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Dompteur d'anges lEir Pack continued their journey to find a new home they can settle into As they travel through dangerous territoriesed by Antreas and Bast the Pack bonded through working together and helping each other as they struggle through the unfamiliar and threatening surroundings I did feel that these chapters dragged a bit It just took them forever and a day to reach their destinations Whilst their adventures could be an exciting read I felt there was something forced and therefore a bit awkward There Were Bits Where Mari bits where Mari proud of her Pack of one thing or another it happened multiple times and while I understood the need to highlight just how well the Pack is getting along I feel ike the author needed to justify the direction Mari has takenDeath had established himself in the Tribe Of Trees We Read His Terrible of Trees We read his terrible through the perspective of Ralina a Storyteller of the Tribe of Trees Death kept her close at hand as he wished his godly feats to be told in stories through time I found Ralina to be most admirable character She chose to stay to help the her people and her strength courage and canniness will ensure that the world will hear of how the horrific destruction Death swept throughout the andsI have definitely enjoyed the secondary perspectives a Bhumibol Adulyadej King of Thailand lot They didn t give me the awkward feeling Mari s did I dike to read about them their struggles Plus all romances that sprung all around were rather cute I want to read about those tooIt was strange that the end of this book did NOT actually complete the story Despite the note third novel in the compelling Tales of a New World trilogy which should mean that this is the finale the story definitely did NOT end Without giving too much away I Don T Believe The don t believe the has yet been reached so I m confused Are we expecting a spin off trilogy or something I don t know so it s rather unsatisfying since I expected a well rounded finish to this tale and I do want to finish this tale so I hope for at Brurier au srail least another book to be coming soonEdited I ve just been informed this trilogy is now actually a uartet So there is one book toook forward to Thanks to Pan Australia for copy of book in exchange of honest review This book was so amazing and Thailand Buddhism left me feeling. In order to band together to stop Thaddeus from destroying all that Mari and Nik hold dearBut will the mysterious Wind Riders accept the Pack or will Mari and Nik and their people be rejected by the mighty Riders and be forced to flee for theirives And what happens when a rogue Lead Stallion gets too close to the Pack rejecting all Wind Riders and turning to a stranger for companion. ,

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All kinds of emotions I m actually still teary eyed from the ending so I m gonna have to write film a proper review for this eyed from the ending so I m gonna have to write film a proper review for this time Suffice to say that I LOVED THIS BOOK Aargh 4 Stars ARC kindly received from Pan MacMillan Australia in exchange for an honest review I m really enjoying this series Having only just read the first two books in this series so that I would be up to date for this release all the details were fresh in my mind Cast continues the story of Mari Nik their Pack and also their enemies but along with their POV s we are also introduced to the Wind Rider peoples and in particular one character River I really enjoyed getting to know the Wind Riders and River and her Anjo and of course I enjoyed the parts with The Pack This was an excellent continuation of this story with characters who continue to change and grow The Extinction Club learn toove Alfabeto arabo learn to accept and want to make a betterife for themselvesDeath is also still on the hunt for them and whilst I wanted to just get through his chapters because I can t stand the character which is the point those chapters were still integral to the story and I assume in the next novel will probably bring things together even So many things happen in this book one of my favourites being the changes to do with the companions I am very curious to see how things play out there in the next book and I was also so happy when these parts of the story occurredCast has created a world that I have become invested in where I am rooting for The Pack and for the Pyramids life they are so desperately chasing There are so manyayered characters and I truly cannot wait to see what happens next Review also on my blog Wind Rider PC Cast Follow me onFacebookTwitterInstagram The Pack is all about The Magisterium: Teaching Authority in the Catholic Church love acceptance and peace but BEWARE Death is close at their heels In this 3rd installment of Tales of a New World the Pack is traveling to the plains of the Wind Riders Their journey is fraught with danger as they travel through newands meet new communities and race from Death Each day brings them Together Strengthens Them And together strengthens them and them closer to their goalsDeath is to follow and where he goes so does destruction decay monsters and the deaths of so many and so. Ship insteadIn the next installment of the Tales of a New World series Les naufragés de Poséidon (LOdyssée, love and goodness are put to the ultimate test Will the Wind Riders and the Pack be strong enough to withstand the God of Death Will the Great Goddess of Life awaken to join the battle and if so will it be as Death's consort or will the Goddess stand with Mari and her people against the greatove of her eternal if. Wind Rider: Tales of a New WorldI will never be able to figure out how Grabs My Attention grabs attention thoroughly Wind Rider picks up where book 2 ended off The pack must undergo a journey to escape the horrors plaguing their home They flee the God of Death and all the destruction he s caused Through dangerous waters and hostile places the pack tries to reach a place of peace to ive out their days I absolutely Les vivants loved this book and I could gush about it but I don t want to spoil it This book is the third in a series and we join Mari and Nik racing with their pack to try and find the Wind Riders The book goes back and forth between the pack and River and the Wind Riders This series is very different and I appreciate the fresh perspective in the YA fantasyI enjoy that the author PC Cast can tell the reader a story I don t want to give away any spoilers there is aot of characters and at times I had a hard time remembering everyone but overall I found the story engaging and would recommend the seriesPNR Book Lover Reviews Amazing read Such an emotional rollercoaster Every page is filled with suspense This series has something for everyone Magic romance adventure and comedy Grab some tissues and get comfy You re not going to want to put this book downPlease sign this petition for a 4th book I adore this book As a German shepherd owner I relate to the companions and I m so jealous of their bonds Bringing River and her Herd into the picture was just great This book made you fall in ove with all the characters even while building up the anxiety I was waiting for someone made you fall in ove with all the characters even while building up the anxiety I was waiting for someone die the entire time I don t think I m prepared for when or if that happens Usually I need action in a story but I La Confrrie de la dague noire, T16 : L'Amant maudit love how this books had a sense of family belonging and most importantly acceptance Totally recommend to anyone whooves animals Wind Rider follows on directly from the ending of Sun Warrior and if you ve been following the tale you d know exactly where they are going The tile also kinda gave that away The first chapter of this book however did not open with the Pack but rather introduced a very interesting new perspective River daughter of a Wind Rider Every few chapters there is a chapter about River and I absolutely adored her adventuresNik Mari and th. #1 New York Times bestselling author PC Cast brings us a new epic fantasy set in a world where humans their animal allies and the earth itself has been drastically changed Mari Nik and their newly formed Pack are being hunted Thaddeus and the God of Death will stop at nothing until they are obliterated from the earth But Mari and Nik have one goal to reach the plains of the Wind Riders.