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K Homosexuals are against nature as they cannot breed and therefore they and pederasts who go with ittle girls who cannot breed should be removed from society it is a man s inbred instincts to kill such unnatural creatures The author doesn t believe a word of it and goes out of his way to show his respect of homosexuals in one of the very few pieces that could have been edited out of the book It added to the book but wouldn t have detracted from it if it hadn t been there I guess Koch doesn t want any righteous anger directed At HimSo It Is A himSo it is a where you are ed piece by piece to an ending that is unguessable but whose reality you can easily understand Koch is a master of knowing human nature and communicating itI m not a big fiction fan but I ve read the only two books by Koch in English I wish he d write another oneNotes whilst reading the bookview spoilerThis is really good I don t read a Motores de combustin interna alternativos lot of fiction and I generally am not attracted to books where the characters are notikeable as I find them hard to identify with However I really enjoyed The Dinner with its cast of people you wouldn t want to The Upanishads (Easwaran& lunch with so I thought I would read this one I ve read about a uarter and it s eually good All the main characters are deeply flawed so the identification is not with them as people but in what they say the universal truths ones we don t usually think ofet alone express in words Or else it is in thinking this is not so we don t all think Welcome To Undershaw A Brief History of Arthur Conan Doyle like this and then secretly wonder if everyone else does and it s just you that is the outsider on this oneIove books where the writing itself is so good that it sparkles and illuminates the subject no matter whether it is a genre I m interested in or not And Koch sparkles I m enjoying this book hide spoiler I m not sure my rating is even what I want to give it but it s not a 5 and not uite as bad as a 1 So a 3 it isWhen I checked this book out the Guerrilla Warfare librarian told m This is one twisted dude Marc Schlosser the unreliable narrator is a general practitioner Do NOT make an appointment with him hel fake interest but in fact he despises you In fact he despises everyone He also despises the human body so don t you dare put on one of those gowns and Wie Erziehung garantiert mißlingt Einzeltitel let him see your body or god forbid touch you He has nasty things to say about every one of your nooks and crannies Get off the table and run for yourife Marc takes joy in making his patients suffer He ஸ்ரீரங்கத்து தேவதைகள் lies he condescends he humors He has no conscience Just when you think he can t get any nastier he ups his game and floors you with yet another display of his sicko weirdness Koch is a genius at painting a clear picture of how this disgusting man thinks The beginning of the book is really strong as we sit wide eyed inside the head of a sociopath Sicko Marc elaborates on his disgust with the body and the detailed descriptions of everything ugly about the body are phenomenal The tone is funny smart and satisfying When we get to the plot which moves at a good clip the writing is good as is the pacing but itacks the wow factor of the first third of the book And there are a couple of events at the end of the book that seemed unrealistic they re spoilers so I won t elaborate Still the story is intriguing and I couldn t put the book down I was surprised that I Elementary Geometry for College Students 6th Edition liked it even than The Dinner which is a favoriteDespite Marc s hatred of the human race he isoving and protective of his daughters which maybe gets him out of the sociopath category a Biologie molculaire-UE1 PACES - 3e d. (Hors collection) little Is a sociopath capable ofove Though he reacts normally to the tragedy that occurs well mostly that is there are sick behaviors that he does not seem to react to in the right way Again I won t go into specifics because they re spoilersMarc is not the only disgusting man in the book There are two others All three men have a despicable attitude toward women The Moje przezycia z duszami czysccowymi leering is beyond disgusting One guy hangs around naked even in front of teenage girls grossing out even our narrator Through brilliant writing Koch allows his narrator to do a phenomenal job of persuading us that the naked guy is a totally repulsive scumbag slimedogThe book wins the prize for gross I said ick a wholeot Ick to the disgusting images our narrator shoved in our face ick to the Amor y pedagogia / Love and Pedagogy leering men ick to the naked man ick to the gross eye ick to the way everyone behaved And ick to the next time I go to my annual exam and have toie down on the doctor s table wearing one of those paper robe thingiesPeople who hate the much talked about unlikable narrator will hate this book I definitely didn t Definitely Not Paid Enough For This (The Tribulations of Ross Young, Supernat PA, Incident like the guy but Iiked that Koch created such a fascinating character I don t have to be in this icky guy s presence I can sit on the sidelines and shake my head say oh brother and chuckle in disbelief Is this guy for real Nah he s just a character. Oversa e intrigante ue confirma o incrível talento iterário de Herman Koch no dissecar da farsa amoral de uma sociedade à deri. Wowgreat Kindle deal today 199 special If you haven t this very fun book the price is good today Reading Herman Koch is a ittle ike jumping read this fun book the price is good today Reading Herman Koch is a ittle ike jumping a pogo stick only its your thoughts which are jumping up and down The Dinner by Herman Koch involves parents and kids Summer House with Swimming Pool involves parents and kids In both books the reader is challengedHere are two uestions to sit with from Summer House with Swimming Pool1 How far would you go to protect yourself even if it meant doing horrific psychological damage to your child2 What are you capable of doing to exact revengeAndIf you ve ever wondered what your medical doctor thinks about you when you Are Being Examined In Your Hospital Gown My My You being examined in your hospital gown My my you might never go to the doctor again olAsk your doctor a uestion Maybe at your own risk My Paraplegic Boss lolAs I was deeply engaged turning the pages of this story with absolutely noikeable characters I was Study Guide Practicing Texas Politics laughing and wincing at the same time The narrator Marc Schlosser general practitioner explains to the reader several times where he stands with regard to naked bodies the naked bodies of his daily practice He says a naked body in a doctor s office is something different from a naked body out of doorsThere was a section in this story where Dr Marc talks about his feelings about nude beaches nudist campgrounds places he avoidsike the plague its all very funny Marc is very proud of being prudish proud not to flaunt his body parts all over the place in the out of doors I was dying Black Friday laughing at the words and ways Dr Marc talked about his disgust NOTE Iive in the Bay Area Grew up in Berkeley I almost never get to hear people talk about the human body the way Marc Schlosser talks I found it so damn funny Summer House with Swimming Pool is NOT your typical sit by the beach ight summer reading Yet its as addicting as eating a bag of sunflower seeds sitting on the beach with your coke in hand you can t stop eating those salty ittle seeds no matter how chap your ips are getting from the salt From swordfish and sardine meals by the pool with the parents and kids to fireworks blasting ike a The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl lightening boltiterally figurally to obnoxious characters to things going wrong wrong wrong This book feels sooooooooo right as in MUST READ Thanks to NetGalley and Crown Publishing for an advance reader copy of this book This review however is based on the hardcover versionNot sure what it says about me that I Naradas Bhakti Sutra: Verses on Connecting with the Divine Infinite Through the Path of Love and Surrender liked this book so much the narrator is almost a sociopath and several of the other characters are eually repugnant But I couldn t put it down It fizzled aittle at the end but what a rideThe story is told by Dr Marc Schlosser a Dutch family doctor with a wife and two young teen daughters The doctor treats a famous actor Ralph Meier who invites the doctor and his family to his summer vacation home The doctor who is a misogynistic asshole at best has his eyes on Ralph s wife Ralph a sexual predator has his eyes on Marc s wife and oldest daughter When the families get together at Ralph s summer home nothing good can come of it Marc Schlosser is a piece of work and one of the sickest most appalling narrators I can ever remember reading but he is pitch perfect and his tone and viewpoint is what makes this book work so wellIf you tend to give books Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain low ratings because you don tike any of the characters for the Worlds of Weber love of God don t pick this up I can promise you will notike or relate to the characters most of them are messed up in some way or other If on the other hand you are fascinated by misfits and oddities and aren t overly sueamish or easily offended you may find this riveting BAD MEDICINEDoctors are usually good guys right They take an oath They know things They re good to have around in an emergencyUnless of course they re not good See Dr Lecter Dr Frankenstein Dr Moreau Dr No to name a few And now friends we can add another to this The Shadows in the Street Simon Serrailler list of frightening physicians Dr This book was really hard to read I really respect the writing and also the character work The people seemed so real that they could bleed on you And this is both the strength and the challenge of this novel The people came toife and they were incredibly difficult to be aroundSomeone said that she felt the book was really sexist I couldn t tell if the book itself hated women or if it was a book about how much women are hated by the world I am Harm Reduction leaning toward theatter interpretationBut that said it was a hard readI feel very uncomfortable giving a book a The Sabbath low rating because it isn t pleasant Literature isn t about being pleasing But that said I will have trouble sleeping tonightThis is a book you won t forget The first few chapters of Summer House with Swimming Pool are dedicated to descriptions of what it sike to be a doctor If the book was just about ife fr. Uma narrativa em ue o mistério e a intriga concorrem para denunciar a hipocrisia e fragilidade da vida contemporâneaMarcado por. Om a medical professional s point of view and the day to day grind of getting up close and personal with aches pains bumps and bruises that would have been good enough for me Koch is just a daggum great writer He can take the most mundane stuff and breathe ife into it to make it fascinating The beginning of the most mundane stuff and breathe ife into it to make it fascinating The beginning of book and other sections sprinkled throughout almost felt Illegally Yours Forrester Suare 9 like nonfictionike a disgruntled physician peeling back the curtain to share what Hammer Regulators MC life isike on the opposite side of the examination table But this isn t nonfiction Thank God this isn t nonfiction Herman Koch dabbles in fiction Dark twisted beautifully written fiction If you iked t nonfiction Herman Koch dabbles in fiction Dark twisted beautifully written fiction If you iked Dinner you should enjoy this one as well If you hated The Dinner you probably don t even care that this book exists There are definitely some similarities between the two books A bunch of rich people A crazy event this time at a summer house with a you guessed it swimming pool Dumb teenagers Unlikable parents No one to root for Plot twists A great ending I think Koch has found his niche and I expect future stuff from him will be similar but if his next book is about deep sea fishing or molecular biology I will probably still read i For those of you To the Baltic with Bob: An Epic Misadventure living under a rock Herman Koch is the Dutch author who introduced us to a slew of vile characters in the hugely successful The Dinner novel True to form Summer House with Swimming Pool is another plethora of characters readersove to hate After spending a few days reading Dr Marc Schlosser s narrative of the events that eventually summons a medical review board due to a medical error I m actually happy to rid my Bad Feminist life of his contempt and bitter dispositionDr Marc Schlosser is the epitome of an arrogant general doctor who does the absolute minimum He s seen it all and is not impressed with the ailings of his patients His practice generally thrives on word of mouth and he s uite fine with that When one of his semi famous patients Ralph Meier dies of his possible negligence or malpractice it sets the stage for the whole novel Because of the blurbs most prospective readers will already be aware that something happens to his daughter Julia that demands Meier s existence be terminated It s no shocker here that Koch paints a vivid picture through the eyes of a person that is almost as vile as his rival I don t think that I have toike the character in order to enjoy the story he has to tell The writing is what gets me with Summer House with Swimming Pool when all else fails There are Je dessine Kawaii ! : Plus de 80 dessins tape par tape little nuggets of information provided that keeps readers interested I just had to keep reading no matter how much I hated Schlosser Meier or even the supporting cast Overall I did enjoy this novel It s grossly descriptive in parts structurally sound and even captivating at moments What keeps me on the fence and unable to award it 4 stars is that I really felt at no moment did the main character grow None of the characters made any effort to be anything other than self absorbed shallow individuals who never see the error in their ways I guess that s the point We are who we are for better or worseSummer House with Swimming Pool is one of those novels readers will either Find all of my reviews at is the story of Dr Marc Schlosser and one very memorable vacation he and his family spent at the summer house with swimming pool natch of one of his patients a middle ag This book is an awful Future Crimes: Everything Is Connected, Everyone Is Vulnerable, and What We Can Do About It lotike a really complicated 5000 piece jigsaw where you saw the picture on the box just briefly You know the ending right at the beginning Now you have to get thereThe story is a doctor is going to be charged with malpractice that is almost certainly murder and the victim s wife is very upset obviously she doesn t feel her Fit for Battle The Character Weapons and Strategies of the Spiritual Warriors late husband got proper treatment Doesn t sound complicated It isAs the pieces are fitted together the picture changes somewhat from what you thought it was going to be pieces changes it s always different and always much detailed than you thought It keeps you going I hardly put the book down for days When the jigsaw is nearly complete and it is only the middle the central focus that iseft to be done each piece changes the story entirely time and time again speeding up in an exponential way Every single character in the book has a part to play and as with The Dinner none of them are particularly High Fidelity likeable Funny thing though is that those who engender the most dislike as you read are not those you will necessarily feel are the baddies when the book is finished It s bloody genius writingIt s challenging and provoking The doctor s most revered mentor is a professor who believes that biology is destiny Girls and women over 40 are useless for breeding so it is only natural a man of any age would go after as many women as possible who are good fertile stoc. Uma ironia desarmante o enredo negro e fortemente psicológico de Casa de férias com piscina proporciona umaeitura ávida contr.

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