea however as the Nile during the times of its inundation carried down the mud from Ethiopia the land was gradually built p from the depositsIt must be remembered that the term Ethiopian referred to the black peoples of ancient Africa Europeans scholars simply ignore Diodurus of Sicily just as they ignored or ridiculed Plato Herodotus Socrates and so many Mr Walker thoroughly examines all of the scientific evidence pointing to the black African origins of the ancient peoples we now call ancient EgyptiansThe old fallacious scholarship dies slowly In linguistics Mr Walker points out that the language of the ancient Egyptians was not genetically related to any Semitic language even though Semitic languages developed in Africa not ArabiaDr Theophile Obenga has demonstrated over and over again in countless lectures and at various conferences that the widely accepted classification of African languages by the late Joseph H Greenberg has no scientific validity In his book Origine Commune De l Egyptien Ancient du Copte Et Des Langue Negro Africaines Moderne Dr Obenga gives Greenberg credit for all of his seful work On the other hand Dr Obenga takes apart piece by piece Greenberg s failed attempt to classify African languagesGreenberg knew some Hausa but he did not have any native command of any African languageDr Cheikh anta Diop and Dr Theophile Obenga and several other African linguist have killed off the old Greenberg school of classifying African languages The shocking news of its death has yet to reach many and for others we have to allow time for denial and grief to run its courseAll of the plants and animals glyphs or symbols Head To Toe Healing used to write the ancient African Egyptian language comes from the heart of Africa Glyphs like the elephant giraffe lion hippo panther rhinoceros and so onWalker points out that the modern mostly Arab and various European populations. Y Seacole and Malcolm X In 713 pages thatestion is answered again and again with a vast array of evidence that explodes the widely held view that Africans were without historical distinctions In particular there are ancient and medieval monuments that are still standing all over Africa In addition there are Black families and institutions that still possess their medieval manuscriptsThe history of Black people cannot be divorced from the history of peoples on other continents particularly Asia Europe and the Americas Topic areas that have traditionally been ignored such as Black Women's history early African science and tech. ,
I bought this book as a reference book for Mr Walker s amazing African History course And you must The Racket understand that this is what it is a reference book It is the greatest text book covering the entirety of African history that I have ever come acrossIt is extensively well referenced extremely well structured and is written in a very concise but very entertaining wayIt is the produce of expertise passion high intelligence and dedication Mr Walker is not only an academic Many of the pictures you see in the book he has takenThis is a Bible of African history that should guide your ownnderstanding of your history but also to dip in and out of when relevantPlease ignore any review that gives this book less than at least 4 stars The reasoning for their 4 stars of less are not sensical in the slightestBuy this book and you won t regret itFrom the origin of mankind to the Egyptians Songhai the Moors the Assante the slave rebellions emancipation and beyond Mr Walker has you covered Wealth of information excellent sources historical facts from different sources speak for themselves but the text needed a serious editor Too many Culture Shock Malaysia unnecessary grammatical errors and certain sections were positioned strangely in the text Not a punctuation massacre but something is wrong in a book when Mr is lacking a period in multiple places The endnotes and bibliography makep for the grammatical traumas This is one of the most poorly written books I have ever read I bought this book for my niversity library at the recommendation of a book review I read in the Museum Association s Museum Journal by regular writer Felicity Heywood She promised an authoritative chronicle of 5 million years of African civilization and that although it was academic in its approach the writing was accessible Other reviews I ve read claim that this well researched "book fills in all the missing history absent from Western books WellI was nable to read the book "fills in all the missing history absent from Western books WellI was nable to read the book struggled through the first chapter If this was as well researched as they claimed it was all a waste since it is very appalling written Maybe Robin Walker should have had somebody else write the material In the introduction Walker even says part of this is difficult to nderstand so maybe it should be re read I thought Guns Germs and difficult to India Hicks: Island Style understand so maybe it should be re read I thought Guns Germs and deals with some very difficult concepts over a few million years and at the end of the book you walk away not onlynderstanding it but completely convinced of author Jared Diamond s evidence and arguments I think When We Ruled needs help with structuring sentences and editing Reading should be a pleasure This is such a pity I would like to read the material but I don t see the point in giving myself a headache in the process Robin Walker has written an extremely valuable and comprehensive book of over 700 pagesMr Robin Walker a man of African ancestry was born in London England in the belly of the Eurocentric beastYet he has managed to free his mind and boldly confront the very subtle and eually sophisticated attempts to smother his consciousness and his intellectual outlook with cultural and national biasesWhen We Ruled is a book that should be read by every American It is a book. When We Ruled is by far the best general work on the ancient and medieval history of Black people there has ever beenThis landmark publication which is superbly illustrated with high Darkness Creeping Twenty Twisted Tales uality photographs maps and drawings provides an extraordinary and cutting edge synthesis of the archaeological data the documentary evidence and the historical linguistic research It recounts the fascinating story of the origin and development of indigenous civilisations across the vast panorama of the African continentIn particular the author answers the keyestion in Black history How much documented history is there beyond the Slave Trade Mar.
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Of modern Egypt had absolutely nothing to do with the ancient history of the land they now occupy The modern population had nothing to do with the building of ancient African Egypto Nubian Nile valley cultures that we today refer to as Ancient EgyptThis fact must be emphasized and Superman Brainiac understoodWalker also givess a very clear narrative of the decline and fall of African Pharonic civilization The Basic Patterns of Plot under the invasions of the Hyksos Persian Greeks and the various Arab invasions and the coming of Islam around 639 41 adThis huge book surveys the rise of the various Africa kingdoms after the collapse of the earlier Nile Valley cultures Ghana Mali Songhay Great Zimbabwe the kingdoms of the Yoruba and Ibo among many many others The book is a treasure houseThe coming of humanity from its African cradle to Asia is covered in a remarkable easy to follow manner World traveler and African scholar Runoko Rashidi is mentioned Mr Rashidi has done a tremendous amount of work centering on the African presence in AsiaRunoko Rashidi wrote a veryseful introduction We have learned that Runoko Rashidi has been warned not to return to India Truth is a powerful thingIt is the full implications of Mr Walker s book that shakes the foundations of the old crumbling Euro centric historical scholarship that was and still is driven and distorted by racial chauvinism and modern nationalismsCould Judaism Christianity and Islam be merely Semitic and European reformulations of ancient African spirituality and modern nationalismsCould Judaism Christianity and Islam be merely Semitic and European reformulations of ancient African spirituality the ancient black Egyptian Nubian Goddess Iset Isis be the source of the Black Madonnas that the Catholic Church tried so hard for centuries to stamp out then demanded that they be painted white and then claimed the mother and child to be Holy Mary Mother of Godthe Christ Child or Our Lady Could the remaining Black Madonnas of Europe that the people often demanded be painted black reflect the collective European memory of the African origins of the MadonnasJ A Rogers reminds Swimsuit us that the worship of Isis as the Black Virgin lasted centuries after the introduction of Christianity As late as 394 ad her processions still marched through the streets of Rome See Sex And Race Vol 1 page 281Could the world s first written language be a typical black African language Especially since all forms of cuneiform died out and no modern writing system can be traced back to any form of cuneiformRemember ancient Egyptian writing gave birth over time and with changes to the Roman script that wese today The book gives Enchanted Doll us much food for thought it is jammed packed with insight and information with documentation If I had to chose just one book on the history of African peoples I would chose When We ruled by Robin WalkerIn one of his lectures Dr Ben said that history is written by the conueror for the conuered And it is the duty of the conuered as soon as he is able to accept nothing the conueror wrote go back and reassess everything the conueror wrote study the sources for yourself re write your own history based on the evidence as best you can and speculate on the rest just like he didMr Robin Walker has done just that and we applaud himrge every one to read and study "urge every one to read and study book. Nology the two way influences between Africa and Europe are also discussedWhat is remarkable about this work is that for the first time it dares to connect Egypt and its cultural affinities with Africa and its chronological timeline within the vast chronology nearly 90000 years of African achievement It is now Gumdrop Races A Train untenable for Egyptologists to consider themselves to be experts on Egypt withoutnderstanding the African cultural signature embedded within Ancient Egypt and its long historyFaculty students and parents interested in a comprehensive critical and balanced overview of African or Black history will find no better boo.